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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀🎀 Shirlee 🎀  🌺🐶🐼🐧🌺

i could be without all my makeup, in a tank and PJ's, and just chilling on my couch...and she'll still accept me and love me for who I am entirely. to me, she isn't "just a dog"; she is so much more than that. she's the four-legged 70lbs creature that greets me everytime i walk into the house, whether i'm gone for only a few minutes or a few days. she's taught me to be patient and love unconditionally. she's seen me at my worst and has helped me through it, she's seen me at my best and was still able to improve my mood. she may not be human or walk on two legs... but she's my pawmate, and i'd never ever trade her for anything else. happy national puppy day 💕

i wish moments like this would last forever...

looking fresh off the boat from Thailand, exploring tunnels in Davis. a weekend I definitely needed with the people that know me best. good times and good vibes with good people. you know who ya'll are, I love you guys with all my heart. it's been so damn challenging lately and I've been struggling to find myself being happy. but this weekend's helped me with finding myself. cheers to my amazing support system, and thanks for bringing back my smile 💕

been finding it hard to smile lately, with such an enormous amout of stress. my apologies for me to be MIA, but I'll probably be posting less until I'm able to piece everything together. I'm struggling but I'll be okay ya'll! 💕

ya fucking with them basics when you really want the baddest... so come on baby, get it cause to miss it would be tragic ✨ || lashes courtesy of @lashesbyhayat - go check her out ladies! she's great! || #missshirlee

waiting for babe to plan Valentine's date like... || 📸: @noir_impressions || #missshirlee #someonetakemeonadate #whowantstobemyvalentine #tbt #throwback

nothing but trouble ✨ || 📸: @noir_impressions w/ @raenie_daze || #missshirlee

while everyone's posting pictures of being in Tahoe and playing in the snow, I'm sitting here wearing three layers, under two blankets, wishing to be at a sunny and warm beach 😭 || #missshirlee #imisssummer #yesitsarawphoto #noitsnoteditted #sorrynotsorryimnotperfect

do these red lips work enough for CNY? Happy Lunar New Year babes! I wish ya'll luck and joy for the year of the Rooster (it's us '93 babies!). Much love!

silly shirlee will always be silly 💕 sorta kinda missin' Vegas 😂

i may not ever get my shit together, but ain't nobody gonna love ya better than me || 📸: @martianpictures w/ @westcoasthydrographix for @sfautoshow last month

gotta get that fucking paper 💸 || my first selfie post of 2017! 😌

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