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Marija Milosavljevic  sad words live in my heart while melancholic thoughts fulfill my mind πŸŒ™ Get away, please, you take the breath right out of me

now that my hair is literally gray plz go and watch new riverdale & the flash episodes

purple πŸ’œ

it's the same feel
in 2018
in your head,in your head
they're still fighting 🌌

And I drive myself crazy
Thinking everything's about me

No scientists no biology knows what he does to me 🌌

mdd is an pretty thing

beautiful nature,who made you cry today?

We are standing underneath mystic kingdom where Sun and Moon are leading infinite fight over a throne.

bcz my hair aint blue anymore

I just luv purple sry πŸ’œ

I just like cats

I was once told that everything in our lives can be replaced,but I can't seem to find somebody that can replace you.

I was once told that our smiles show how happy we are,but it seems that yours showed how sad you were feeling underneath the happy mask.

I was once told that music is just one of the ways how to express happiness,but it seems like your words changed the definition of happiness.

I was once told that depression is just sadness and that it ain't deadly at all,but it seems like it was the total opposite for you.

I was once told that legends and heros never die,but it seems like one of mine died. πŸ’” (rip Chester,you will never be forgotten,your words will never be forgotten and your music will never be forgotten,thank you for making me feel like I am not alone,I love you to the freaking Neptune and back all around the Sun)

I'll keep you in my memory ❀
#mentalhealthawareness #chesterbennington #linkinpark

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