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SPIRITUAL LIFE & FITNESS COACH  Motivator. #Soul Elevator & Creator of #SpirituallyFit. I #inspire people 2 #heal body/mind w/the soul's #intuition. Join me in Brazil!

I’m so excited to continue on my healing journey and support others on theirs. Life is good. Xoxo
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Thanks for the shout. Yes everyone should know about Brazil. I think I’ll do a free training before I leave! See who needs prayer! ☺️🙏🏽❤️🌟😇#Repost @moniluhar with @get_repost
My girl @missyarellano888 is leaving for 🇧🇷 Brazil in two weeks! If there’s someone who has been on your mind/in need of healing energy and prayers, Missy is your spiritual life coach and go-to-gal. She is a licensed spiritual practitioner and personal trainer whose focus is to help you tap into your inner light and reach your full potential. Check out her VoyageLA interview where she talks about grief, her mom’s breast cancer diagnosis, and how it shaped the way Missy approached her spiritual practice and reignited her purpose in serving others: http://voyagela.com/interview/meet-missy-arellano-missy-arellano-studio-city/ ✨ “After mom left her body, transitioned to the next part of her journey I was so upset and distraught yet there was a part of me that said, ‘You cannot let this stop you from living.’ I focused on grief recovery and was focused on growing from this sad time instead of getting stuck in depression. I knew I had a higher calling but I didn’t know what that was quite yet. I found myself very human again.” - missy arellano ✨🙏🏾✨ @missyarellano888
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This is true. And memory is stored in the body. Want a new experience of life - try something new. MOVE your body! DANCE. WORKOUT. COME see me. I’ll help you out. @spirituallyfit888 ✨💪🏽🙏🏽
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A body is a field of moving energy and a system of information, as life continues its fluctuations, we tend to gather attachments, burdens, and sorrows. We hold them so tightly that they become embedded in the body, causing changes and disruptions in the flow of our system while also limiting the access to the best possible version of ourselves - this sometimes manifests itself as ailments or disease as well as a lack of belief in our own power and a lack of understanding of the universe.

When someone enters a purification process such as meditation, the practice of yoga asanas or clean healthy eating, among many other things, the body begins releasing these knots of attachment, freeing up the blockages in our system of information, allowing our field of energy to return to balance and move more freely and powerfully. This causes changes in our body, not just physical changes such as the healing of disease or ailments, but immaterial and internal ones as well, such as believing in oneself more, the growth of love, and the aspiration to grow into more wisdom. Really, there is no separation between the internal and the physical, they move together as one under the leadership of our mental contents.

Sending love to all beings. May we all reclaim our power and purify the burdens that cause us limitations. May we all grow into unconditional love.

Preorder is now available for the new revised and expanded edition of Inward via the link in my profile. It will be out in bookstores everywhere starting September 25 2018. 🙏🏽🌎 #yungpueblo

Do you like my funny socks? Come meet me for class. We’ll fill you up with LOVE & LIGHT❣️🌟 Burn some fat & calories too! Motivation maybe... that’s on you.

You got to know WHY you’re working out, WHY you want to eat healthy and stress less. What is driving you? Your kids? Husband/wife/spiritual partner?

What drives me is lessons of the past. I’ve seen what stress does to the body. I know what overweight can lead to. I know what excessive drinking and partying can do. Yes I indulge from time to time and so I won’t give up what makes me happy and let’s me have fun but I will work harder and smarter to maintain a healthy balanced lifestyle

Got to take care of ALL of it❣️❣️MIND.BODY.SOUL❣️
Let’s get fit! #SpirituallyFit #spiritual #fitness #prayer #works #mindset is everything SO... #meditate

I love Mark Nepo❣️ We were assigned a book of his to read for Prac Class and that’s when I fell in love with his writing.

It’s so poetic and deep. It resonates on a soul level. I was moved deeply and cried often. Not even tears of sadness but tears of PURE LOVE.

Do you know that feeling? That feeling when you feel the presence of the Infinite? When you feel that unconditional love?

It was such a gentle way to discover healing and learn life lessons and understand myself on a whole new level! #grateful

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Are you in good company this weekend? Gather with your loved ones and watch an encore presentation of Mark Nepo's #SuperSoulSunday episode. Tomorrow at 11am EST on @owntv and Facebook Watch.
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Here it is! Like I promised! Dancing is a powerful tool for self-expression, for allowing the Divine to flow through you, as you!
I am so very grateful for this gift! I am grateful for my dear friend and sister @shakeitwithshikha for this choreography and the honor of dancing beside her! Gracias amiga!
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Friends?! Is this you?! I know most people get me but when I meet someone new I have to school them!
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Gettin there. Workin on it. Thank you #Sadhguru #stillhuman #transcendingtho #bliss #this #spirituallyfit 💖🌟

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Loved this clip from my interview with @trewrussellbrand | Few people have achieved what he has and the way he describes his experiences is absolutely brilliant. #Repost @jayshetty with @get_repost
Loved this clip from my interview with @trewrussellbrand | Few people have achieved what he has and the way he describes his experiences is absolutely brilliant. #russellbrand #jayshetty #addiction #sneakers #nike #consumethis #spirituallyfit

OMG! Soooo cute! Reminds me of the donkeys in Abadiâna. I have the best donkey pic. I have to repost it. 💜

See my IG stories for the cutest donkey pic ever!
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I want one!
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We are all connected by LOVE. ⠀

I invite you to look within and look at the SELF and make some real changes to live a more LOVING life. ⠀

Have you made changes to be more loving and kind? No? Then I can’t roll. But I will not turn my back on you and call you wrong or evil. I will pray for you send you love and hold a higher vision for you.

And I don’t care what anybody say. If this sound too POSITIVE for you, I practice a science and a method that has been proven to work. Ask me about the biggest demonstration I’ve had of healing and forgiveness and I’ll show you it works.
But if you want to close your eyes to infinite possibilities for doing good then I CANT HELP YOU! Haha, just kidding! 😆 No seriously, it's OK.

Like Ernest Holmes said, I’d rather be for everything and against nothing. Think about it. Think about how you can be solution driven in these times.
Know yourself inside and out! This is EMPOWERMENT!⠀
Need help with this? Message me. I love discussions. Or perhaps just come to Brazil with me in August and it will all fall into place for you. 💙 #Peace #blessings #love #consciousness

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