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Nada Sefian Gaona  Mrs @alexgaona ندى A jack of most art, a master of none. Actress 🎭 Trapeze Artist 🎪 Boxer 🥊 Karaoke Queen 🎤 👑 Australian Lebanese living in the USA

Happy Foofoo day baby @alexgaona 🥰❤️ The Nightwing to my Starfire.
You’re my rock, my bestie, my tall hot hunky man. Our love is far from perfect, but every high and every low and each little crack and rebuild, partnership and loyalty, laughter and tears makes this the best fucking story I’ve ever lived, I would never re write anything in our love story. I’d travel far and high for you ❤️ (clearly I’m a woman of my word! Hi America) thank you for my gorgeous little surprise and sticking with me through DMV #ThatsTrueLove #ItsMimosaTime

I heard someone once say “come to me with a solution, not the problem” and this is something that has really stuck out in the back of my mind. Rather than focusing on an issue or obstacle, I find myself ‘in a strong state of mind’ trying to figure out the solution. Sometimes it’s as simple as shifting my perception or understanding a different perspective. Sometimes It takes a lot of work and takes me a bit more time; But it’s always rewarding.
Positive minds flourish.

I feel so lost! But at least my boobs know which way to go #34andStillPerky having some progression doubt, but don’t stress it only lasts for a split second with me.... back on top tomorrow 💖👌🏼 #AppreciateTheDown

I was talking to someone the other day about some things I’ve seen on my travels and some of the things I’ve experienced in life. His response was “why haven’t you written a book!?” Lol .
I sometimes reflect on my life and wonder how I got through it, yet I can’t imagine living a different path. Sometimes I look at others and compare their progress to mine, yet I neglect to acknowledge all my accomplishments. #NoThanksToSocialMedia
Try walking a day in your own shoes and really smelling the roses 🌹

“One of the things I learned the hard way was that it doesn’t pay to get discouraged. Keeping busy and making optimism a way of life can restore your faith in yourself.” ~ Lucille Ball 👩🏼‍🦰

Am I seriously dreaming that this could possibly work? Pursuing my hopes and dreams, and seriously putting my heart and soul on the line. 🇦🇺🌟🥊🎪

Not everything is as clear as it seems. Sometimes you have to see through the darkness and doubt. Make it brighter yourself. Push and persist. Get shit done. #StopWearingYourWishBoneWhereYourBackBoneOughtToBe
. 💖🤙🏼🍆👑😩 so these are my top 5 recently used emojis. What are yours? Please share for a laugh (and a bit of judgement)

I’ve had one of the longest work weeks in a very long time and it’s not even over yet. It’s Friday and only my hump day. I seriously need a refill of energy and positivity.... the hustle is real and my goals big. Acting classes and a new car just aren’t going to buy themselves.... #2019goals #KeepingTheGlassHalfFull


Not looking back, just up at my bright future 📷📸 @moodzbymaz #WeekOfManisfestations #DreamBig

When Sydney weather is bad, it’s still so good!!! Missing Australia’s lightning and thunderstorms ⛈ 🌩 #Throwback to #bondibeach #IStillCallAustraliaHome

Do you wanna taco truck about it? @leostacostruck 🌮 🌮🌮

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