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#pure #beauty. Not that it was gone for long but that smile is back and the crazy #best girl I know ☺️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️She had a great day with her family today xx 💓

This wonderful little human looks beautiful on her birthday last year. She was diagnosed with #autism this year and suddenly gets treated differently by parents with other children. This little girl was heartbroken as her friend's or so called friends had a sleepover birthday party last night after being told she was going by her friend(and friends mum) . The joy she had talking about this, she couldn't wait to go even telling her teachers all about it. But no invite came and now she's devasted, and I had to take her into school this morning trying to hold my own emtions in and to tell her teachers why my little girl feels sad and alone today. I don't blame the kids, they can be cruel, I look at the people who are bringing these kids up in this world and I feel sorry for them as they obviously don't have a heart and goodwill in them that they can pass on to there own children. They should be ashamed and I wish they could feel the way I do about this and they might realise. I can only live in hope. #hope #autismawareness

@samwinnall moonlighting while injured in the #channel5 #xmas film😂😂😂

#woody. #toystory very funny lol

Growing up watching #spiderman and his amazing friends was great. RIP #stanlee

Have a great #halloween #pumpkin

Winters coming time to go #dark #putyourclocksback

Squeeze the #fullmoon

Hurt a little #swing #ouch #shediditonpurpose 😂😂😂😂

Happy Birthday @taylorjames99, have a great day. Love from ya old pal (yes old lol) Mitch. X

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