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Enzo Viola  English Cream with a lil Freckle Pro napper, sock theiver, long-walk taker, kiss giver, fuzzy snuggler since 12/14/16 #blacksplotchgolden

Just trying to pick out the right flowers for @tracylockecastro for #mothersday 💐

I’ve thoroughly checked and I am happy to report that this round of clean laundry has nearly passed inspection. I just need to snuggle a few more sheets to make sure. #laundryhelper

Naptime with my bestie. #🐶🐱

This is my “is that bacon for me?” face. The bacon has never been for me. Yet. #bacon

Springtime is for spending quality outside time with your best buddy

You seem to think that this is the time that the walk is over. I love you very much but I do not share this point of view.

I for sure 100% heard you say the word “treat” Let’s talk more about that shall we?

Happy #toungeouttuesday or, as we say in Austin, #toungeouteveryday ☀️

I am available for the fetching of the tennis ball at your earliest convenience. TYVM.

Napping with a snuggle love is better than napping without one.

Dog physics 101: for every zoomies session there is an equal and opposite belly-in-grass session. 🎓

The only thing better than a good walk is finding a good stick ON a good walk #lifeisgood

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