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Steve Micciche  Just here to thrive and vibe. Buffalo, New York is home. @everytimeidie @soulpatchrocks

“Revealed in reflection”- Ray Cappo (Shelter)🔥 📷: @aaronberkshireofficial 08.03.18 Orlando, FL

Trading in the weather, dirt and tents for air conditioning, locker rooms and hockey arenas. You can’t mosh from the seats, but you CAN start the wave. Do it. I’ll be watching.

I had some long winded tribute about Warped Tour ending, but deleted it because unless you’re been on one of these summer long camps with hundreds of like minded people, reading 8 paragraphs couldn’t even come close to putting the magnitude of what it was, or the fact that it’s ended into perspective.
The sacrifice and hard work from @kevinlyman, production, catering, photographers, stage hands, volunteers, bus drivers, the bands and all their crew to make something like this happen to give everyone a place to run away from reality for a day, be safe and have fun has been nothing short of incredible.
Do what you want, be yourself, live in the moment, make a mark, enjoy your friends, work hard. The second you think you’re too old, you’re too old.
Stoked to have been a patron since ‘95, honored to have played since 2002.
RIP cross country Warped Tour.

When you know laundry day is on the horizon. 📷: @babetalktv

This is my favorite pic so far from the summer. 8 days left, so something cooler can come along, but prolly not. Thanks to the legendary @watertruckmike for capturing this.

@returntothepit posted this throwback earlier of ETID playing Hellfest exactly 14 years ago today. I’ll never forget this show for 4 reasons:
1) We flew in for it from the Midwest while on Ozzfest
2) Our soundguy Joe Garlipp was yelling over the monitors “get these shitty kids out of here, we have a plane to catch”
3) When we flew back to the next Ozzfest show in Denver, Keith wore a Michael Jackson shirt and the entire crowd gave us the finger and turned their backs to us while we played.
4) Boot cut jeans were awful.

Keep the hair out of the eyes, don’t rip my jorts to shreds, stay out of the Big Man’s way. #ThankMySponsors #TwoWeeksLeft #☹️ #WheresMyBass 📷: @dontshootskrlx

I like this one. #Toronto
📷: @amandamisener

Me when I see @the_yvesdropper jumping 15ft in the air without the use of a trampoline in that pit. Come see this miracle on pavement for yourself.
📷: @habphotog

The true, pure joy of going live.
#LiveLife #GoingLive #NotSadAsFuck #Sponsors

For 30 minutes a day, I pretend that I don’t have 2 blown out discs in my lower back and a squeaky left knee. This was also taken in Las Vegas so I think I was high on the dry heat. This tour rules. Shout out to back rollers, ice and Biofeeeze. 📷: @scarymonstersmusic

Do I keep the going in blind Amazon unintentional skin tight football jersey that could be mistaken for Right Said Fred or Danzig?
Or do I get a bigger, different color one now that I know how the sizes run.
These are the hardest decisions I have to make all summer. It’s a great problem to have. What a time to be alive.
📷: @ianenger

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