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Mia Sand 🇩🇰  - Wife of @runejkfit - Mum to Sean & Norr - Positive mind & Spirit - Personal trainer / Nutritionist - MADE IN DENMARK

ATHLEISURE here done with this Regalia jog set from @workoutempire
Athleisure or comfortable sporty streetstyle fashion with a twist of casual and design elements

Any kind of fashion borrows design aspects from everywhere, all kind of styles and items can easily be matched, mixed and put together, so why not wear gym clothes and fashion items together, you do you right!

And I love whoever came up with the idea to mix fitness and fashion, I amongst millions of other ladies wear gym clothes quite often, when thinking of it I probably wear gym clothes 5-6 days a week to be honest, its casual and comfortable, put on a pair of cool sneakers or some heels, a bag, some jewelery and youre pretty much slaying Athleisure

Happy saturday folks

#workoutempire #athleisure #streetstyleluxe

Despite the forecast, living like its summer in @fashionnovacurve

How often should someone in a healthy and settled relationship make love?

This has nothing to do with my personal needs or lack thereof! This morning I listened to a show on the radio, where they told that most people find it plentiful to have sex 1-2 times a month

And to make it clear one more time, it was statistics from couples in settled and healthy relationships

After 7 years with @runejkfit I personally I find once per week enough for me, but we are also super intimate on a daily basis, we sleep and spoon naked, kiss a lot, hug and squeeze, hold hand and touch each other constantly, for me that "helps" to calm my needs so to speak, but if we had the time and energy for it, we would probably be biting each other a lot more

Please share, despite that its a very personal question

Wish you all a fantastic weekend

#needs #personal #relationshipgoals

Please read

People have said and called me a lot of ugly names because of how I look and have looked, like 'why you have fit in your name when youre so fat', 'too fat to be fit' aso

One thing ive always said and discussed a lot, was that fat and overweight people could easily be fit, the majority of people think that thin/skinny and having visible abs is all what being fit and healthy is about, its not, fit is not a look, its about being active, having healthy habits, eating healthy foods and taking good care of ourself, that's what ive always said

And now, finally! A huge article with research released yesterday have pointet out how true my words were, ill leave a link in my stories for you to go and read, its a very useful article and a very good read Indeed, please read and enjoy it

Health is wealth

#wealth #stronger #fitmoms

Love these new 60-70's style dresses from @fashionnovacurve

What's your favorite decade? Despite being an 80's lady, I would love to experience a night out back then, I somehow think I would feel very much at home in the 60-70's, the vibe, the music, the fashion and the laid back mentality is soso me, but until a time machine is available, ill relive it through wearing something inspired from back then instead

Sweet dreams peeps

#60s #70s #80s #fashionnovacurve

Norr out with Mommy all day strutting her new @fashionnovacurve garments

Let me just check my: Giveashitometer as a Mommy wearing a killer outfit like this. Nope nothing

Now its 20:37 and im going to bed! Good night

#longday #fashionnovacurve #outfitpost #norr

Hubby always tells me that I have such a big heart

And I always tell him that I have hips to match!

Im no precious little flower, my rear end is big, my shoulders, hips and jaw is wide, im quite tall and got big feet, I got muscles, stretch marks, cellulite and brains too, im often double the size of other models by my side, but I embrace that, I own it and people judging me upon my look's are obviously insecure and lost soul's

If I ever did let my size, the fold on my stomach, my big hips, my jiggly thick thighs and big heavy breasts hold me back, then I wouldnt be where I am today, it has never been about what size you wear, but about how you wear your size

Happy monday

#bodypositive #thick #hourglass

There are so many beautiful things in this world

One of the most beautiful things to me, is that I can stand tall and say : "I fell apart and I survived"

9 out of 10 people who have experienced and survived abuse, mentally, physically or both, also survive the recovery

Survive is such a strong word, I know that! But abuse whether its done to your body or your soul, can destroy a human being forever, depression, anxiety, chronic pain, chronic fatigue, insomnia, guilt, insecurity and social withdrawel are just some of the effects you can end up with, for life that is

Reach out for help, dont be afraid to talk to a trusted friend or family member, who will listen without judgement. Seek professionel help, there are numerous groups who are there specificly to help you through and to guide you in situations like this

Morale is - Take a fu**ing initiative to break free from anything that puts you down, people, things, bad habits aso, get rid of it, if it doesnt contribute to anything positive in your life, its bye bye and out the door

Positive life, positive mind

#positivemind #moveon #uplift #saynomore

Same date last year

Since its thursday im 'allowed' to throw back aint I?

Best shape of my life, and by shape I actually mean figure, because how much I weight and how high my fat percentage is aint something I focus too much on, I use it as a guideline and nothing more

I focus much more on the person standing in front of me when I look in the mirror, my weight and measurements will never make me happy anyways. I feel the best and most confident when I see strength and feminimity at the same time, a powerful woman and mom who knows her strengths and definently also her weaknesses

So what you see on this picture, that's my target and goal to be at again, and I know I will reach that gosl again just more experienced, stronger and with greater strength inside and out

Game on

#gameon #goal #stronger

Does it ever cross your mind

That there are people out there dreaming about the things you take for granted

That's reality, the thing is, everything can dissapear in a heartbeat, appreciate what you have before it turns into what you had

Be humble friends, its an almost forgotten characteristic in people these days

#humble #appreciate

So far so good - Sassy set by @workoutempire Regalia tights and sports bra

3 and a half weeks of training gone now, and so far im very satisfied with how my strength is increasing week by week

Weight is very slowly going down, I believe it would go way faster if I was more active during the day, but obviously that's a challenge with a 7 week old baby who is SUPER active when he's awake

But im getting there, slowly and steady things are progressing as I want them to, persistence, patience, hard work and a lot of donuts is the key, last thing might not be true, but oh just imagine if it was

Happy monday peeps

#progress #determination #workoutempire #postpartum

Back stairs chillin' in @fashionnovacurve

You know what a real woman is like? She's like whatever the hell she wants to be

This post's goes out to all the "men" that find it okay, to point out where one needs to improve to look more beautiful in their eyes

FYI Its my body, not yours! You question me over my look, skin, words, choices and desires. Even if I did change what you wanted me to change, would that be enough for you?

Its painfully funny, that my existence fuels your imagination of how I would look perfect, as if my body was yours and for you to judge and change just for amusement

But we all know that those who feel the need to put others down, are the insecure one's who's unhappy about themselves - Nobody asked and nobody cares about your opinion, so do us all a favor and keep your mouth shut, move on and focus on yourself instead of others

Wish everyone a great week ahead

#bodypositive #moveon #fashionnovacurve #realtalk

Neon's by @fashionnovacurve are SO me

WHO (world health organisation) published a health chart yesterday sept.5, which shows that approx 28% of the adult population on earth are physically inactive. In some countries that might be as high as 1 in 3 adults

One in three! And people wonder why more than 50% of this worlds inhabitants are overweight - More people die from poor lifestyle diseases and obesity, than from natural causes these days, how frightening is that

You, me and everyone else are given one body, our mom went through 9 hard months of pregnancy to give us this precious thing called life : Shouldnt we cheerish it and treat what we were given the best and most healthy way possible, I personally believe so, our body our responsibility, and especially as a parent its an even greater responsibility to show and teach our kids about healthy ways

Health is wealth, remember that

#healthyliving #neon #responsibility #healthymind

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