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Hannah de Bruxa-Savage  ➰venus flytrap | entrepreneur | holistic | bruxaria

😑 cute noodz in bathtub fail.

just want what's mine

⚡️• E C L I P S E⚡️ • ⚡️ S E A S O N • ⚡️ It's been a week, bbs! Listen, the eclipse isn't about what happens today. It's about what has already happened. What is happening. What will happen over the next couple of years. Personally and collectively. Obviously this country is going through a tremendous crisis. An awakening. A breakthrough, we hope. Statues are falling. Monuments too evil are crumbling. Many feel attacked because their privilege bubbles are bursting and they are forced to witness what lives in the shadow of this country's "greatness"

Eclipses reveal our shadow selves. The parts that we need to integrate. Make conscious. Make known. Otherwise we will never heal, never grow and never make use of our gifts.

If you are feeling attacked, obliterated, low energy or just a little depleted take care of yourself ❤️. Stay hydrated. Stay with yourself. Stay under the covers if you need to. Remember to get hugs when you can. Remember to listen to those that inspire you to face the challenges in your life with courage. {repost chaninicholas}

hotel research. gosh I love newspapers

such a drama queen

#FBF missing Paris. Gonna plan on seeing you in a few weeks for @fahamupecou's retrospective show! c'mon universe....conspire with me ✨▪️👏🏼

#FBF missing Pondicherry and the Indian Ocean and 5am sunrises and tiny ancient old men with knobby knees in loin cloths strolling the beach to photobomb my shot

Missing Brazil. I was supposed to be flying to Rio today actually! for a wedding, minha mãe and her partner of almost 3 decades decided to finally go on n' do the damn thing. I was excited to be there. This second quarter was rough though, so much so I had to cancel holiday. So instead honoring ritual and the orixás and celebrating love and family, I'm in Chicago - but still sending my big mooshy heart feels and gratitude and well wishes to one of the most incredible individuals I've ever know, for her weekend nuptials! 2017 you got 5 months to come correct, better quit playing games and let me get what's mine...and back "home" to Brazil asap 🙏🏼✨ {photo by Salvador based photographer @helesalomao}

Me, casually standing in open door of fridge telling you we need more groceries...

woke up fiendish for some rhubarb, which isn't in season 😒 so I'm wistfully looking at pictures of my breakfasts past... #neverforget #rhubarb #yogurtbowl

my boys 💈✂️ .
BARBER: what'll it be?
CAT: take the top down to a #2
BARBER: how about that underside?
CAT: you know the way Grandma's bed always got that frilly dust-ruffle thing??
BARBER: Say no more.

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