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Steph Grace  Sydney born || Berlin based Spotify ⤵️

So, my sister and I just started a band! It’s a duo called SISSOS. 👯‍♀️🐠🍭 || Go to @sissos_music and give us a follow 😜 We’ve got 2 tours coming up in Europe.. so follow us to check out when it’s officially announced! 🤐 We might be coming to a city near you!! 🇪🇺⛰🌍 #sisters #sissosmusic @georgiefisherofficial (📷 by @zofia.k )

I spent a few days in Paris after my last show with @passengermusic .. I needed a moment to contemplate what had just happened! This is my actual thinking face 🧐🤨🤔 (thank you @the_cracked_looking_glass for snapping it 📸 ) #passengermusic #stephaniegracemusic #paris

And, breathe out.. I have written back to everybody! 🤗 📨 Thank you so much for your words. I have been touched by every single one of your stories. Please, if you haven’t heard from me.. either I have accidentally missed your message (sometimes I find it hard to “Concentrate” 😝) or I haven’t been able to read your email address from the written list. Make sure you get in contact online! I feel so humbled by the volume of emails and messages I’ve received, it’s awesome to have so many new fans. If I’ve missed you... write me! SG x #passengermusic #stephaniegracemusic ( 📸 by @ofiravita )

I honestly cannot believe the amount of support and fanship that I have gained over the past week. 😝 It’s been an unbelievable feeling having people queue up to buy my CD, or ask for a photo, or want a signature. And I thank you all for sharing your stories with me. This is a moment from the merch desk after the show in Paris.. the gig where I sold out of albums. ❤️Europe, I can’t thank you enough.. and I WILL be back. Watch this space xx 🍑🥊🎸 (📸by @the_cracked_looking_glass ) #paris #passengermusic #stephaniegracemusic

One of my favourite pics from the tour 🍡🍦🍭 (📷 by @piet.franck ) Lights by @mynameisroxane :: Antwerp, Belgium :: #passengermusic #stephaniegracemusic

This guy took time out of his own set every night to give me a shout out and I’m so, so grateful. @passengermusic I want to thank you firstly for giving me my stepping stone, and secondly for all the kind words throughout the tour. I’ll never forget this experience. Your fan and friend, Steph Grace 🙏🏼 (thanks @clarebxxx1 for this awesome video 😍)

Oui Oui Paris! 😊 Merci for listening!.. Honestly I was blown away yet again with how accepting and quiet you all were. (especially during my French song 🎼 😝hehe) I will definitely come back!! Make sure you send me your email address and I’ll let you know when I return to play a headline show! and maybe we can have a baguette together 🇫🇷 je connais beaucoup mots en Français 🥐 #passengermusic #stephaniegracemusic

Had to post 2 pics from the Antwerp show, it was so pretty when all those lights went up. Thank you so much Belgium! #passengermusic #stephaniegracemusic

Antwerp... absolutely magical ✨ I couldn’t believe that a crowd could be that silent during songs, and that loud during cheers! It was my first time in Belgium and I will most definitely be coming back!!! Thank you thank you 🙏🏼 📷 by @linearchris :: 💡by @mynameisroxane #passengermusic #stephaniegracemusic

Cologne you absolutely rocked my world! It was such a magical moment when you all lit up the audience with little twinkling lights ✨ Sorry for crying mid-set hehe 😂 I can’t help myself with a cheeky shaka 🤙🏼 (thank you @sndr1103 for this awesome pic) #passengermusic #stephaniegracemusic

Amsterdam, You were incredible!!! I‘m so happy to have had the opportunity to play solo in front of 6000 people! I felt larger than life on that stage - even though I’m just a tiny dot in the corner 😂Amsterdam you filled my heart ❣Can’t wait to come back and play again! And thank you for the overwhelming amount of new fans I have gained. Share the music around! You rock!! (Thanks to @linearchris for capturing this moment 📸) 💡 lights by @mynameisroxane 🎧 sound by @hmltnian #passengermusic #stephaniegracemusic

I am still on a high from last night! The first show in Berlin was absolute magic. 🌟 Thank you so much to everyone who listened, and bought CDs, and cheered! You the audience (and also @passengermusic ) are literally making my dreams come true. If you liked the show please share my music!! 🌎 🎸 💭 😍 :: HUGE Thank you to @benkriemann for capturing my “I can’t believe this is happening” face 😝📸 #passengermusic #stephaniegracemusic

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