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SPIRITUAL LIFE & FITNESS COACH  Meditator. Motivator. Soul Elevator & Creator of Spiritually Fit. I inspire people 2 heal body/mind w/the soul's intuition. Check this!👇🏽

Be ready for this Lady!!! 💫💫Channeling LOVE & LIGHT! Yes! Tomorrow I have the honor of speaking with this beautiful spirit @vanessapetronelli on Facebook LIVE #missyLIVE! Tomorrow 6:00pm Pacific, link is in bio 👇👉@missyarellano888 Read the rest of this post to find out just how intergalactic she is!!!✨✨
#Repost @vanessapetronelli ・・・
I’ve been a life long channeler of Spirit and conduit of the stars. :
I didn’t know that until I started tracing back in my life and remembered all the moments I’d close my bedroom door and do ceremonies with crystals and light language. And look up at the stars repeatedly knowing I “belonged” up there.
I hid my quirks and intuitive capabilities from the world for many, many years. Until one day they could no longer remain buried within me.
When I came out of the spiritual closet well over a decade ago it was terrifying and liberating. :
I was free to be ME and build my business sharing my channeling and intuitive gifts with others.
But NOTHING prepared me for trance-channeling my galactic counterparts, The Pleiadians and Arcturians. This is NEXT level and out of this world, even for me!
Reconnecting to my galactic roots has been the missing piece to everything I’ve been doing. It feels like home for me every time I go into trance. :
It’s taught me to surrender and trust more than I ever have before. That I’m not the only one who has a deep connection to the cosmos. I’ve learned that there really is no space or time governing miracles and all possibilities from occurring. And that we are far more capable of more as human beings.
It’s also been a roller coaster ride bringing these energies through, because of the precision it requires to hold these frequencies. :
It’s taken a lot out of me physically and forced me to make major lifestyle and dietary changes.
I know this work is on the fringe for most. It’s weird. But my friend @firestarterlive reminded me that it’s more weird that many go to jobs they hate and as a society we accept that as normal.
I wouldn’t change my journey. It’s beautiful. Unexpected. Strange and hard. Glorious and miraculous. POST CONTINUED in comments below...👇

Love the art. Love the message. #artistlife #bestlife #dream #spiritualhealingforcreatives
#create #inkquisitive ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ #Repost @inkquisitive with @get_repost
Often We Want It So Badly That We Ruin It Before It Begins.

Just Let It Naturally Evolve (2018)
Tag someone who may appreciate the message OR the Art.

I am so absolutely grateful for my friends and my family! Thank you all like-minded individuals who LOVE and support me.
And you know what? Thank God for those who aren’t where I’m at on the spiritual path, you are my greatest teachers. Certain people push me to be better while others bring my compassion forth.
I have been called to LOVE and SERVE and life is beautiful even in the discord and funk it is all appreciated. Opportunities for growth.
I am just a heart filled with gratitude for all today! I love my @sapphiredancefit family, Spirit Junkie family, Amplified Soul family, Tao family, dance fam, fitness fam, @nhcrs_official family, Brazil fam, Evolution fam and LOL fam.
So many wonderful people in my life, thank you! Too many to tag but why not try?! 😉 Xoxo💖🌟🙏🏽
#gratitude #faith #love #service #spirituallyFit #we #are #all #one #gracias #peace

"When I find myself in times of trouble
Mother Mary comes to me
Speaking words of wisdom
And in my hour of darkness
She is standing right in front of me
Speaking words of wisdom
LET IT BE" -The Beatles

This song didn't mean much to me until after seeng John of God the first time in 2014. They have a really nice service on Sundays. I call it "karaoke church" with no disrespect. You straight up pick your song, prayer or poem out the book and everybody participates. It's beautiful.🎤🎶

And then this song hits me out of nowhere. I'm crying, well sobbing actually. 😭

I'm feeling the Divine Mother. And I remember Mother is always here for me even though my earthly mother has transitioned (died). I was fully immersed in Divine Love (unconditional God/Universal love) and I remembered it's ok to let my earthly mother go. Let her go. Heal. Forgive her. Forgive myself. Release. Be Peace. That's been part of my journey at the Casa. #healing thru #song 💚✨😇🙏🏼🇧🇷🔺
Come with me this August if you’re ready to release and let go of those things keeping you stuck, holding you back and heal from the inside out! Click link in bio @missyarellano888 for more details. Xoxo

Anyone agree? Love hurts sometimes when you do it right...
I wonder how many don’t try again cause they’re afraid to get hurt?
I try to be mindful of what I say I want as I have been pondering what marriage means to me.
Never say never again? Never say, again? Don’t know what to tell you my friends. Just taking it day by day. Moment by moment. Breath by breath. ❤️🙏🏽 #johnlegend #singsmyheart #eternal #love

Stand tall. Be BRAVE. Look within. Find yourself. Come home. Be PEACE. Release all that doesn't serve you, all that is not you, because you are not your past, you are not your parents and you are not your dis-ease. You have nothing to do with the people who have hurt you. Forgive. Let go. Be LOVE.

