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misswarmj  @misswarmj is main @xiaonuanjess 中文账号 I post Most sexy Pic on Twitter. Link below 🌟Share My Positivity to you

How are you friends? I was having super busy days on assembly furnitures! My day was very busy but happy. Had new sofa, tables, and chairs. My home finally have some formal furniture ^^ It it happy to see my life is getting better! With the new furnitures, I can start to stream and doing something new !
#positivevibes #newsofa

‪Happy birthday 🎂 to SangSang! He is the first stuffed bear my bf gifted to me 11 years ago. SangSang loves salmon a lot!‬
‪🎂🎂 #happybirthday
‪Yes, we celebrate 🎉 all our staff toys birthday ^^ Do you do that too?‬

Thank you all for following my backup account ^^
And thank you for all the likes and praise that makes me more confident and happier!
I am growing my hair now, finally I can have piggy tails on my own hair!
#misswarmj #kawaiifashion #thanksgivings
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Treated myself a big lobster after sent out rewards for October ^U^ Happy Thanksgiving in Canada 🇨🇦 to you all!
中文帳號 @xiaonuanjess
#misswarmj #happythankgiving #lobster

Share another selfie with @vivid_vision ! She is so cute and outgoing! We did some selfies and kawaii videos together! I added it as bonus content to 5.20 Tier+ Patreons!
[Link in bio]

Recently I am working on redecorating my apartment ^^
[Selfie was from hotel]
How are you doing recently? I hope you are doing well and feeling happy 😊
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Share a casual Misswarmj! Hope you feel happy today!
photography @chriswar2012

Share the beautiful sunset I saw on 21st September 2018.
#sunset #misswarmjbackup

Life need some pink, to make it romantic:)
#blooms #lovelyday


For my feet lovers;) Night!

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