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Tiffany Olin  choose joy 🌻 ie // ucla // Ξ Ξ’Ξ¦

Thanks for the hometown date @sophieahmad8 🌹

That milkshake isn't the only thing that brings boys to the yard 😜

survived The Weeknd, but will we survive midterms?

Remember when it rained in LA? Yea me neither β˜€οΈ

just a b(r)unch of girls happy to be back in LA

One time for the birthday girl πŸ₯‚

HBD SYD ilysm ❀ one year closer to knowing what alcohol tastes like!

est. '08

life is better when you have a twin πŸ€—

hey Santa, your Ho's are back 😌

seeing double, eating triple 😜

thanks for being my new sis & suffering through a three hour lecture at 9am on Fridays with me πŸ’—