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Joshua Skalski  Know that you are loved, and you are so worth it, and go twirl! // 🎶🌈⭐️🌙 sc: jmflynn1998

an original copy of #petsounds and exact change were the highlights of my day

“i just wanna be as blonde as Dolly Parton”

lady ‘95

The inspiration for this piece was: Fefe Dobson’s “As A Blonde”.

credit to @unicorn.wizard for bleaching the heck out of my hair love you ❤️

🌤little dear, if you only lived here, did you really ever live at all?🌤

“You’re two hours in, fag, now we finally get to the theme?”
💄legend icon star, and a hilarious show💄

•If you’re ever wondering where I am, I’m probably asleep, in the Rog, or both.•
•Really gonna miss this place all summer, can’t wait to see ya again in the fall.•

•accidental Spongebob and Patrick vibes goin’ on here•

“Don’t panic!” There’s still 3 more performances of “Noises Off”, tonight at 7:30 and Saturday at 2 and 7:30! Come support this amazing cast, you won’t wanna miss this one!

So proud to be a part of this awesome show with such an amazing cast and an amazing director! Truly, thank y’all so much for just being your astounding and talented selves! (And a bonus Emily Nichols because the picture was just TOO good to pass up.)

Hi all! The Senior Capstone shows are coming up this week! I’ll be performing in “The Actor’s Nightmare” directed by John Barbetto ( @johnbarbetttoooo ) on Thursday 22nd and Saturday 24th. There are also two other shows (“If I Didn’t Have You” written by Sarah Casey and directed by Kathleen Sills, and “Columbinus” directed by Olivia Lombardo) and you won’t wanna miss any of them!!

yikes, another groutfit

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