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mitch syer  never been nowhere.

If this weather is good for only one thing, it’s drippy windows.

Oliver is just about finished his car and I couldn’t be more proud.

Between Moab, Bryce, Zion, all the canyons, and every turn along the way; spending countless hours on the road w/@erinleydon was still my favourite part of our little trip.

In Arizona now! Stopped to check out Horseshoe Bend.

In love with Southern Utah, and Zion, and Erin, and this view. 🏜

Feels really good to check this one off the ol’ bucket list. Hiking the narrow ridge with 1,500 foot drops on either side above the canyon floor made my hands all kinds of sweaty... in a good way. Angels Landing was a treat.

Goodmorning, Mesa. Now, on the road again...

Double arch is huge! 📸: @erinleydon

Canyonlands was well worth getting up before sunrise.

Dear diary, I took a couple photos of Erin today, played in the snow, drove around some country roads, and then got stuck in really deep snow. Love, Mitch ❄️❄️

Good day spent INside.

This year Erin and I decided to do no gifts; just a trip. Can’t wait to explore Utah & Arizona. Any recommendations for must see spots to hit are welcome. This is from last year when she surprised me with a trip to California ⛰⛰⛰

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