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Katie Carlson  English professor, rabbit servant, INFJ. Writing a book on children who were bestselling authors in the 19th century.


Much have I travelled in the realms of gold . . . and yet the Illinois State Capitol left me gaping. #flyoverstates

The Honourable Mr. Bunbury successfully weathered my international voyages from his command center at home. He has nearly completed his inspection of my import items, and he will join me on the final journey of the summer tomorrow. He insists that going overland with porters, a driver, and a masseur is the only way to travel. #derbythebunny

The smog and crowds made photography very difficult in Beijing, but at the Summer Palace it was nothing Snapseed and a well-placed fan couldn't fix. My attempt to photograph the Great Wall did not fare so well.

Dispatch from a forbidden city. I haven't quit Instagram; I've just been behind the Great Firewall for the last ten days. Though the laws are about to change, it turns out to be a pretty porous firewall at present; Instagram is even suggesting the correct location tags. I'll add one when I get home.


England, my England. I fully expected to cheat on my Anglophilia when tasting the delights of Switzerland and Italy, but instead I found my eyes welling up with joy when I landed in Leeds! Research and errands ate up my four days there, but I did manage this snap of the castle in York. ❤️🇬🇧

I confess I went to Château de Chillon mostly to take pictures. By the time I got there the light wasn't right, and instead I found myself utterly taken by my imagination. I could see the medieval ladies brushing their hair in the casement widows, the luxurious baths after a hunt, the condemned pacing in the dungeon. I put my hand where Lord Byron did. And to say I smelled the fires of a thousand great hall banquets is no flight of fancy -- the smoke still lingers in the stone walls. Then when I got back, I looked at the two "just because" photos I snapped. Turns out the light was right after all.

Taken right after a conversation with a little Swiss girl. She spoke exclusive German to my exclusive English, and we got along famously.

I almost hesitate to include this location tag, because Tellaro is a perfectly unspoiled part of a tourist-overrun coast. Promise not to spread the secret too far? I was so happy there.

Now that was a swim for the ages.

Another one I was so sad to crop. (That shot of the Duomo was the other.) I'm realizing that most of the reason I want a Canon 17-35 L-series zoom is because of Instagram's cropping. I can usually stand far enough back for satisfaction with my 50mm f/1.4, but then IG eats the composition. :/

🇨🇭Taken with an iPhone, through the window of a moving train, in the harshest light of the afternoon. Oh Switzerland. 🇨🇭

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