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mae margaret whitman  Courage is the most important of all virtues because without courage, you can't practice any other virtue consistently. Also I don't want no scrubs


science for president !!!

big big love

yaaaaaalllll believe me when I say you must run your ass over to 3268 casitas ave in Atwater for the @rachelantonoff and the @iamintentionallyblank SAMPLE SALE YALL

yet another day of being disgusted and devastated and horrified under the so-called leadership of this hateful buffoon. Please please please watch this vice news piece on Charlottesville. Please inform yourself up close and personal on the "very nice" people trump not only refuses to firmly condemn as the terrorists they are, but actually keeps DEFENDING AND NORMALIZING. It is horrible and painful. is real and it is happening. We must not sit back, we must not be silent. FUCK HATE. LOVE WINS.

coupla weirdo pals

#wcw @melanielynskey in ever after being a sly lil sneaky sweet stepsister

she's the kind you want to flaunt and take to dinner

but seriously folks.... They've done it again. My dear friends @parkmanwoodworks made me this perfect bed that's got me feelin me like a damn princess n every night is the ball 💐10/10 would Highly recommend
thanks guys love uuuu #thegarf #friendsfirever

Heeeeeeeelllp help me I'm drowning

still life with a ted

who is she...

hey there happy Saturday just popping in to say me and my peeps saw this movie @landlinemovie today and really genuinely boy did it mean a lot the most beautiful human connections and questions and also incredibly 90s sensibilities I genuinely couldn't think of a movie I would prefer to watch over and over and of course my friend @jennyslate is a bright shining beautiful star please I beg of you do yourself a favor and go see it with your loved ones this weekend ❤️❤️❤️❤️also peep my cool jumpsuit by @selvanegra_ with a pattern drawn by @charliebrand k bye

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