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To me, bodybuilding is more than going to the gym. It’s more than dieting for a couple of months and jumping on a stage. To me, this is art and my cognition is always in the pursuit of bettering my craft. It doesn’t stress me out, inconvenience me or put me into a position to have to find the motivation to do the things that are required of me.

Sometimes things just choose you. And you become 😍

#tbt IFBB STL Pro

Last person to get on this plane... again 🙄 Shout out to TSA. Lol... See you soon Florida ☺️

Is it possible to feel like a work of art but can’t help but think about all the untapped potential that doesn’t come with rushed delivery? 🤔

You will always be “too much” of something for someone... too big, too muscular, too loud, too skinny, too soft, too edgy. But if you round out your edges, you lose your edge. Apologize for mistakes but NEVER apologize for being YOU

Stiff legs > me ☠️

Because weightlifting makes you look manly 🙄 #hairflip #lol #ok #byeeee

I would rather fly too high and burn out than to never leave the ground at all... 🦋

Well hot damn, it's leg day again 😈
#working #preparchives #unimpressed

I really appreciate the stretch from doing one armed cable rows... performing seated minimizes momentum. I'll be doing these again tonight. And the next week. And probably the week after 🤷🏼‍♀️

You have to learn to value by experience. If it weren't for pain, we won't know the value of peace. If it weren't for failures, we wouldn't know what was required to set the foundation for success. Every setback will put you in a position to grow and evolve... when you shift your perspective from victim to victor, you'll always win.
Happy Monday 🤗

Throw those Christmas hams in the oven 🔥🍖😬

Happy Thanksgiving from me and my best frannn 🤗

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