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Misty Loggins  CMA Nashville Country Artist/Angler/ Hunter/Outdoorsman•Certified Personal Trainer•BowTech Ambassador•TV Host•Farm kid•Gun lover•Proud American

Archery friends- take a little gander at my story if you get a chance and take the poll. Simple “yes or no.” Your girl here is genuinely curious. @accubow #accubow #archery #augmentedreality #LetMeknow #ihavemyreasons #justchillandtakethepoll #bowhunting

Gotta love when the anti hunters try to kick you when you’re down. Never stops. I had my usual educational conservation message ready to go... but one of my medications decided to reply for me today to this particular hypocrite hiding in his mom’s basement behind his keyboard killing more animals and the Earth by using electricity to play Second City.
I usually take the moral high road... but as y’all can see I’m obviously hangry. 😉
#oops #petasucks #ethicalhunter #IGuaranteeILoveAnimalsMoreThanYou #thatsWHYIHumanelyHunt #SecondHelpingsCominUP #yumyum #delicious #meateater #bowhunter #PassTheVenison #girlswhohunt #hatersgonnahate #Redneck #BlessIt #SomeFolksNeedJesus

I miss crisp evenings getting out of the blind. Watching the sun go to rest behind the west ridge and the moon rise up to light the night just cleanses my soul.
I remember how hard I worked to get to where I was before my illness. For the longest time I shot a hundred arrows a day... a practice I look forward to clearing my mind with again soon. I remember how excited I was when I was first able to pull 50lbs. I had worked so hard to get there. My new @bowtecharchery Eva Shockey SS was ordered in December with 60lb limbs and I have the goal to be able to shoot it maxed out this fall.💪🏻. I’m starting over, but that’s ok... I’m starting with more experience. Looks like the @accubow is going to get quite a workout here soon. #archery #sunset #bowtech #crps #crpsawareness #accubow #bowhunter #workhardplayhard #keephammering #girlswhohunt #girlswhofish #countrygirl

Time to be brave.
Due to this disease CRPS, every muscle in my right leg has atrophied and I can’t move my ankle. It’s hard to see my once healthy self twist and wither away into almost nothing. It’s almost as hard as the pain.
But I’m going to beat this completely. I don’t care the odds.
There’s just enough of me left to burn. Time to set the world on fire. 🔥 🔥🔥🔥 Headed in for my fourth surgical spinal block today. Thank you for the prayers! God is Good all the time. #faith #crpswarrior #crps #countrygirl #girlswhohunt #girlswhofish #strongwomen #comeback #chronicillness #chronicpain #SoonToBeHealed #IGotThis

Who else wishes they were with friends on a boat today? #sigh I miss these beautiful people and being out on the water enjoying good company and good fishing! Save me a seat and a good cigar @paulasstreet and @cadillacjackk! I’ll be down there soon! 🎣#saltlife #wishingiwasfishing #crpswarrior #goodtimes #workhardplayhard #countrymusic #countrygirl #overalls #radio #happiness

I can’t wait to be out smelling some dirt. This is what I wish I was doing this 35 degree morning instead of being stuck indoors in bed (Had my third Spinal Block yesterday to fight this CRPS. We will see how it goes! I’m optimistic.) ❤️ These are my favorite overalls which I stole off a scarecrow in high school.😬🤠 Mama like to killed me... but she patched them up anyway after my punishment was over and I earned them back.
This is one of the reasons I’m willing to fight so hard to be well again. There is something so satisfying about being outside and working in the same dust we come from. Is anyone else doing a garden this year? We are planning ours now!! #farmersdaughter #gardening #countrymusic #crpswarrior #crpsawareness #fitness #girlswhohunt #huntress #overalls #dirty #sunshine #countrygirl #happiness

Who is that girl? 🤠 This popped up on my memories for today. I’m looking forward to complaining about my pants legs not reaching the floor instead of my right leg. 😉
Saw the specialist yesterday. We are amping up the fight. I’m ready. CRPS- you may be labeled the “most painful chronic disease” known. I may be in the most challenging (blue) 15% of the most severe out of only 200,000 people with this. I can’t walk. I can’t move my foot. But I will hunt this turkey season.
CRPS doesn’t know me. If it did, it wouldn’t have picked me to fight. 😉
I’m not a survivor. I’m a warrior.
#GodIsGood#girlswhohunt #noedit #tbt #legs #crpsawareness #spoonie #warrior #crpswarrior #powerheels #comeback #seeyousoon #fitness #recovery #countrygirl #prayers #youfancyhuh

Looks like my leg could use a biscuit. 😉
Thank you to everyone who has been so encouraging in this fight with CRPS (RSD) to win my life back. I’ve been posting details and updates on my Facebook page when I have the energy for those who have been asking about the progress. ❤️ That, ladies and gentlemen, is a 9 inch calf. To put in in perspective my healthy ankle is only 8 inches and my knee is normal size. My thigh is 3 inches smaller than the other and the leg is inches shorter due to atrophy. I’m 5’7” and now weigh 106 lbs. That’s how much this disease has already stolen of my body. Oddly enough instead of crushing me this motivates me.
One day soon this will be my “before” photo. 😎
It means the world to have you here beside me on this journey. I got a second, more aggressive, spinal block yesterday, (I’ll update on Facebook when I know the outcome) and so far I’m still biting through leather belts from the pain. But I still have no regrets that I’m having to gonthrough this challenge. This has brought life changing lessons I’m learning and a gratefulness for the little things that I can’t wait to get back to... like being outside. I feel I can better understand and relate to others having been through this. God’s got a plan and I’ve got a healing... on His time... waiting for me. I don’t doubt that one bit.
Thanks for sticking with your girl. ❤️ Much love, Misty
#nofilter #crps #crpsawareness #crpswarrior #rds #fitness #recovery #strongwomen #grateful #healing #faith #countrymusic #godisgood #countrygirl

Shoutout to all my hunting friends who are just a few miles away at the @official_nwtf trade show. I love that show and miss performing for the opening and seeing all the new Turkey Toys. I hate that I’m still not able to get out and hug y’all! But I will see you all in the woods come Turkey Season! Might sound lofty but I have no doubts. I’m believing for a full healing! #GodIsGood #nwtf #thunderchicken #turkeyhunting #turkeyseason #girlswhohunt #countrygirl #whatgetsyououtdoors #workhardplayhard #crpsawareness #crps #crpswarrior #camo #countrymusic

**For those sweethearts of you asking how I am and what’s going on with my CRPS, please check FB for the latest post. I’ll be making an update soon. Thank you for your prayers and friendship. I will beat this. I won’t give up. And I am determined I will have a turkey season!** After my story I just had a couple of you ask what the @accubow is. It’s an archery training device that you can use indoors and it actually works. The mount in my story is this works with your cell phone to attach it to the accubow. You can then use this augmented reality app to physically shoot at virtual targets. It’s so much fun and I can’t wait until I’m able to “play” with mine and show you how it works here soon! #accubow #augmentedreality #archery #bowhunting #girlswhohunt #fitness #outdoors #countrygirl #bowtech

Y’all need to get in on this. Just trust me.
Repost @accubow ・・・
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Completely crushed to hear the news of @darylesing passing this morning. There was no better country voice or better guy. This world will never be the same. Here we were backstage on one of the shows I was lucky enough to sing with him on. I’ll sure miss being picked on by this one. Please join me in prayers of comfort for his young family. My heart is broken. #rip #realcountrymusic #darylesingletary #countrymusic #backroad #countrygirl #girlswhohunt #bassfishing

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