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Misty Copeland  Principal Dancer with American Ballet Theatre

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I’ve been inspired by @gabunion and her #WCW trend... so I’m going to start doing it! I think it’s important to shout out and show love to the women that inspire us every day.
My first #wcw goes to @mistyonpointe. I’ve been reading her books lately, and she’s just an incredible person. She started dancing ballet at age 13, which is a little older, and within 4 years she became a professional. She was the only African American woman in her dance company, which had over 80 dancers. She contemplated quitting, but she had a goal and a vision bigger than her. She knew that she could open doors for other young African American women who wanted to be a ballerina, and she is continually breaking down barriers and stereotypes of what a ballerina should look like and be. I really admire her passion, her vision and her work ethic. Read her books!

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Style and Grace!

Thank you @albertwatsonphotography for thinking of me to be a part of the incredible history of the @pirelli Calendar. I adore you and am honored to say that I’ve been photographed by the one and only. ❤️ #MistyCopeland in @roberto_cavalli @giuseppezanotti @tiffanyandco styled by @kahlihaslam at the Pirelli 2019 Calendar Launch Party in Milan, Italy 👗

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Go Sugarplum Fairy, go!Congrats to @jwhuell who is Kansas City’s 1st black Sugarplum Fairy! #Repost @jwhuell:
“Feeling blessed ✨🙏🏾🍬#nutcracker #sugarplumfairy #kcballet”

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Best movie date ever! Surprised with Misty Barbies by BFF’s mom! Love you guys! #dancelife#nutcrackerandthefourrealms#mistycopelandbarbie #mistycopeland

I mean... 🙌🏾 @mariahcarey meant more to me as a young biracial girl than I will ever truly be able to articulate. I discovered her at 8 years old when her debut album was released. Her sheer presence was representation. She gave me the courage and space to dream of a future for myself and for me to see and understand what it is to be a role model. I discovered movement as well as a love of choreographing long before ballet found me, because her music inspired me. Mariah gave me an escape from my difficult and tumultuous upbringing, yet gave me a voice. Who knows who and where I’d be without her influence. This video aired on 60 Minutes when I was 15 years old. I created this dance on a beach in San Pedro California, to my favorite @mariahcarey song that I thought she wrote just for me, Looking In. ❤️❤️🙏🏾🙏🏾 #Repost @themariahreport
We mentioned this a few times... Here’s a young Misty Copeland performing her own dance to Looking In. Fast-forward to 2015 she becomes Principal Dancer for the American Ballet Theatre. @mistyonpointe @mariahcarey #LookingIn #lambily #mariahcarey #mariah .
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Looks like she’s really getting into this dance thing! So proud of my girl for making the performance ensemble for her dance school @premieredanceacademypallc! Excited to see what her dance future holds! Ailey? Juilliard? Time will tell! Guess I’m officially officially a dance mom 🤷🏾‍♀️. .
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As women, what we can get is limitless ⭐️💕 We’re fangirling over the talented and inspirational @mistyonpointe at the premiere of her new movie #disneysnutcracker! #MistyCopeland

@pirelli press conference 2019 Calendar release @albertwatsonphotography @alberto_zambelli_designer dress @alexandrebirman shoes @monicasordobk jewels ❤️❤️❤️

Taking head on, conversations of this sort, especially at this moment and in the climate of the world we’re living in today, are extremely important to have and for young girls and boys to be a part of. When I was approached by @pirelli and the phenomenal photographer @albertwatsonphotagraphy to be a part of the 2019 Calendar themed Dreaming, I jumped at the opportunity. I was presented my story line, of portraying an exotic dancer dreaming of making it as a ballerina in Paris. As an artist who becomes a variety of characters on the stage, I felt the need to accept the challenge to play a role that is so often directly correlated with black women and that is so often criticized. Society tends to shame women for entering into this field, with no empathy or understanding of every individuals journey. I think that being a role model is to show all sides of ones self and life. Flaws, successes, stumbles and achievements. When we hold those in the limelight to an unrealistic standard of perfection, which isn’t attainable, we separate them from ourselves and humanity. That’s an unbelievable amount of pressure and judgement to endure.
We’re all human, whether labeled a celebrity, grandmother, mother, daughter, sister, niece, granddaughter, wife or girlfriend, we all walk our own paths to achieve our goals and dreams. I believe that we should all take a moment to imagine what it is to walk in someone else’s shoes. With the pressures that life brings, I hope to always continue to grow as a woman and as a human being.

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#MistyCopeland in @roberto_cavalli @giuseppezanotti @tiffanyandco styled by @kahlihaslam joined #HalleBerry (in #Aadnevik) and #IsabeliFontana at the Pirelli 2019 Calendar Launch Party in Milan, Italy 👗

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