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Kela  Toronto 📍I'm the most evil thing alive. I love cheeseburgers & lurking around the graveyard at dusk. 💕 self love/body acceptance💕

I’m a simple girl, I like opening a book and then looking up so I can’t even read it. If you’re curious about what this would look like I’ve attached a picture above. What do you all think is the best way to organize your bookshelf? A lot of people like to do it in alphabetical order but I prefer to sort them by how hot I picture the main character in my head. It’s an extremely emotional process

Happy Saturday. Don’t forget to buy some chicken nuggets and tell your siblings you love them. If you’re an only child don’t forget to tell your chicken nuggets you love them
Dress from @fashionnovacurve @fashionnova

I can’t believe there are entire books dedicated to how to improve your life and be happy when we all know the only thing you actually need to find absolute fulfillment in life is a silk robe

The world is currently sort of bleak and I think I have the perfect solution. An international holiday like Valentine’s Day but for dogs. Also you get the day off work. Everyone buys their dogs roses, cards, milk bones, an entire raw steak and an iPad. All the streets and doggy parks are full because everyone is out with their best buddy that day. We kiss our dogs on the noses. We just spend the day appreciating our dogs and in the evening everyone gets together for a celebration where each dog gets to throw one dart at Michael Vick. (Or anyone else who has ever hurt a doggy)
Happy regular Valentine’s day❤️ It’s nowhere as cool as my idea but I hope you still enjoy it

The winter blues has definitely got me down and I’ve been living in these sweatpants. Some may call me a hero for wearing the same outfit 7 days in a row while also managing to nap 5 hours a nap. And what can I say? They’re right. Like totally.
Outfit from @fashionnovacurve

I spent all day baking Valentine’s Day cookies and watching true crime shows and now I have a tummy ache from tasting each batch of cookies, and I’m afraid to leave the house because of all the murderers. Thanks for nothing Chris Hansen
My extremely cozy outfit is from @fashionnovacurve
My newspaper is from the recycling bin. (I know you were wondering, it’s an extremely stylish newspaper)

It feels like life has been extra shitty and extra difficult lately! Does anyone else feel the same? It just feels like bad luck and bad news the past few weeks. I hope that things start turning around soon and the sky starts raining milk chocolate and I start winning awards for things I didn’t even do

I think it’s really cool that dogs love us even though they don’t have to. Like compared to them we are just these hairless, lanky idiots, with little ears that don’t work very well and are in the wrong place. And don’t even get me started about our useless noses, that can’t even sniff out a dead body or track scents. BUT they love us anyways. Mostly because we bribe them with food, but also because they’re pure and magic. If you ever feel upset at someone or jealous of them, just remember they will literally never be as good as a dog, so they don’t matter. At all. UNLESS. They have more dogs than you. Then That sucks and I understand being jealous

I honestly can’t really think of anything to write for a caption. I know I usually ramble but I got nothing today. It’s probably because I ate a salad and it had spinach in it. Spinach is known to stifle creativity, cause depression, cause erectile dysfunction, make you colour blind, tear your family apart, increase violent behavior, and it only comes in huge bags so you always end up having too much and it rots in your crisper and smells really bad
Too: @fashionnovacurve @fashionnova

“Just close your eyes and think about chicken Alfredo” - ancient proverb

I was thinking about wearing this for Valentine’s Day but I’ll probably be too cold. Instead I was thinking of maybe a red long sleeved dress or covering myself in the blood of all of the men who’ve ever hurt my feelings and then running around throwing knives and blades at the ankles of people who look dishonest. Who said romance is dead???

Here’s a picture of my dog. I’m in it too but who cares. Look at his ears Look at his little blanket bed. He set that up all by himself. He never gives up. He is the most persistent eight pounds in the world

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