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mitch syer  never been nowhere.

Mitchell street view. Sunsets by Syer.

Everything is covered in a lush coat of healthy green grass and wild purple heather.

Everywhere we look feels like a scene straight out of a favourite movie.

Early morning through The Quiraing 🌫

Some favourite spots that we visited during our stay in Ireland.

Dalkey & Sandycove automobiles🇮🇪

Day trip through the Wicklow Mountains, up to Sally Gap!

...last cruise. 12/21/10 - 08/21/18 ⚰️

Antique huntin’ hotdog eatin’ donkey pettin’ countryside prancin’ kinda Sunday.

Snapshots from the past few days at one of our favourite Ontario hot spots.

Sunsets by Syer.🌆

This evening light feels very “Enemy”-esque.

가장 인기있는 인스타그램 해시 태그