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Mark Foster 

a picture is worth a thousand words. and a life is worth doing everything we can in our power to protect it. turning a blind eye and name calling each other “snowflakes” & “trumptards” is a waste of energy and a way to keep us all distracted from the real issues. we are human. we need each other. beyond our political affiliation, we are all in this together. united in surviving together. we are alive. we are all someone’s sons and daughters. we are children under God. we have hearts that feel love. we have minds that appreciate wonder. we shouldn’t have to live in this kind of fear; but mark my words - we will continue to live in this fear. this is going to get worse. this is going to become so bloody and terrifying that it will be unsafe to walk out of your door in the morning. this is only moving in one direction. it is a direction of civil war and complete anarchy. i’m sorry we have to live in these times but i am grateful to be alive and to know that as i continue to have breath in my lungs, i can make a difference and fight the good fight. love is a weapon. i am learning how to weaponize love. i am going to get more aggressive about the way i love you. that’s my meditation today. #santafetexas #shooting @nationalrifleassociation God is watching you

time keeps on tickin tickin tickin into the futaaaaaaaaa..... #family #anotheryearoflife

let’s march with our kids in solidarity. loud voices. peaceful protest. subversion in its most beautifully democratic form. there’s nothing that would scare the government more than to see us UNIFIED with focus. it’s time to stop fighting each other and start fighting our real enemies; the men and women who are using their power and position to get wealthy. to sign up for politics used to be a public act of service. something to better your society and be a servant to mankind. where are our abraham lincolns? where are our daniel o’connels? where are our martin luther king jrs? our bob marleys? lobbyists are deteriorating this country from the inside out. they bribe our congressmen with millions of dollars of “campaign contributions”. they write legislation. we are letting corporations WRITE LEGISLATION. there’s a reason machine guns, grenades, mortar, land mines etc. have been illegal for civilians. makes sense right? i’ve never heard an angry person defend their right to buy a rocket launcher. there’s a damn good reason civilians don’t have access to military grade weapons. why? maybe because their only purpose is to KILL HUMANS. no respectable hunter kills deer with an AR-15. assault rifles are made for one thing. killing people. Stephen Paddock LEGALLY used a bump stock to turn his LEGAL assault rifle into a machine gun. how did we let that happen? tracer rounds should be illegal. bump stocks illegal. armor piercing rounds....illegal. assault rifles....illegal. i don’t want to hear the argument of arming teachers or having armed veterans at every school to protect our kids. that is called a police state. our forefathers fought for our right to live freely and in peace. having your second grade lunch “protected” by armed military isn’t my definition of the utopian american dream. handmaids tale anyone? on march 14, or april 20, or every day of the next 50 years, i’ll stand in unity with those people that lost their lives a few days ago and aren’t able to speak up for themselves anymore. we have the power because we have the numbers. it’s going to get worse until we stand up. stand up.

final leg of the trip to hanoi and my clutch broke. did a surprise ten foot vertical wheelie on the highway laughing the whole time. landed it (shocking) and then walked down to this shop to get my bike fixed. my mechanic doesn’t seem too motivated though 🤔

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