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Laura Michelle Prestin  Warrior Athlete Somareti 💪🏼Fitness Cover Model 📚Author 🎓Nurse, BA. Certified PT 🍎Holistic & Performance Specialist 💪🏼Train with me 👉🏼

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Good morning! To feel is to heal! Often times we suppress our emotions so that we don’t have to feel the pain that we have tried to forget. When you hear that little voice inside of you that is ready to unleash, let it!
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Often times you may think owning your own business is pretty...A lot of the times we are after the status to feel significant and forget about the passion that drives us to help others. Little do you see posts about the blood, sweat and tears that has gone into any business. Better yet, the blood, sweat and tears that have gone into one’s personal growth in order to prosper. #nyc
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Be superwomen not a victim. Often you see people say that they can’t do anything about what they are suffering with. For eight years I have empowered myself to process past traumas in a way to empower others to do the same, not feel significant from victimizing ones self like you see so much today@missprestin
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Twitter on the big screen @tonyrobbins Unleash The Power Within Seminar. Make sure you guys follow my new account Twitter: lauramprestin #tonyrobbins #tonyrobbinsupw

Experience of a lifetime. @loedaily @missprestin @tonyrobbins #tonyrobbins

Who else was here this weekend at the @tonyrobbins Unleash The Power Within 😁?
#tonyrobbins @loedaily

No words....@tonyrobbins #tonyrobbins
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😂😂😂we had to lay down after 4 days at the @TonyRobbins seminar. I think we seriously unleashed the power within. 😃🤪😜@loedaily haha our eyes we look scary

Thank you for an inspiring weekend to continue to do what I am doing. @tonyrobbins #tonyrobbins

One of my favorite books @tonyrobbins anyone else read it? #tonyrobbins

Live With Passion. What an incredible weekend. It’s something that you can not describe. Something that you just have to experience yourself. For more video and photos go to my Blog in highlights. @tonyrobbins
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