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#flashbackfriday to the time I was in the Arctic Circle 700 miles from a road wrapped like a human taco in my sleeping bag with a Mama Grizzly Bear and her baby going all Chucky Cheese outside my tent.
I survived and so did my clean drawers. 😉
My life hasn’t always been easy... nobody’s is. But it’s sure as heck been interesting. Even at my darkest hours I wouldn’t trade being me with anyone else.
p.s. These Alaska photos are not dark hours... I may be nuts and I was nervous... but I loved every freaking second of it. 😎

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Just because I’m confident doesn’t mean I’m in denial.
Here’s my #transformationtuesday With two “before” photos. The photo on the right was a couple of weeks ago so I’m smaller now. My right thigh is 3” smaller than my left thigh and the left thigh is 1.5” smaller than it was. My right leg still doesn’t reach the ground and my ankle hardly moves. I’ve lost almost 1/4 of my body weight.
I admit I have one of the worst cases of an extremely rare and complex disease that most doctors haven’t ever even seen in person.
They don’t call #CRPS “The World’s Most Painful Chronic Disease” for nothing... trust me. But it’s more than just pain. I’ve been pretty much bedridden for 3 months.
I admit that I can’t walk or stand. I’m aware some people would say that I may never do either.
I’m aware that there “isn’t a cure” and even though I have 6-8 doctors appointments a week and have had 4 surgical spinal blocks we don’t really have any answers yet.
I admit my that foot swells and changes crazy colors and temperatures throughout the day. The skin has thickened, yet comes off at the touch with painful deep fissures. It’s also now covered in thick, coarse black hair.(I’ve struggled with showing those photos even though I can joke that it looks like a hobbit)
I admit my body’s systems are so haywire that among other symptoms my body struggles to regulate my temperature and I sweat through my clothes a few times a day. Sometimes while still pouring sweat, my body temp will drop to where I’m freezing and send me into convulsions.
I admit I have to take medication to keep food down.
I admit I’ve lost a lot of my once thick hair and almost all of my lashes. My nails which never hardly grew now grow thick and dark at an alarmingly fast rate.
Yes, I accept that this is today’s reality. But no, I don’t accept that this is forever... I just accept the challenge.
God is good ALL the time. I’m not any more or less deserving than the next person so there is no “why me.” This is just life, y’all. And even when it sucks it’s pretty darn special. ❤️
But I’m not a survivor... I’m a warrior. I’ll beat this. And if you don’t believe that, then I’m here to prove you wrong. 💪🏻

Happy Throwback Thursday! Who’s been fine tuning their setups for turkey season?? What’s working for you this year? 🦃🦃🦃 I can’t wait to be out there slinging some shot soon! #thunderchicken #turkeyhunting #shotgun #arms #stillgotem #Girlswhohunt #countrymusic #countrygirl #CRPSWarrior #cantstoptheflop #IWillTurkeyHuntThisSeason ***** This is me from last year. I still can’t walk yet. But I’m determined to again. :)

Happy Ag Day 2018 to everyone but especially my fellow farm kids!!! Throwing it back to one of my favorite things. ❤️ As a proud farmer’s daughter from a long line of hard working farmers I’m jonesing to be outside playing in the dirt. I know my Daddy is smiling down from Heaven today cause he knows I’ll be back on a tractor soon! #agday2018 #thankafarmer #countrygirl #farmersdaughter #countrymusic #daddysgirl #farmer #girlswhohunt #girlswhofish

What a way to spend a Friday night! This disease has turned me in into a party animal! 😉🤠
Went in for an office visit and had my first (and hopefully last) trip to the emergency room.
So far since last Monday I’ve had 8 doctor visits with 6 different doctors, 2 IV’s and one surgical spinal block. But my faith remains solid and while we search for answers I have a fantastic team of the very best who are committed to helping me get back on both feet and back to doing what I love the BEST... Sharing adventures in the outdoors and Country Music with all of you!!❤️ Thank you for those prayers and your constant encouragement... it means so much to this girl. God is good ALL the time and He’s got my 6. CRPS picked the wrong fight this time and I’m giving it a run for its money.
I’m not a survivor... I’m a warrior. (For those asking why I wasn’t at the @bass_nation Classic as I had planned, I’m sorry I missed you and I hope you hugged or pinched @bill_dance @jimmyhoustonoutdoors and @rolandmartinfishing_official for me. We will see you June 3rd!!) 🎣
#GodisGood #ER #crps #crpsawareness #strongwomen #nofilter #countrymusic #girlswhohunt #girlswhofish #huntress #countrygirl #turkeyhunting #archery #spoonie

