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Spiritual Life Coach  Miracle Motivator. Soul Elevator. I inspire people 2 heal body & mind & connect 2 soul. Come meditate with me. I got you!👇🏽


This was me yesterday. Sometimes you just have to take a self-care day. Ah the life of a baby! Love this baby! Thank you @nika_lavender for sharing your beautiful boy Kai, with us! Xoxo #babylife🍼 #sleepisaspiritualpractice

"When you know what you want, and you want it bad enough, you will find a way to get it." — Jim Rohn #quotes #jimrohn

"Creativity - like human life itself - begins in darkness." -Julia Cameron
Imagine if we embraced our shadow? Our dark sides? And what about all the f-d up shhhhh that's happened in our lives?
Would we not have the most powerful tool for creation at our sides?
Could we heal ourselves and our minds?
By tapping into that which seems so dark can actually bring us back to our heart. And actually that's the only place to start.
That's the only choice left. You've hit rock bottom and you've got nothing, your whole life is effed!
I dare you to go there fully
realize divinity's at the center
I've actually done this, truly.
How can I say that?
Rationalize that?
I've learned to find the good in all
It's a lot easier now for me to stand tall.
I Forgive myself and I forgive others.
No longer blaming things on my past, parents or brothers.
So take the darkness, don't own it or marry it. Use it. Transmute it till there's nothing left.
Then start again. Be renewed. Rise up and be the you that is so TRUE.
Create. Elevate. No more hate. Only LOVE. Love. Love. It's easy...
#artwithheart #juliacameronquote

Hi Loves! If you missed the meditation yesterday please come join me in my group and catch the replay! I'll put the link in the bio: @missyarellano888
Come join me for the LOVE & LIGHT! Meditation made simple and easy. Ground and center for more PEACE & LOVE. I'm all about the Love, so come meet me in the group SPIRITUAL HEALING FOR CREATIVES. ✨Special note: this is a creative universe, you are one with this universe therefore you are a creative, a creator, you get to create your life. #blessings✨#meditation4love

Yes, it's another selfie party! 😆😆😆
Why?! 😬🙉 But seriously just want to let you all know, I'll be going LIVE in 5 on Facebook! Yay!✨I got news and I got a funny ass story about... ugh! It's kind of really embarrassing! 😬🙊😂Click link in bio to watch: @missyarellano888
#facebooklive🎥 #missyLIVE💖

Awwww, I love these ladies! I thought I'd use a filter cause it was so early in the morning but check out this LIGHT! I didn't need a filter! I know my life purpose and goal is to SHINE LOVE & LIGHT all around the world but the LIGHT from this group here is lifting me up! 😃🙌🏽 Thank you @YogaWorks Pasadena! Love the CoreWorks Crew! Xoxo 💖🙏🏽✨ #ToneBurnAbsGlutesArmsThighs #30YearsStrong💪🏽 #PasadenaYogaWorks #YogaWorksFamily #CoreWorks😃

Happy Friday Loves!!! It's #friendsfriday who desires prayer? I am happy to know the truth for you. I use affirmative prayer as a way to affirm the truth, it's also called spiritual mind treatment and I am happy to be of service. Send me a private message and I will pray for you. Remember the power of two or more is powerful and makes for quick demonstration. 💖✨🙏🏽😇 #blessings✨#mindsetcreatesfaith

#Repost @sapphiredancefit ・・・
Thursday throwdown!
Who's ready for some cardio hip hop with @solfitness888 and pop Pilates with @bluequator .. ☝🏻☝🏻☝🏻☝🏻☝🏻
#studiosapphire #sapphiredancefit #popilates🙌🏽 #poparmy #cardio⚡️#hiphop✅ #fitness✨#fun💜#dance💃🏻#sweat🎉#corework💫#blogilates💖 #sgv

Just create! Focus on yourself. Focus on getting out of your own hell. Face it, you created it. Some things maybe not, the effect of the environment around you can affect you.

So hold to what you know to be true FOR YOU and then you can see the real you. Then you can focus on what you do want to do.

Focus on your dreams. Don't let life carry you away to deal with 1 million other things.

CREATE the life you desire.
CREATE that passion and that fire!

LOVE yourself. LOVE yourself deeply.
LOVE everyone around you.
Because face it, we are all connected so completely.

So when I SERVE my students & clients I SERVE all. I can't help but be serving myself and answering the call. #servingtheLIGHT #createLOVEserve

Teaching tonight at @sapphiredancefithollywood
7:00pm Mat Pilates
8:00pm Cardio HIIT
#absthatburn #cardiothatshreds
If you love to workout, sweat and push hard these are the classes for you! I don't play! Just ask my folks in Glendale and Pasadena! ☺️ #killingitwithasmile
Sign up online: sapphiredancefit.com

When we can look at our past, reframe it by learning from it and choosing differently the next time - we heal. We may not ever make things right with the past but we can make things right with ourselves. Forgiveness heals and releases blocks in certain areas of your life that you may not even think the those things have anything to do with each other. So love yourself deeply, you are the divine deep down inside. Connect to that light, precious love. #goodnight🎶 #shoffy #mood💜

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