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I'm currently nursing a head cold, cough, blocked sinuses etc BUT I think it's still SO important to get fresh air and sun on your body if you can.
The affect it has on your body is amazing.
Even though, so far, all I've done is sit out on the deck, it's something.
1 minute, an hour.
Just get outside.

Feeling a bit run down at the moment so it's a great time to add lots of greens to my meals and some Fermented foods like sauerkraut πŸ˜€
Sometimes meals just need to be simple - steamed greens, sauerkraut, guac and Kumara chips with a Tahini sauce 🀘
What do you eat when you're feeling a bit run down?

Our minds have so much power over us.
I often get stressed just thinking about events, outcomes, what to say, what I should have said.
It doesn't serve me.
I CAN control my thoughts.
I cannot control others, or their actions. So I need not put pressure or put stress on myself to that affect.
Learning to recognise when my mind/ego doesn't serve me is a constant, evolving lesson.
The more I recognise, the easier it becomes, the less stressed I become.
Do you struggle with your mind? I'd Love to know I'm not alone.

Do you play tourist in your own city?
The bf and I are getting out and about while the weather is still warm and dry to discover our new city.
After travelling for 2 years, I won't ever stop - it just means sometimes it's somewhere local!
We found this awesome picture frame and I had to get a pic - look at that view!

I started a new job last week and part of my initiation was a ginger shot!
More than happy to injest a cold pressed ginger shot in the name of fresh, new begginings! A bit burny but the orange helped with that.
I wanted to work in a healthy environment, so I went into the only local, healthy joint in my town, took my CV in to the owner and it was meant to be. I walked in literally the day after she was thinking she needed someone.
Keep putting out to the universe what you want. Radiate those positive vibes and it WILL happen.
Have you had a ginger shot before? Great for the impending winter!

I'm one of those people who is super hard on myself.
So when I'm feeling like I have to do everything perfect or learn new things super quick etc etc I try to recognise that stress, that pressure I'm putting on myself.
It doesn't serve me at all.
I just end up feeling stressed, pressured and more likely to make mistakes.
I pause, I take some deep breaths and I remember that no-one is perfect. I don't have to have it all figured out right this minute.
Everything happens in due time, I trust, I let go, and I keep on doing what I'm doing!
Can anyone relate?

2 weeks today we arrived in Auckland for good. Within a week we'd scored ourselves fulltime jobs, a few days later bought a car, it's all just kind of fallen into place πŸ˜€
Now we just need the sun to come back out please! 🌞
Throw back to our travels from chch up to Auckland - doesn't this picture look fake? I assure you it's not. The beautiful and picturesque, Picton. I could stare at nature all day, it never ceases to amaze me.

Craving a giant, colourful bowl of warming awesomeness on this dreary, wet day.
What's for dinner at your house?

I swear the reason my digestion is terrible is because of my stressful nature.
I didn't realise how much stress affected my body!
2017 is the year that I will finally learn how to deal with stress better and take some pressure off my body. I'm hoping my digestion will then improve (but not expecting it). I always try to take the time to sit and enjoy each meal I have. To be present in the moment. πŸ™
Do you think stress us affecting your digestion? What do you do to keep things in check? I'm not really sure where to start so I'd love to hear your tips and ideas!

Sometimes I get overwhelmed. Anxiety takes over. I'm in a 'funk& #39; that is hard to get out of. I'm in a bad mood for seemingly, no reason.
Today is one of those days, featuring all of the above.
I always try and sit with my feelings and not fight them. I let them hang out and move on.
Sometimes there's something deeper going on too.
I realised I'm feeling this way because my ego is taking over.
It's telling me I'm not good enough, I'm silly for thinking it would be easy, that i'd get what I want.
It's telling me to be afraid, that things might not work out.
It's telling me to protect myself by being 'realistic& #39; . So, today, I will be gentle with myself. No pressure. No specific outcomes.
I'll do what I feel like in terms of what brings me calm and back into my true self - sit peacefully in nature, meditate, read inspiring books/blogs etc, feeding my body nutritious foods and drinks, spend time with loved ones.
Today is one of those days and that's ok.
Do you get overwhelmed often? I'd love to hear how you deal and show yourself love 😊
Piccy is of the bf and I enjoying the view from the centre of NZ in Nelson 😍

Cooking and creating at home just got that much better now the bf and I are reunited after 6 months long distance.
One health and wellness freak (me) and one food loving chef (him) = endless amounts of food fun and creativity, I love it! He's much better at plating than me πŸ˜‚
This is one giant bowl of awesome, Raw and roasted veges, Tempeh and Kumara and Pumpkin hummus πŸ‘Œ

What have you done today to still and calm your mind?
I enjoyed a 90 minute facial today. It was just what I needed after 10 days camping!
A moment of stillness each day, multiple times a day if you can does wonders.
You can reconnect, refocus, and re-center.
Life can be tough, demanding, busy.
Some ways you can create stillness are meditation, go for a walk, make yourself a nice herbal tea or other hot drink of choice, play with a pet, pamper yourself - the list is endless and you can do these things for however long you want.
When you take time to still your mind, you gain clarity. The answers you have been waiting for will come. You'll know which path to take.
Go forth and take 5 minutes to calm your mind folks πŸ™

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