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I believe this. Not proud but it crosses my mind a lot but I could never hurt myself or my family, friends like that. This disease is harder than most people think it is.. Hang in their Spoonies You are not alone (As I tell myself) But do I believe that?
Regrann from @thelupustrainer - You know what saves lives? Community. From the Lupus patients I’ve talked to who have told me they were considering suicide I have learned a few things. The most important one being when it gets really bad they don’t always want to call a hotline or talk to a therapist, sometimes they just want to talk to someone who truly understands and has felt what they’ve felt. Enter Community. 🦋💜💜💜 A fellow Lupus Warrior (whether she may be a stranger or not) is usually that person. There are 5 million of us who suffer from Lupus worldwide (90% are women) and we all have each other’s backs. The Lupus Community is like this underground badass girl gang (and a few rad boys) who all pose as lawyers, artists, musicians, CEOs, doctors, nurses, writers, assistants, hair stylists, teachers, moms, etc. by day and fight evil immune system monsters like superheroes by night. (LITTLE SECRET: That’s why they give us capes 😉💜) If you want to talk please DM me. I have Dad jokes for daysss and with our brain fog we’ll probably forget what we were even talking about in the first place 😂😂 You are not alone, there are other secret superheroes like you and we are a bunch of chatty Cathy’s so hit us up! 📲💪🦋💜💜💜 #worldsuicidepreventionday #mentalhealthawareness #lupusawareness @lupusorg @lupusfl - #regrann

After a 48 HR patch test. I was able to give this a go. My body is always changing due to my medications so this is a must for me.
I have never tried anything from the Brand @PerriconeMD but always wanted to. Since it's skin care I am very picky as to what I would use but it is Hypoallergenic so my skin type could use it I would say almost any skin type would be okay to use this.
I have very, very sensitive skin because of my Lupus and Meds.& I find that this doesn't have any effect on my rashes My skin is normal to dry and I sweat a lot. Lol.
I do have very dry patches on the sides of my face and sometimes on my eyelid (wierd I know) and sometimes around my nose it all depends. So now you know my skin type and if there's any contraindications to note.
On to my review for the Perricone MD
Hypoallergenic Nourishing Moisturizer.
this sells for $69.00 dollars for a 2 oz/ 59ml Jar at Sephora 😱Is it worth it? I haven't used it long enough to say.
The formula is creamy and is lightweight. It doesn't leave my skin greasy to the touch which drives me crazy. It does an amazing job of absorbing quickly. My skin feels soft to the touch. There's no smell that annoys the senses like other products I've tried.
Right away I can see and feel the hydration to my dry patches. I don't have to add any other product to help . My skin was so smooth my makeup went on beautifully which is a plus... I know as a Master Esthetician that it takes time for a skin care product to work or see *major* results but I can see that this would be great for any skin type. It's a great formula and does what it claims.
Now the price is luxe but good skin care is a hefty price... That would be a choice you would have to make and for me as of now and the results I see. Yes it's worth it. **Disclaimer Time* I did receive this product complimentary for testing and (or) review purposes from @influenster But you know me, this is a 100% honest review of how the product(s) worked for me.
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Hey everyone! This is my #BadAssNailTech she is amazing she has done nails for a long time and she's almost at 1k what do ya say let's help her out check out her page and add her if ya like her work. Which I know y'all will love her.. I loves her and loves my amazing nails she has done on myself and my daughter @goddess_of_fangirls She's truly talented and good people I'm happy to call her my friend.. @nailsbystepf

I can't get enough of how fresh my clothes,bedding, & towels all smell.
Where have I been? These Downy® Unstopables™ In-Wash Scent Boosters are ahhhmazzing... I used them on whites and colors with no prob. With mostly boys in the house it's nice to know that even the socks and underwear they wear for weeks ☠️ come out smelling fresh & clean. The scent will last 12 weeks at least, Until the cycle begins again, so I can take a breather.
I know right? BOYS.. Anyway, I am so glad to get these and will be purchasing them until I die. It's so easy to use my 13yr old could do it but that's just to hard for him. 😂 until you bring in Instagram or YouTube into the mix then it's easy peasy.. Well that's my honest review, it may be a bit of crazy babble added, but that's because it's 2 A.M . But hey! It's the truth.. I would like to thank my washer & dryer, @BuzzAgent for sending me product to try for free & @Downy® Unstopables™ for making ahhhhmazzzing products.
#FeistyFreshness, #GotItFree, @unstopables

Regrann from @mantraband - Never give up on your dreams.
Never give up on yourself.
Keep the faith. Take action.
Persevere. Believe in miracles.
Because as long as you are alive
anything is possible.

