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Ivaynet  It's all about the cats! ♀ Misi: 5 years old. Calico fur. ♂ Poe: forever 3.5 years old. Black fur (2011-2015).

Good morning!


It's time for a nap.

Misi's rabbit face.


What waz that noize!


Somebody wants to eat.

I'm gonna look at you until you gimme all your cheeze!

Always in our heart. Poe, 2011-2015. We love you, we miss you.

Tomorrow is Poe's 1st death anniversary... But for me somehow time stopped when he stopped breathing. A part of me stayed there forever. At that moment. A shattered part of me I will never get back. Poe came home some months after we rescued Misi. He was only 6 months old. Misi was totally antisocial, as she was still dealing with her situation from when she was a stray cat. On the other hand, Poe was craving for love and for being loved. He would stay always by my side, trying to get on my lap. I used to tell him I didn't mind Misi being like that because I had him to love me. Sometimes he was so demanding of me that I got angry at him. He would come to me closing his eyes, begging me to forgive him. But I wasn't angry at him, I could've never been angry at such a special and beautiful boy. You were perfect, Poe. Your toothless smile, your sharp claws that destroyed my clothes and skin, you long waivy tail. I miss you, my friend. I hope that wherever you are you are happy and loved. Poe, you will be forever in my heart.

Gimme food ztupid!

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