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Miss Millennia Magazine  The mag where we provide practical advice for millennial women in there 20's and 30's.


It’s not the big expenses that generally put people in trouble. It’s the little expenses that you don’t notice that add up quickly.

Parting ways with a gal pal can be as devastating as breaking up with a partner. Follow our tips on how to cope with a friendship breakup. Link in the bio.

Not everything has to make sense right away. You just have to have faith that one day they will.

A side hustle is a job that has the opportunity to grow into something that could make as much if not more money than your job over time. Link in the bio.

Traveling is an activity that can help someone to grow and learn. This helps one to change his/her view of life in general.

First dates can be scary. Here are the 5 things you absolutely need for a successful first date. Check bio for link!

At the end of the day, salary is just a number — and if the cash behind that number is not managed properly, it can disappear in the blink of an eye.

If you want to make some extra cash these legitimate survey sites may be your golden ticket to cash land. Check out all 7 to make $$$. Link in the bio

Remember how you felt going back to your parents house for a break after being in college. It was strange right? Because everything that may seem scary and new one day can become the norm tomorrow. So push yourself to your uncomfortable limits! Each new day brings possibilities.

Paying for all of your monthly expenses can be stressful and prevent you from dong the things you want, see our 20 easy ways to cut down on your bills. Link in bio.

Sometimes your method stops working. Sometimes there's a more efficient way of achieve your goals.
You need to be flexible. You need to be ready to catch opportunities.

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