September mantra of the month is Be true. Be you. Be kind. Code SeptemberMantra for $5 off.⠀

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My girl, my heart Daizie Maizie she's so tired but she's always by my side through it all. She knows when I'm sick,she comes into the bathroom and nuzzles me to just hold her as I cry, scream, and want it all to end.
She waits for me to go down the stairs slowly and lays next to me or on my feet when we sleep.
The last 2 days have been in bed and miserable. I have no money to spend or contribute to the family. because I cant work. This is killing me I lay in bed in pain and cry myself to sleep during the day or watch YouTube videos which doesn't help me because I wish I could buy the stuff they show just to feel normal ya know... but money always goes to my millions of meds, Injections, PainSpecialists, Physical Therapists Drs. Appointments, hospital stays etc.
My sons who should be in college are here helping out because of the lack of income a 7 person family takes.
My husband handles it all and I know it weighs on him, but he's there when I need someone to hold me and maybe even rock me and sing me too sleep. I am struggling with it all and I'm only getting worse and their isn't a thing to do about it. Life isn't Fair, and I know I may one day know why I struggled so hard and why this happened to me. But for right now, I am barely hanging on, let alone keeping the evil thoughts and monsters at bay. I just don't know how much longer I can take it all.
#DepressionHurts #ItsReal #lupusawareness✋💜 #LupusWarrior #TheFightIsReal. #HeavenlyFatherAreYouReallyThere🎶🙏
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Regrann from @mantraband - From Buddha quote "Peace comes from within. Do not seek it without." One of the most profound words of wisdom of all time, it is a teaching for people of all walks of life; that the real source of peace, love, and happiness is in your heart and nowhere else. ⠀

Shop via link in bio.💛⠀

September mantra of the month is Be true. Be you. Be kind. Code SeptemberMantra for $5 off.⠀

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Love it when my kiddos get my mail & don't tell me. PINCHme Boxes go un-reviewed. Sorry! #HappyHippo*MeetMrGray
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So excited I was able to pick these up before they were gone. A huge Thank you to my amazing hubby @lonnie.a.johnson and daughter @goddess_of_fangirls For driving a bit out of the way to pick up the very last ones... I am such a fan of @emilynoel83
Been watching for a long time. This makes my heart happy that she was able to do a collaboration for us budget conscious subscribers. And I can support her this way. @emilynoel83 You deserve it, everything & more I am glad it happened to a genuine, kind individual.. Can't say enough... 🙌
**** In my mind She's My friend 😂🤣 #TheEmilyEdit #RevolutionXEmily
#TheNeeds #TheWants #makeuprevolutionusa

**If you are looking for a thoughtful, motivational gift. Take a look @mantraband
Here's the mantra for the month. **
#LoveMyMantraBands #Mantratribe

Regrann from @mantraband - #ThisMonthsMantra is Be true. Be you. Be kind.💛 Get $5 off this MantraBand with code SeptemberMantra. Offer ends on 9/30. ⠀

This band is your reminder to live authentically and compassionately toward others - and yourself. It is your call to be the shining light that you are meant to be. Be True. Be You. Be Kind. ⠀

#MantraBand #liveinspired #betruebeyoubekind - #regrann

I can't get enough of the Downy® Unstopables™ In-Wash Scent Boosters
The smell is ahhhmazzing and will last 12 weeks. I can definitely use that with the majority all boys in this house.
(Again ignore my dirty washer it's on the cleaning TO DO list)
#FeistyFreshness, #GotItFree, @unstopables
#My1stBoomerang @bzzagent

(@nailsbystepf) *I want to play along this is the only thing I could find with a pumpkin on it.
No Lattes for me* -Super happy fall is almost here. can't wait for 🎃 so I can wear my favorite bracelet. It's gonna look awesome with my Fall nails from #nailsbystepf. Plus it's "Pumpkin" everywhere.. #Pumpkins#Bats#Ghost#TrickorTreat #BadAssNailTech #nailsbystef

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