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Katie Carlson  English professor, rabbit servant, INFJ. Writing a book on children who were bestselling authors in the 19th century.


England, my England. I fully expected to cheat on my Anglophilia when tasting the delights of Switzerland and Italy, but instead I found my eyes welling up with joy when I landed in Leeds! Research and errands ate up my four days there, but I did manage this snap of the castle in York. ❤️🇬🇧

I confess I went to Château de Chillon mostly to take pictures. By the time I got there the light wasn't right, and instead I found myself utterly taken by my imagination. I could see the medieval ladies brushing their hair in the casement widows, the luxurious baths after a hunt, the condemned pacing in the dungeon. I put my hand where Lord Byron did. And to say I smelled the fires of a thousand great hall banquets is no flight of fancy -- the smoke still lingers in the stone walls. Then when I got back, I looked at the two "just because" photos I snapped. Turns out the light was right after all.

Taken right after a conversation with a little Swiss girl. She spoke exclusive German to my exclusive English, and we got along famously.

I almost hesitate to include this location tag, because Tellaro is a perfectly unspoiled part of a tourist-overrun coast. Promise not to spread the secret too far? I was so happy there.

Now that was a swim for the ages.

Another one I was so sad to crop. (That shot of the Duomo was the other.) I'm realizing that most of the reason I want a Canon 17-35 L-series zoom is because of Instagram's cropping. I can usually stand far enough back for satisfaction with my 50mm f/1.4, but then IG eats the composition. :/

🇨🇭Taken with an iPhone, through the window of a moving train, in the harshest light of the afternoon. Oh Switzerland. 🇨🇭

Utter peace.

I own this view . . . for one more night.

T.S. Eliot really was thinking of academic life when he said "April is the cruelest month." ;) I'll be back to regular posting as soon as I dig myself out of these snowbanks of work. It is term papers, finals, and then Europe for me! Expect a lot of travel photos this summer. 💃🏼✈️

That cerulean background isn't the sky; it is the ground spangled with flowers. I have a northern heart, but my allegiance swings south for a week when the dogwoods, redbuds, and azaleas all burst forth at once. How could it not?

Beatific vision.💫

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