If this calls to you and you know you still have stuff down deep you would like to clear up then come with me to Brazil. Let's go to the Casa de Dom Inácio and clear some stuff out. Release all the blocks and funk that is keeping you from expressing your most divine self.

Clear your energy so you can present yourself with purpose. With confidence. Know thyself for real!

Own your God Self!!!✌🏽️

I love Yogi Bhajan. I love #kundalini yoga. I am so very grateful for this ☺️🙏🏽 #Repost @taraladue with @get_repost
Who wants to live in paradise? 💚 Yogi Bhajan is on to something. As my teacher @wahegurukaur_ says, Judgement Detox is the new Spring Cleanse. I mean @gabbybernstein even wrote an entire book about judgement. 👳🏼‍♀️ I’m starting with a day at a time, less judging more loving. ❤️🙏🏻 Who’s with me? Repost @awarenesscenteryoga made w/ @rainbowloveappdeluxe #justbreathe #morelove #gabbybernstein #gabriellebernstein

Mindset. Paradigm. Perception. Filter. Are these serving you?#Repost @garyvee with @get_repost
It’s not about who you are or how fancy your Instagram profile is or what pops up when someone searches your name when they search you on google.
For so many here, the game will be about where your mind is right now, my biggest advantage right this second isn’t about what I’ve done it’s what I’m about to do and that’s completely based on “where my mind is at” I sit here on this Presidents’ Day Monday and honestly feel in my bones like I haven’t done shit yet, that I’m just getting started and that I am no better than anyone seeing this post or living on earth right now, I’m hungry and patient and want it more than all of you!

Let’s fucking go
#Mindset #garyvee #firstinline #motivationmonday

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam! To the greater glory of God!

I see God as a Power and a Presence in and through ALL. God is the Universe, the Divine Wisdom, Infinite Intelligence. I know God as Love and I know God is in all people. Therefore I serve people! That’s what serve for the highest glory means to me. So how can I serve YOU today?

"It is not me who cures - God is the healer. I am simply the vessel." - John of God

#health💚 #wellness😇 #believeyoumust🙏🏼 #spirituallyfit #LOVE #tothegreatergloryofGod

When you’re feeling crazy, sad or mad remember your center! And if you have hard time getting back to PEACE no worries, WE’RE GOING TO BRAZIL BABY! 😇
My PARTY PEOPLE, SPIRIT JUNKIES, TRUTH SEEKERS, ANGELS, COACHES and HEALERS contact me now if seeing John of God has been on your brain or if you want to go on a life changing adventure that will help you realize the greatest version of yourself! ✨
Let’s do this!

#spirituallyfit #brazil #crystal #healing #calm #stressless

Have you ever wanted to get away from it all? Wouldn't you like to stay in a #beautiful place while healing your #heart, mind or illness?
Wouldn't it be awesome to #meditate in beautiful gardens, enjoy #nature, connect and ground in loving healing energy?
Wouldn't you like to cleanse and recharge in a sacred waterfall? Yaaaaaassssss!
Ok, great cause it's time to sign up, get your passport and visa ready! 😃🙌🏽💚✨✌🏽️😇🇧🇷 Click link in bio for more info on this trip!
#brazil #sacredjourney #august2018 #heal #flowers

Had to share this cause it’s raining in LA and I ain’t got an umbrella. Drinking my coffee in the car hoping it lightens up. So what a better time to share!
I like this pic cause it’s giving off that watery abundance flow, that Pisces/mermaid feel. And well it’s still my birthday week so let’s just keep celebrating shall we! Represent Pisces! ♓️
#sogood Thank you @moonbirdz1 I saw this on your feed first! And thank you to @taramcpherson for this super dope piece! 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 #Pisces #mermaid #rain in #la #birthdayweekend 🎉🎉🎉

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