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Morgan Baird  •Be Here Now• Main @morgan_baird25

Find friends who uplift you and encourage you to live your standards. Love these girls!♥️

I love my new crown shot made possible by: @jenncadyphoto , @kirahairmua , and @ashleygaa

So incredibly excited because state is only 75 days away!😮☺️
#MNEOTeen #75days #BeHereNow

First competition of the season! One thing I loved about this competition is their pay it forward initiative. We were all given keys that we could give to whichever dancer we thought was extra special. I gave my two keys to a duet of 7 year olds who were ADORABLE! So my challenge to you is, if there is a chance for you to do something kind or make someone feel special, DO IT! #BeHereNow

Day 2 of Crowns and Gowns! Thank you so much to the @blackswandress for helping me find my dress, I am in love!😍 I got my headshot done, thanks to @jenncadyphoto @ashleygaa and @kirahairmua and participated in the Hirshfeld's fashion show, which were both amazing! PLUS... The #MNEOTeen class of 2018 had a super fun pajama party with Miss Nebraska's Outstanding Teen 2017, @carsyn_long !

Day 1 of Crowns and Gowns! Congratulations to all the incredible young women who were crowned this evening!

So excited for Crowns and Gowns this weekend! Also... Pretty excited to perform my new solo for state!

My family and I have been volunteering at the Historic Midwest Theater for 10 years now! I have loved having the opportunity to do volunteer work once a month for my community. Also, how cute are our matching sweaters!

Wishing for warm summer days...🌻

Man am I grateful for 2017 and everything it had to offer. I'm so excited for what the new year has in store for me and the opportunities I'll have to serve!

Day 25 of 25 ways in 25 days to #lighttheworld Even though the Christmas season is coming to an end, it doesn't mean the season of service has to. I encourage everyone to continue serving others and keeping the spirit of Christmas in their hearts. I'm so excited for the rest of my year of service as your Miss Scotts Bluff County's Outstanding Teen. Merry Christmas! What can you do to light the world?

Day 24 of 25 ways in 25 days to #lighttheworld If we recognize our blessings daily, we will find that we are more blessed than we thought. When we show gratitude and remember where our blessings come from, it will be easier to recognize them. There’s always a silver lining. Today I got to spend Christmas Eve in bed sick but I’m grateful for my family who were a big help. 😷 What can you do to light the world?

Day 23 of 25 ways in 25 days to #lighttheworld Some prisons are literal, physical institutions, but other “prisons” include physical and mental afflictions, and addictions. Reach out to those who are feeling trapped and let them know they’re not alone. Today I wanted to let someone close to me know that I loved them and was proud of their progress. What can you do to light the world?

Day 22 of 25 ways in 25 days to #lighttheworld This year, my family has received so many wonderful acts of love and we wanted to express our gratitude during this holiday season. I encourage you to make a list of those who have either done something for you or been an example and thank them for it. What can you do to light the world?

Day 21 of 25 ways in 25 days to #lighttheworld A person can experience spiritual hunger as well as physical hunger. We can offer people both kinds of nourishment. Tonight I got to visit this woman from church and deliver some cookies to her. She’s so sweet and I loved seeing her face when she saw them. What can you do to light the world?

Day 20 of 25 ways in 25 days to #lighttheworld Sometimes possessions distract us from appreciating the most important things in life. By eliminating these distractions, we can lead a more fulfilling life. I’m so happy that today is all about what my platform is. Putting away the distractions so we can appreciate what’s right in front of us. #beherenow

Day 19 of 25 ways in 25 days to #lighttheworld We have so many reasons to be happy, even if we don’t realize all of them. One way we can find joy is helping others feel joy. Is there someone in your life who deserves more gratitude than they get or who needs to know that your grateful for them. Think of something you can do to help them feel the joy we all want. What can you do to light the world?

Day 18 of 25 ways in 25 days to #lighttheworld Forgiveness. Allowing anger and resentment to fester will never lead to happiness. We must make amends with people before bitterness destroys our important relationships. Find someone who maybe isn’t the kindest to you and say a nice word or smile. There was so much we can do to rid our minds of the negative feelings we have towards a person. What can you do to light the world?

Day 17 of 25 ways in 25 days to #lighttheworld Meet together often! Tonight I had an amazing opportunity to meet together with the Melbeta community and my sister queens! We served soup, shared our platforms, and met some really amazing people. This is why I do what I do!❤️

Day 16 of 25 ways in 25 days to #lighttheworld Along with things like food and shelter, clothing is a basic need. It covers us and can keep us warm. We can share with the people around us to help them get the items they need. Today I started collecting clothes to donate to those who are less fortunate. I will post an update after I collect all of the clothing! What can you do to light the world?

Day 15 of 25 ways in 25 days to #lighttheworld Blessed are the merciful. The holiday season can be a rough time of year for a lot of people when it comes to finance. Some families need extra help and if you are in a place to be that help, I encourage you to do so. My family has picked a few families that we want to help make their Christmas special. What can you do to light the world?

Day 14 of 25 ways in 25 days to #lighttheworld For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also. Tonight my family had a Survivor night. Are you spending enough time on the things you value most? I value my family, so I felt like we needed to have a well deserved movie night with them. What can you do to light the world? #beherenow

Day 13 of 25 ways in 25 days to #lighttheworld Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Today all I did was send a text to an old friend who I hadn’t talked to for a while. I thought about what would make me feel special and did that for her. Try and find an opportunity to brighten someone’s day. What can you do to light the world?

Day 12 of 25 ways in 25 days to #lighttheworld It doesn’t take much to make people feel special. Especially during the holidays, it can be hard if you’ve lost family or friends. My nana’s Dad recently passed away so I gave her a call. She was so grateful and I laughed so hard while we talked. What can you do to light the world?

Day 11 of 25 ways in 25 days to #lighttheworld Today was all about serving others even if they are complete strangers and you think you would have no benefit from helping them. My dad, being the thoughtful guy he is, saw a man who needed gas but didn’t have the money to buy it. He bought his gas and went on his way. Not all of our acts of kindness have to be this extreme but could be as simple as scooting down on a bench to let someone else sit down. What can you do to light the world?

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