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Leah Burzinski  🔶🔵◽️🔹⬛️🔻🔺◻️🔷⚪️🔶

Today doesn't fall on her birthday or an appreciation for mothers- I just love my mom @sherrispare

Cinco de Mayo is baby's due date.... can't wait to meet the lil peanut!

What a rejuvenating day, KC! I needed this. We needed this! I was inspired by so many great speeches given by caring people who just want to better this world. #womensmarchkc #humanrights #reproductiverights #pregnant #educatedonthate #prochoice If you attended the Woman's March, ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, today, please text "count me" to 898-00. They're trying to get a rough estimate of the count. Please text from individual phones (if you went in a group, everyone should text for themselves). You will get a follow up text asking a few questions and that's it! Again, text "count me" to 898-00. You will be helping more than you can imagine!

Copy and paste this in your status to spread the word.

Iced in morning doodles while sipping the morning tea munching blackberries and listening to the legends #chuckberry and #jamesbrown

A beautiful blooming gift from the in laws

She's so fast! Little Luna showing us her tricks. @calejohn @librariancass

Bubbly for NYE!

Date with my two favorite KC gals, @jenhurhill and baby Corinne at the always wonderful @theroasterie

#tbt to June - Classic Montreal tourist snap. Honeymoon for honey 🐝 s -🍯🍯🍯#Montreal #canadaday We are total nerdy babes

Exactly one year later... Two families have joined into one. #matchmaker ronni stringer!

High fiving my partner in crime #5monthspregnant #december