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MissP  Youtuber, Influencer, & Lover of all things fabulous! Click the link for my latest video!

Y’all know I love amazing brands have to spotlight @Club1964Inc Club 1964, Inc. is a Public Charitable 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization with members in Alabama, Florida, Missouri, South Carolina, and Virginia who advocate for Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) through academic, social, and professional ventures that recruit scholars, develop leaders, and educate advocates. Learn more about how to join #TheHBCUMovement by visiting bit.ly/club1964inc or emailing JoinTheMovement@club1964.org. #Club1964Inc #WelcomeToHBCUWorld

I ❤️ this show but I’m mad I started it now I have to wait until October for season 2! 😫 What y’all watching on Netflix, Hulu, etc?

Somebody thank God for air RIGHT NOW!!! 😫😱 btw I can’t stand @_niggaminaj for this post 😂😆

I can’t believe we are 7 months in! It was JUST January! Happy Sunday folks & happy 1st of the monthhhhhhh *insert random bone thugs verse* MAKE THIS MONTH GREAT, IT’S UP TO YOU!

This weekend was HOTTER THAN FISH GREASE! Fun times! ☀️ 🍹 🏖 #mrytlebeach #thefireballgotme #itstoohot

This has to be one of my favorite pics of my Pops & I! My pops is my heart, my number #1 supporter, & I’m so grateful & honored to be his daughter. I signed my card today as “always your little girl.” I think I saw a thug tear 😆😊 Happy Fathers Day to all the daddys out there!

Incredibles II was INCREDIBLEEEEE! Pun intended! #retro1 #bredtoe #jackjackmadethemovie

Y’all know I’m dramatic! I love that World Market has this contest 😆 #Headed4Summer #WMEntry

Only thing blue is this dress huntyyyyyy!!! Happy Saturday!!! #target

Congrats to my lil cousin Kaylan!! So proud of you! NC A&T better get ready for you girl!!! Y’all know Aunt Tasha & MamaP love to fight over who had Kaylan 😆

So ummmm what had happened was. I took about 25 look into the abyss pics. You know what I mean(you do it too)! This is what I ended up with 😆

“Thankful for the women that I know!” Yup another Drake I’m Upset reference, leave me alone 😂😆 Brunch & fun with the 3 amigas!

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