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On Mabon, Persephone came and whispered to me to follow her.
She led me to a quiet place where I gave her my heart and in return, she opened me up to reveal the true colors of my being.
She made me feel wholesome.
She helped me understand who I am. .
A little late, but happy Autumn and happy October to you wonderful humans πŸ–€πŸΎπŸπŸ‚πŸƒπŸ•Έ
Ps: peep that #DarkSouls tattoo from the lovely, talented @laurabochet_tattoo ^_^ thank you forever!

They asked me where I'm moving to;
I told them, "On to better things."

Did somebody say Ramen? 🍲

Wassuuuupp can we go back to Seattle because the weather in NYC rn is just disgustingggggggg

Sad I missed the last @undividednyc couple weeks back, but im back to hustling so who's tryna chill .
#shufflenyc #undivided #nes

Fun night last week before I almost decked a boy for getting all up in my personal space but it's all good 😊😊😊😊😊😊 Fting @richellenyc .
@newempireshufflers @nes.tryouts #nestryouts


Okay not really a surprise but hey here's a #nestryouts video for yall. I'm Klarissa but some call me Reese or Mis depending on what end of the community you found me in LMAO and idk how long I've been shuffling. It's kind of on and off lately. But YEAH
Can't say what shuffling means to me exactly, but I can tell you what goes on in my head??? Basically when I'm on the floor I think about being intimidated at Columbus Circle, watching endless YT videos of Korean shufflers and then cyphering in another room afterwards, how many strangers turned into friends after sharing a circle with them, telling people how much I hated cutting shapes and then ended up adding it to my repertoire LOL. Just. All of the moments I've shared with people that inspire and motivate me to be better as a dancer. You see me at events mostly standing around partly because I'm anxious but mainly because I literally just can't stop watching other people's shuffling personas come about. Freaking blows me away every time haha! I think about the different moves they pull out and their flow and try to incorporate into mine.
ANYWAYS I'm pretty bad at explaining but I'm happy and grateful to be able to live in NYC with #NES ^_^v THANKS
@newempireshufflers @nes.tryouts

Do you think I'm a monster, too?

Casual ZeroTwo here while I wait for the rest of the stuff to arrive ^_^ I'm so happy I have short hair because I forgot how high maintenance long hair can be! .

#002 #zerotwo #casualzerotwo #darlinginthefranxx #epiccosplaywigs #pinkyparadise #zerotwocosplay

Aight so I'm jetlagged free now and gotta say #EVO2018 was lit af. Not as lit as E3 tho but it was up there! Lots of people saw me and thought that For Honor had a side tournament. Yall dont understand how much that means to me.
Also, watched my old FH partner freaking win #DOA5 tournament was hype af.
Idk honestly the reason why I loved this event so much was because I had plans. Super duper totally secret plans. That worked out for the better. And now I have awesome friends. And even bigger plans.

Ps, fighterz. All I gotta say.

See you next year when I compete for SC6 HEHEHEHEHEHEHE and possibly GG

2v2 should have been pocketed but it was an immense off day. Went into the 1v1 with barely any practice and no thought of making it out of pools and then there I was, LITERALLY playing my best. Next thing I knew, my face was on Team Spooky for Top 8 LMAO

Shouts out to Clutchmeister for taking home the win, and happy to see the homeboys again at #DTN2018 @kumar_sutra (photo cred) / @lightboogey / @crazywilcox
#ForHonor #Shaman #PS4

Found a spot that made me wanna bust out the fans from this weekend -
Never had any training/classes prior and honestly this is probably the first time ever I felt like I could actually flow (what are planes πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚) Still learning, though πŸ˜… no music, just the sound of water 😁😁 .
#firefans #fanarmy #stopdropandflow #flowarts #techfans

I'm just happy to see good friends and be able to vibe with them again πŸ–€ Thanks, @undividednyc ^_^v πŸ“Έ: @nes.edith / @richellenyc
#shufflenyc #nes #newempireshufflers #undivided #girlswhoshuffle

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