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Misty Venne  I'm a hospice nurse. I do nurse things. and a few other things too.


I took a pic over my shoulder about 40 minutes before I had the special glasses. I just noticed my phone picked up what was being eclipsed. Zoom in on the white spec above the sun....

Hailee snuck my phone into the gym for a photo shoot with Mo. I just found these. Oh, and those teeth!! She has a molar that is hanging on by a small piece of skin but is too scared to pull it out. 😳

Linger. The Cranberries. 💚

Holy Moses! Oh. My. Wow

She's writing a story & sharing it with me 🖤

Around the pool house after dark.

Oh, you know... just a frog eating Doritos


And I'm just over here being all basic with my white roses & French Macarons ❤️


This girl ❤️

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