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Tara Teng • Miss Canada 2012  The Socially Conscious Woman ✨Lover of ethical fashion, body positivity & sisterhood. Inspired by people who do good! Also find me at @justlymarket

That face you make when you’re waiting for the weekend.
Ps- loving these gorgeous bamboo shirts from the new Women’s collection by @havenkidsclothing. Local and ethically made in Canada. Launching October 22!


Local elections often get overlooked but cities have the power to change a lot of things: housing, transportation, education and building community - to name a few. ⠀

So on Oct 20th, vote for the candidate you believe will lead with compassion and integrity, protecting the interests of all people in your community - no matter how different. ⠀

Photo by @shopdarlingclementine. Profits from shirt sales benefit @whenweallvote.

At a birth, reflecting on life and fully convinced of the fact that no matter how large the mountain you face seems right now, you *will* get out of this on the other side.
Can I get an amen? 🙌🏽 Photo by @madsthesedays

Today is International Day of the Girl and I’m thinking back to my time in the Philippines a few years ago. We arrived at a remote rural village to meet with children of the local school and then went to the ocean to watch how the families harvested seaweed.

As we walked through the village one little girl came up and held my hand, and then another and another until the whole village was walking together with me - all hand in hand!
I often think back on this precious children and wonder what the world would be like if their voices were heard? What great stories would come from them? What new innovative ideas could be shared? How would the world be better if they were able to contribute without poverty or gender inequality holding them back?
So today we put their voices and their needs forward on the world stage. I’m thankful to the UN for making this day a priority and for great organizations like @ijmcanada, @worldvisioncan & @joy.smith.foundation for doing incredible on the ground work to empower girls and keep them free of violence.

One thing I am thankful for, the sun always rises each morning. So no matter how dark things may feel, it won’t stay this way forever. ⠀

Just wait for the sun. ⠀

Photo by @crystalmariesingphotography

Breaking bread, giving thanks, cultivating unity....everything our world needs right now and one of the MANY reasons I love gathering around food. ⠀

Happy Thanksgiving friends! ⠀

For those of you who are bound to ask, tea towels from @houseofbelonging. Go check out her amazing store!

Happy Thanksgiving! I’m thankful for all of you; you make the world a better place. ⠀

And no matter what you are going through right now- Don’t give up. The sun will rise tomorrow. Life will continue. We will carry on. ⠀

Photo by @madsthesedays

Let me tell you a story. Back in 2011, when I was regularly flying back and forth from Asia working on community development and international aid, I spent some time in the floating villages found on the Tonle Sap River. These villages are home to 1.5-2 million Vietnamese refugees - undocumented, nationless people without the protection of citizenship, healthcare, education or basic sanitation needs. ⠀

But the most heartbreaking reality was that during my entire time working in the community, I never once saw a girl child over the age of 11 or 12. Due to the harsh economic lack of opportunities, girls are valued for their sexuality only, and most are sold to work for "aunties" in the city...at brothels and red light districts catering to the paid demand for sex by local and foreign travellers alike. ⠀

As shocking a reality as this is, forced prostitution does not only happen in distant countries but here in Canada as well. Here the average entry age into prostitution in 12-14 years old. THIS IS NOT A CHOICE. This is coercion, manipulation and exploitation of our young people. ⠀

After nearly a decade doing this work to end human trafficking, I have seen EVERY ethnic group, every socio-economic status, every community across our country impacted by this heinous crime of forced sexual exploitation. ⠀

So today, on International Day of No Prostitution, I recognize that gender inequality (social, economic, political) makes women vulnerable to recruitment and prostitution is inherently violent towards women. I am thankful that Canada has established laws to decriminalize prostituted women, allowing them access to services and exit strategies without fear. But we must do more to continue to bring this issue to light and protect the most vulnerable of our society from the horrific crime of rape for profit.

REAL TALK:: Did you see my IG Story from this afternoon? Raising babies, multiple businesses and trying to maintain balance ain't easy. ⠀

Finding ways to make life simpler and give me more time to accomplish my projects or spend time with my kids is a priority for me. It's only been one day but these lashes have already made my beauty routine significantly shorter. In 5 minutes I was able to throw on clothes, some lipstick and run out the door for preschool dropoff and coalition meetings this morning. These lashes made me look awake and instantly glamorous all day long! WIN!⠀

So thank you to @citizensofbeauty.co for making my day easier and for graciously offering a 15% discount code for any friends who use TARA15 to book. Valid until Nov 1, 2018. ⠀

Photo by @jaleesamateazziphotography

Thank you, everyone, for your sweet messages reaching out to check on Chayton after our call to the ambulance on the weekend. He's okay. Things are back to "normal" around here now but our normal definitely has changed. ⠀

The doctors say he is now in the realm of anaphylaxis so we have to be extra diligent to keep him safe when we are out in the world. He wears a medical id bracelet and carries an epi-pen and Benadryl at all times - hopefully, he won't have to use it. ⠀

Sometimes I hear people complaining about millennials and our sensitive kids with all the "allergies" but now that this is my life, it's hard to express how scary it is to know that someone's little snack could kill my child. I'm worried about potlucks and picnics, Halloween, Christmas and birthday parties. So I'm teaching him how to advocate for himself and hoping that other parents and adults will exercise the same caution for him (and others) when I'm not around. ⠀

It takes a village, right? We can't protect them from everything but we can all certainly do our part to help!
Photo by @tamara.m.clark @sashablaneyphotography

It’s crazy how quickly things can change. ⠀

As many of you know, Chayton has a peanut allergy. It’s always been manageable and if he doesn’t touch or ingest peanuts or other but products, he’s usually okay. But Friday night we had quite a scare. After we attended a fundraiser for the Foundation I work for, he ate a seemingly innocent chocolate chip cookie and things got serious - fast. ⠀

So after a call to the Ambulance and a thorough check over, we’ve now become one of the many medical ID wearing families (got an official one on order). ⠀

He’s okay, thank goodness! Keeping kids safe can be scary business for a mama’s heart, especially when these nut allergies ain’t messing around.

Is anyone else currently glued to the live updates on the Kavanaugh hearing happening right now in the States? Dr. Ford’s testimony from yesterday and all that has happened as a response from all sides (Kavanaugh, Reps, Dems, the media, Yale University, the American Bar Association etc...) is shaking me to my core. ⠀

This might not be our country but it speaks volumes on how we as a North American culture treat power & male privilege & partisan politics & survivors of sexual assault in our society. And what we prioritize as most important. ⠀

Its clear that we are in the midst of a cultural tipping point and I can feel the weight of the heartbreak, the exhaustion and desperation for change. Because the status quo is 1 in 5 women in the USA & 1 in 3 women in Canada will be sexually assaulted at some point in her lifetime. And 99% of perpetrators are never held accountable for their actions.⠀

Survivors live on with trauma that never leaves and perpetrators have the luxury of forgetting the details of an assault as if it never happened. ⠀

We MUST do better for our daughters. ⠀

How this Supreme Court nomination is handled MATTERS. ⠀
Whether or not Kavanaugh is willing to submit himself to a full FBI investigation MATTERS. ⠀
If the Republications continue to push forward on a confirmation vote, without the investigation and all the facts confirmed, MATTERS. ⠀
Why Trump even chose this man to nominate in the first place, MATTERS. ⠀

Because how we treat survivors of sexual assault and what actions we say can be justified MATTERS. ⠀

And a man of integrity and utmost character *should* know all this and, whether guilty or not, step down, instead of seeking his own advancement at the sake of others. That what it means to honour the country above yourself and to do the right, be it hard, things. ⠀


Photo by @crystalmariesingphotography

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