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Sarah Noble (Mindfully You)  Auckland, Nz 🌏 On a Mind,Body & Soul Journey. Authentic & intuitive living. Food. Inspiration. Nature. Travel. Mind Coach. #noblelife 🀘


Life is meant to be enjoyable.
I love food.
I crave and eat healthy food most of the time.
Sometimes I feel like a treat.
So I have it!
The bf and I checked out Giapo and we loved how different it was, the effort put into the presentation.
Unfortunately I did feel a bit sick and full after since I'm so used to healthy food, but hey, I don't do it often and I enjoyed myself!
Never feel bad for treating yourself to something you feel like.
What have you treated yourself to lately?
#noblelife #truthtalk #sarahsharesshit #consciousliving #foodporn

Life goes steady for a bit, then it goes down, then steady, then up, then down, then up.
You get the picture.
You can wish and hope for what you want in this moment, BUT what you think you want you may not realise you really don't till something different happens.
You might agonise over something in the past or something that MIGHT happen, but what does that do other than stress you and upset your present?
Know that life will ALWAYS have ups and downs, sometimes you really don't know what you want until it happens and worrying, wondering & doubting is pointless.
Let things unfold and whatever happens in that moment is what was supposed to happen.
#noblelife #truthtalk #sarahsharesshit #consciousliving #dontworry

It can be hard in winter to get out of the house - especially if the weather is shit!
BUT, no matter what the weather, I guarantee you, you WILL feel better for going out and getting a nature shot.
If 5 minutes is all you can do DO IT.
Fresh air and nature is the perfect reset for those winter days when you feel "stuck" inside.
We were hit with rain and wind while exploring Muriwai Beach on Sunday, but we persevered and had a blast, seeing this gorgeous Gannet colony was a bonus too - worth it!
Have you had your nature shot today?
#noblelife #mindfullyyouwithsarah #nature

Experimenting is fun - with food, with anything in life.
You gotta try new things to grow, to find out What you do and don't like.
It doesn't have to be complicated or hard, just like this dish the bf @chef_dan31 whipped up β€πŸ‘Œ
#noblelife #jerf #experiment

I spent this weekend in the city with my boyfriend, for our joint birthday celebrations.
When you find YOUR people, the ones you vibe with, the ones you can be yourself around, you can talk to about anything, it's such a good feeling! Time just flies by or stands still.
I felt totally relaxed and enjoyed just going with the flow and having no expectations, no deadlines, no feeling like I HAD to do anything in particular.
It's so important to just BE sometimes, in the midst of the chaos that is life.
Who do light up around? Why can you always be yourself with? When was the last time you hung out with them?
#noblelife #lovemyman #weekendoff #love #goodvibes

Beauty is everywhere.
There is always something to be grateful for.
Do you take time to sit and find the beauty in your surroundings?
Do you take a moment each day to think about what you were grateful for?
These simple things, that take only moments, do wonders for your mood and your day.
Let me know if you've taken the time and how you felt after 😊
#noblelife #mindful #findthebeauty #begrateful

My love affair with drinking and eating the rainbow continues.
It really does make you feel better ❀
I nipped into Winona Forever for the first time in the weekend. I'd already eaten so I just grabbed a Turmeric Latte & was delighted when it came with some cute marshmallows on the side. Looking forward to going back for a meal sometime soon!
#noblelife #foreverbrunching #eattherainbow

I don't try to be different from everyone else.
I don't follow everyone else.
I just do what the fuck I want.
I do what feels right to me. For me.
I make my own decisions based on my feelings, knowledge and intuition. NOT what the media, movies, TV, books and other people try to tell me.
There is no-one else like ME.
I don't try to "fit in" I strive to do me and attract the people that are vibing with my shit.
Cos it's authentic to ME. It feels RIGHT.
Why share?
Cos if I feel like this, countless others do too.
I hope you feel inspired to be YOU in all you say, do and be.
#noblelife #intuitiveliving #beyourself

As the sun sets on another week a new chapter begins.
My babe and I start a new chapter in our very own (rental) home - the first time we've been able to live together, just us!
It feels right, we are so excited and so grateful.
While no more beach views from the deck, we are only 2 blocks from the beach which is even better!
Opportunities come and you must take them when it feels right.
Life will only ever lead you in the direction you need to go.
#noblelife #freshstart #grateful

Sometimes things don't need to be complicated.
Sometimes simple is best.
Just like this dish - bright, vibrant, healthy, delicious, yet so simple!
Vege fritters, avo, poached egg, cherry tomatoes and plenty of herbs βœ”πŸ‘Œ
#noblelife #simplelife #dontovercomplicate

I don't like to look back at the mistakes I made, the upsetting things that happened - after all they are in the past and I cannot change the outcome.
If something comes up for me, a memory, history about to repeat itself, I look at the lesson I learnt from the past.
There is ALWAYS something to be learned from our mistakes - life isn't about never making mistakes, it's about making them, then learning from them. Gaining knowledge, understanding.
Those of us who keep repeating the same mistake, just haven't learnt the lesson yet.
What are some of the lessons you've learnt from your mistakes?
#noblelife#truthtalk#consciousliving #mistakesarelessons #learning

Life is an ever moving, unpredictable flow.
You can hope for one thing but another thing that is amazing beyond what you could imagine happens.
You might think you want thing, but you realise later, that you didn't really, and something else came along that is so much more amazing than you could have imagined.
My point? You don't know.
You can't control. You have a choice. Don't dwell. Don't stress yourself with what ifs.
just like this gorgeous, natural view. It just flows, it lives, it keeps going, no matter what.
#noblelife#truthtalk#sarahsharesshit#consciousliving #nature #nz

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