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M I C H E L L E MADRIGAL  🎬 Former Actress 👩‍👧 to @anika.austin 💍 to @twoolf29 💪🏽Wellness coach 📹YouTube 🔹 @naturallyfitagency 📍ATX 📩 Let’s Collab:

I’m on a mission! —

Looking for 10 individuals who are ready to change their lives.
Who are interested in making extra income 💵, getting fit while genuinely help others. —

No experience needed as training and mentoring is included.
You must be:
💎 Coachable 💎 Self- motivated 💎 Goal oriented —

Message me or comment below “interested” so I can give you the code for our FREE opportunity call today at 5:30pm PT. 💥✨

8️⃣9️⃣ DAYS TO GO.... 4.12.19 👰🏽🤵🏽💍 #TheWoolfolks

🎥: @niceprintphoto 💄: @austinskincareco

Weekend vibes! ✨🌟

The progress is real!!!(Hello quads) Now, this didn’t happen overnight.... 1 year of consistently training from weight loss to gaining muscle mass. It has been a great journey of learning how to properly fuel my body and doing the exercises that works best for me. —

Was I always motivated? Heck NO!!!! But I wanted to feel great and look good in bikinis and crop tops lol 😆 On a serious note, I had a GOAL of getting back into my pre baby weight... and once I hit that, I set a new one and that it so build muscle mass around my legs, glutes & back. I knew how I WANTED to feel about my body. •

In order to get new results, you’ll have to do something you’ve never done before. I used to do cardio, boot camp with “lightweights” because I was afraid to “bulk up”. Well I’m glad @twoolf29 helped me get out of that mindset. —

I know people are all about setting goals this time of year but how will you show up for yourself 6 months from now? Let me help you change your lifestyle... I PROMISE your body will thank you for it. 💕 #feelgoodfromtheinsideout #wellnesscoach #fitfam #issalifestyle #momlife #fitmom #fitmomsofig

We all have 30 minutes to spare.... if you have time to scroll through social media, you definitely HAVE time to do my 30 Day Home Workout Program. —

RB bicep curls x 15
Squat side steps w mini band x 20(10each side)
RB Lateral Raise x 15
Jump Squats w mini band x 15
RB Shoulder Press x 15

Rest 1 Minute & Repeat 4x


Plank jacks x 1 Minute (not in video)
Heel Taps x 30 (15 each side)
Side plank 30-40 sec (each side)
Plank hold 1 Minute
Rest 30 sec & Repeat 3x —

It’s not too late to avail my 30 Day Program along with our Nutrition Plan. —

Resistance bands: @vannabelt Use code “mitch10” for discount.

Waist training while working from home. @vannabelt

Want your own?
Use my code “mitch10” for discount! Ohhhh don’t forget to add their GelV to help with the appearance of stretch marks and loose skin. #snatchedwaist #vannabelt #gelvhot

Happy MONDAY!!! —

Don’t let your limiting belief stop you from growing and becoming the best version of yourself!

We all deserve to feel great from the inside out! 💥🏋🏽‍♀️👌🏽

Having FREEDOM to work from anywhere is indeed life changing! —

Expanding our TEAM!
Looking for 🔟 individuals who would like to make an impact while living a healthier lifestyle and helping people change their lives. —

You don’t need any experience as mentoring is included.

You must be:
•self-motivated •goal oriented •driven •coachable💎
Hit me up! Serious inquires only!
#idoherbalife #wellnesscoach #entrepreneur #houston #texas #austin #austinfit

Today’s LEG & GLUTE workout was intense!!! 💥
Thanks for the push @riss_gonzales and coach Todd. —

3 RDS(heavy set)
Side step squat w mini bands x 12
Squat machine x 12
Leg press x 12
Leg extension x 12 (80lbs)
KB Step ups x 15 each side
KB Lunges x 20 (10 each side —

Remember working out is only 20% of the equation... YOU can’t out-train a BAD DIET! Get RESULTS with me! #idoherbalife #wellnesscoach #fitfam #fitness #girlswholift #texas #houston #austin

Get on the cruise with @twoolf29 and I along with 200+ FITNESS Influencers on January 21-25 from MIAMI-BAHAMAS.🏋🏽‍♀️🛳🏝

It is going to be an epic trip!!! Tag your friends!!! Use our code “MICHELLEM30” to get 30% off.
Go book your rooms now! Click the link in bio.

Let’s talk about MINDSET.🧠

Did you now that you’re capable of doing anything you put your mind to??? Just because you’ve been the SAME way for so long that doesn’t mean you can’t create new HABITS.
What exactly do you tell yourself everyday???
1.I am not a morning person.... have you even tried changing your sleeping hours in order to wake up early so you can be more productive?
2. I have always been on the bigger side...
You can definitely lose weight if you want to.Have you tried changing your nutrition plan and committed to going to the gym at least 3x a week?
3.I am not good at this... did you try hard? Yes failing is part of growth! Life is not meant to be lived in fear and comfort zone.
4. I can’t do this... the more you tell yourself this, the more it will spiral in your subconscious mind. And that’s where negative thoughts grow.

What’s the ONE thing you want to change/improve in each category of your life:
•My BODY •My WORK •My Money •My Love Life •My Friendships •My Self Worth

Acknowledge where you’re at sooner because how you think is 🛑 you from taking action. —

One of the questions @melrobbinslive asked in our training yesterday was: “If you had more self worth, what are the things would you be doing that you’re not doing now?” —

#mindsetreset #wellnesscoach #fitness #fashion #leadership #mompreneur

Happy NEW YEAR!!!! 🎆 —

Ended 2018 in bed with my loved ones. Woke up with no hangover and filled with so much gratitude. I am excited to transform this 2019. Physically, emotionally, spiritually and mentally. 💥

With that being said, I am searching for business partners who would like to make part time or full time income by getting results and helping others feel better! —

Are you hungry for change? This is the year of opportunity to be a better you!
Come join our team.
DM or 📧 Me. Serious inquiries only!

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