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Misty Venne  I'm a nurse. That's who am. I also ❤️ young living EO's. Enroll here 👇

Thieves cleaner. I spray this stuff on everything.
#smellssogood #nontoxic #youngliving #thievescleaner

Happy Father's Day to my sweet daddy 💙
He loves all of his babies fiercely. He has a heart of gold. He would give you the shirt off his back. He knows what it's like to sacrifice for the ones he loves. He is wise, a good listener and wouldn't force his opinions on you even if he is right. He disciplined fairly, taught me lessons in his own way & let me have space when I wanted to spread my wings. He watched me fall, gave me a safe place to land & always showed me unconditional love. My daddy. My rock. My amazing example. I love him & will ALWAYS be his Misty Blue no matter how old I am.

They all napping while I watch The World Cup. #fifa18 #worldcup2018 #naptime

I don't know what made me think of this or why I even had this game. It was so LOUD & I couldn't stand how much noise it made. Who's with me?! #hungryhungryhippo

Can you guess what's for dinner?? #tacostacostacostacos

Me: Hailee, go eat a snack if you're gonna have one because it's time to brush your teeth & go to bed in 15 minutes.
Hailee walks back in the room 2 minutes later with the leftover baked potato from dinner. 🥔

❤️. Just ❤️. @only1noah #noahguthrie #covermeup #hisvoicethough #chills

This is so exciting!!

1 zucchini & 3 cucumbers ❤️

Y'all!!!! I walked out to the garden because I noticed a little green tomato hanging on the vine & thought I'd check the cucumber & zucchini. I was NOT expecting these giants under everything.

Essential Oils 101 posts dropping NOW on Facebook ❤️ Come read through all the info!
Mrs Venne & Mrs Fulmer are teaching!! Class is in session!!

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