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We climbed the public stairs after a hearty dinner and looked around the city awash in sunset hues. The soft glow of street lamps seemed to brighten Nelson's charm. The mountains and water compliment the built environment, and we were smitten. The city stoked our shared interest in urbanism more than we expected, and we were eager to explore the streets.

The evening breeze felt refreshing as we stood up there, and I leaned against him, nestling my head upon his shoulder. It was our last night on vacation, and by this point, we had driven well over 2000 kilometers. With even more road time ahead, we appreciated this respite. A gentle calmness settled, and I thought to myself: I will remember this. After all, road trips are about more than the destinations.

Unexpectedly nice stop on the road trip: Nelson, BC. Beautiful Downtown area with architecture like this.

Does this photo make me look like an influencer? If so, lemme influence you to support your local library and encourage building developers to activate the streetscape.

Some more photos of Calgary's Central Library. I have fond memories of going to the library as a young child, and feeling the excitement of discovery with every new book I found. The children's section in this library transcends my expectations. There were several opportunities for kids to interact with one another, and it encourages youthful curiosity. Heck, it even has an impressive play area! I didn't get photos of these spaces because, well, it would be slightly creepy. But the rest of the spaces were equally charming and comfortable!

During our long drive, we listened to a recent episode of @99percentinvisible about the imperative of social infrastructure, and learned that Calgary opened its new central library last year. We climbed the central staircase and gawked at the variety of functions and groups this public space serves. The architecture evokes civic pride, and the spaces attest to the modern role of libraries.

Even though we drove to Calgary, we did still take the light rail because, well, why not.

Traveling with a rail enthusiast meant waiting for a train to come through Morantโ€™s Curve, which, unbeknown to me, is a thing. We waited alongside a handful of people from all over the world who had professional camera equipment and more patience than we had (we left after waiting nearly a half hour). As we drove around, I appreciated the incredible achievements in rail infrastructure throughout the Canadian Rockies. #๐Ÿšž #๐Ÿš‚

Lake Louise was gorgeous, even if most of it was frozen and covered in snow.

It had been many years since my last proper road trip, so this Canadian vacation was a treat. We spent many hours in the car, and the views were incredible.

The tree in my backyard is blooming and it looks surreal through this picture window. Bathed in that golden hour light, I swoon. It's my first spring season here, and gosh is it gorgeous.

Tacoma's waterfront is incredible and you should visit it.

My first spring in the neighborhood, and I'm enamored by these gorgeous trees. ๐Ÿ˜ #๐ŸŒบ

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