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Markus  Selenophile - (n) lover of the moon; someone who finds joy and peace of mind from the moon.

As it turns out I am not from here, and you may not be either. Many of us carry emanations -energy strands from other beings. In other words, many of us are not from these parts.
As a human being you are intergalactic royalty. You have been seeded by many intergalactic cultures. You have been given extraordinary gifts and abilities, although they are currently latent. They reside in your unused portions of your DNA.
#staywoke #starseed #arcturian #unlockyourpotential #alienswalkamongus

When you find that good light! #célfie #alienonearth #baldandbeautiful

My name is Erykah Badu, also known as Badulla Oblongata; sometimes known as Sara Bellum; sometimes known as Manuela Maria Mexico. Some people know me as Lo Down Loretta Brown, some people know me as Annie the Alchemist. Some people know me as ‘She Ill.’ Im still shook and moved deeply by the performance at FYF. @erykahbadu @e.baduworld we are listening loud and clear! Keep waking us up and sharing your knowledge and building an army of light!
#erykahbadu #sheill #arcturian #revolutionoflightandlove #staywoke

Lord of Learning and Remover of Obstacles. #ganesha

#TBT Madrid World Pride 2017! The energy was amazing and the vibe peaceful and welcoming! America we should really take notes on what it means to be a nation who accepts love in whatever way a person chooses! #worldpride2017 #vivaespaña #equalityforallpeople #loveislove

España! You showered me with so much love! My heart is full and my life abundant! What an incredible way to experience World Pride 2017!! Viva España! I will be back....my husband is waiting 😂#worldpride2017 #spanishlullaby #espana #gay #mardidlove #spanishmenmakememelt

Just because life is grandiose just like this palace courtyard!

Siente la vida! Selfie game strong! #filterless #beyourselfibiza #meninspeedos #solotravellers

If you have never felt the power of The Universe or witnessed The Universe conspire in your favor when you have a specific request, then I challenge you to be even more specific. Only then will you see! This is Es Vedra! The mystical rock formation of Ibiza. The magnetic pull here is so powerful a compass or phone are useless. Today my request was to be provided with people who's energy would elevate and guide me and keep me in the flow. Camila, Noemi, Giorgia, Luca, Robbie and Provenzano brought me to this magical place and I bared witness to The Universal power of love. Thank you guys for making my trip worth every minute! I am forever gracious and have a new compassion for what it means to be and feel love! Much Love and Light #mood😍

Vooooooooooy! #españa This is the most clothes I will be wearing for the next week!

Today was a big day and a massive presence was felt in the LGBTQ 🏳️‍🌈 community today. What an empowering feeling to be amongst my gay brothers, lesbian sisters, bisexuals, trans, queer/questionable and straight allies for a united purpose to have EQUALITY FOR ALL!
WE THE PEOPLE....have the power to change the minds of others and today we represented that change!!! #resistmarchla #resistmarch2017 #pridela #unitedwestand #equalityforall

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