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Melissa Kate 🍁  RI in HI. US Army. Snap chat: puglife401

Dünar kebab. Not sure why it's different than any other Kebab back home, but one of my NCOs told me I just HAD to eat it out here. The shwarma meat tastes the same but there's a bit more dill in the tzasiki sauce, and they do add more veggies. It was absolutely amazing (as I say about most middle eastern and Mediterranean food) and I can't wait to try some more Arabic food in Nuremberg tomorrow! #Germany2017

Bought about 5 of these bad boys for the trip to ITALY. Tastes like Smirnoff ice but with less shame. #GERMANY2017 also #ITALY2017

I ended up doing a day trip to Müchen last Saturday because, well, why not? Stumbled upon an absolutely gorgeous Cathedral. I assumed it was Protestant but upon discovering at least 5 altars to Mary, realized it was in fact Catholic. I wish I had a better camera because the artwork there was literally breathtaking and my phone didn't do anything justice.
I walked around a bit, appreciated the good things faith can inspire us to do, and lit some candles to Mary for my mom (she was all about praying to the Mother of God), and said a prayer for her.
The more I see of Germany the happier and sadder I get. I'm incredibly thankful the military has given me this opportunity, but also heartbroken that I can't tell my mom about my travels in the country her family came from, places she never got to see in her life.
I am determined to make the most of it for her though. ❤

#Germany2017 #Müchen

Found some locally made wine at the pxtra today. After the girls there poured me several samples of several flavors I was both sold and day drunk; and will be returning for more throughout my stay here. 🍷🍾🍇 #Germany2017

In the last year I have gotten so used to these guys constantly being by my side whenever I'm at home. They hinder my movement sometimes, especially since I'm almost too short to step over Apollo; but it's the sweetest thing to have a dog love you so much that they want to follow you everywhere, even if it's just 10 feet to the kitchen.
Loki doesn't follow me because he's a sleepy old soul, but the way he perks up when I talk to him warms my heart and honestly makes me feel blessed that I randomly walked into the animal shelter almost a year ago and found him.
I've only been in Germany a week, but it feels like months since I don't have these two trouble makers to come home to and fall asleep next to. I'm lucky to be here but as always I wish they were here and can't wait to see these little monkeys again.

Another #hefeweizen from the shoppette on post. It was okayish; like a blue moon but less flavor. Tomorrow I will venture to a German restaurant and hopefully find some more interesting tastes there. 😍

Also shout out to my mom and dad for birthing me and making this all possible in a way. Brought a picture of them when they were youths, so that even though my mom passed she still gets to visit the homeland sort of. #german #mutt #family #fackler #merm

My first German beer. It was okay.

Join me friends, as I document all the beer and food I consume during the next 6 weeks.

Much better than U.S. Airline food 😂 #Lufthansa

Missed these two goobers last night while I was on cq. Thanks auntie @taistickz for watching them! #pibble #catahoula #rescuedog

Found another bud in paradise! #seester #friends #fam #longtimenosee

Happy New Years!

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