Archery friends- take a little gander at my story if you get a chance and take the poll. Simple “yes or no.” Your girl here is genuinely curious. @accubow #accubow #archery #augmentedreality #LetMeknow #ihavemyreasons #justchillandtakethepoll #bowhunting

Gotta love when the anti hunters try to kick you when you’re down. Never stops. I had my usual educational conservation message ready to go... but one of my medications decided to reply for me today to this particular hypocrite hiding in his mom’s basement behind his keyboard killing more animals and the Earth by using electricity to play Second City.
I usually take the moral high road... but as y’all can see I’m obviously hangry. 😉
#oops #petasucks #ethicalhunter #IGuaranteeILoveAnimalsMoreThanYou #thatsWHYIHumanelyHunt #SecondHelpingsCominUP #yumyum #delicious #meateater #bowhunter #PassTheVenison #girlswhohunt #hatersgonnahate #Redneck #BlessIt #SomeFolksNeedJesus

I miss crisp evenings getting out of the blind. Watching the sun go to rest behind the west ridge and the moon rise up to light the night just cleanses my soul.
I remember how hard I worked to get to where I was before my illness. For the longest time I shot a hundred arrows a day... a practice I look forward to clearing my mind with again soon. I remember how excited I was when I was first able to pull 50lbs. I had worked so hard to get there. My new @bowtecharchery Eva Shockey SS was ordered in December with 60lb limbs and I have the goal to be able to shoot it maxed out this fall.💪🏻. I’m starting over, but that’s ok... I’m starting with more experience. Looks like the @accubow is going to get quite a workout here soon. #archery #sunset #bowtech #crps #crpsawareness #accubow #bowhunter #workhardplayhard #keephammering #girlswhohunt #girlswhofish #countrygirl

Time to be brave.
Due to this disease CRPS, every muscle in my right leg has atrophied and I can’t move my ankle. It’s hard to see my once healthy self twist and wither away into almost nothing. It’s almost as hard as the pain.
But I’m going to beat this completely. I don’t care the odds.
There’s just enough of me left to burn. Time to set the world on fire. 🔥 🔥🔥🔥 Headed in for my fourth surgical spinal block today. Thank you for the prayers! God is Good all the time. #faith #crpswarrior #crps #countrygirl #girlswhohunt #girlswhofish #strongwomen #comeback #chronicillness #chronicpain #SoonToBeHealed #IGotThis

Who else wishes they were with friends on a boat today? #sigh I miss these beautiful people and being out on the water enjoying good company and good fishing! Save me a seat and a good cigar @paulasstreet and @cadillacjackk! I’ll be down there soon! 🎣#saltlife #wishingiwasfishing #crpswarrior #goodtimes #workhardplayhard #countrymusic #countrygirl #overalls #radio #happiness

I can’t wait to be out smelling some dirt. This is what I wish I was doing this 35 degree morning instead of being stuck indoors in bed (Had my third Spinal Block yesterday to fight this CRPS. We will see how it goes! I’m optimistic.) ❤️ These are my favorite overalls which I stole off a scarecrow in high school.😬🤠 Mama like to killed me... but she patched them up anyway after my punishment was over and I earned them back.
This is one of the reasons I’m willing to fight so hard to be well again. There is something so satisfying about being outside and working in the same dust we come from. Is anyone else doing a garden this year? We are planning ours now!! #farmersdaughter #gardening #countrymusic #crpswarrior #crpsawareness #fitness #girlswhohunt #huntress #overalls #dirty #sunshine #countrygirl #happiness

Who is that girl? 🤠 This popped up on my memories for today. I’m looking forward to complaining about my pants legs not reaching the floor instead of my right leg. 😉
Saw the specialist yesterday. We are amping up the fight. I’m ready. CRPS- you may be labeled the “most painful chronic disease” known. I may be in the most challenging (blue) 15% of the most severe out of only 200,000 people with this. I can’t walk. I can’t move my foot. But I will hunt this turkey season.
CRPS doesn’t know me. If it did, it wouldn’t have picked me to fight. 😉
I’m not a survivor. I’m a warrior.
#GodIsGood#girlswhohunt #noedit #tbt #legs #crpsawareness #spoonie #warrior #crpswarrior #powerheels #comeback #seeyousoon #fitness #recovery #countrygirl #prayers #youfancyhuh

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