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Mia Sand ♕ DENMARK 🇩🇰  Mom, Married & Lady boss Positive mind, Positive vibes, Positive life Personal trainer & Curve Model Connoiseur @NOCCO / @WorkoutEmpire

I may look calm and relaxed

But in my mind I have already killed you severeal times - Irony may occur

Cozy sunday chilling with my bae's in my fave @fashionnovacurve crop top

Wish you all a lovely week ahead

#chillin #almost #there #fashionnovacurve

Pretty straight forward

I love my baby bump so much I protect it with a layer of fat lol

@fashionnovacurve #jumpsuits are life

Good morning, evening or night wherever you are

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Left picture is from september '17 and just before I got pregnant

Right picture is one week old

Both outfits are from my faves at @fashionnovacurve

To be honest I cant even remember how I looked like before my pregnancy, so when I scrolled through older pictures today I felt so damn proud of myself! Thinking about the insane amount of freaking hard work I have put in to get there, I cant even express with words how thankful I am today for all of those squats, deadlifts, pull ups, hip thrusters and hours of cardio I have slayed

I will put some comparison pictures up in my story from 2014 and up until today, so you can see the transformation I have gone through these past 4 years, our bodies are such amazing machines and we are capable of more than we ever dare to dream of

Remember we all are one decision away from a totally different life, but without initiative nothing will ever happen

#getit #transformation #progress #fashionnova #novababe

Holding on to my life

While @fashionnovacurve holds on to my preggo curves

Afraid of something? I have always been afraid of heigths, I can walk through the forest on my own at midnight without breaking a sweat, let spiders crawl in my hair, hold snakes and pick up poop from my cats with my bare hands

But heigths got me shaking all over, hence the stiff look in my face here! I hate heigths, but it doesnt stop me from taking on the "challenge" when hubby dares me to stand against the fence, it was unpleasant and we got some way better pictures than this one, but they did not show that scared look in my eyes as this one do

The moral is : Fears are nothing but a state of mind, if you want to conquer your fears dont sit around and wait for it to disapear, go grab it by its neck and kick its ass

#kickit #fear #fashionnovacurve #jumpsuit

Be the reason why somebody smiles today

Look for opportunies, lead by example, be the change

Fave #jumpsuit and #wedges from @fashionnovacurve

Happy tuesday world

#smilemore #humble #leader #fashionnova

Did you know

Out of the thousands of thoughts a person has every day, it’s estimated that 70% of this mental chatter is negative, self critical, pessimistic, and fearful

What consumes your mind, controls your life, think about that

@fashionnovacurve baby hugging wear all day

#staypositive #fashionnovacurve #killinit #novababe

A very happy monday and week ahead to all of you

25 days until poptime, killing @fashionnovacurve until the day he arrives

#mondays #newweek #fashionnovacurve #killinit #arrival

Reklame - Whenever you feel sad

Just remember that somewhere in the world, there's an idiot pulling a door that says "push" lol

Im pushing @fashionnovacurve all day though

#reklame #fashionnova #push #idiot #allday

Reklame - Friendships are like boobs

Some fall and split apart, others are big and strong, and the most common one's on social media are fake

I know, epic caption lol

@fashionnovacurve from top to toe

#fashionnova #friendships #fitmom #wedges #fake

A little throwback to being 5 months pregnant

Did you know that the color Royal blue ( my fave color ) is associated with superiority. And like all blues, it can symbolize reliability and trustworthiness. It can also be calming and harmonious because it is reminiscent of the sea and the sky. However, having links to the emotional feeling of being “blue”, it is also used to express sadness or depression

Which color is your favorite color?

Btw. Dress is from @fashionnova

#blues #royal #trust #harmony #superwoman

Those who say it cant be done

Should not interrupt those who are doing it

If you have followed me through my pregnancy, you have undoubtly seen some people telling me that im crazy, because I lift weights while being pregnant!

Your baby will be born with disabilities, it will die, its unhealthy, you should rest more, im more focused on my look's than on my baby etc. All said is rubbish and not true, a lot of people ( especially online ) have a tendency to pretend to know better than everone else, despite really not knowing anything at all, it's a sad tendency that's going on everywhere and it shouldnt be ignored, people like that spread negative vibes, old non relevant myths and make people feel bad

So why do I even bother wasting time on people like that? Because today's knowledge is relevant to everyone walking this earth, pretty much every study done on everything out there is published online these days, they are free and its very very useful information we all should embrace, and if you have the proper knowledge on something why not pass it on to the lesser informed people, its a privilige to have all this info right in front of you

No, its not dangerous, stupid, ego, harmful or anything related to that to lift weights and staying active during your pregnancy, its very healthy for the both of you, studies and science have stated the fact that there are multiple health benefits from doing so, and multiple negative effects by being inactive in generel and during your pregnancy

Wake up nay sayers

30 days left

#facts #science #benefit #fitmom #girlsthatlift

Im such @prettylittlething

To be honest im not a little thing though, never was never will be, but that doesnt stop me from shining and showing the world that everyone regardless their size, look, age, status, color and sexuel orientation are good enough

In a world where most people wear a mask ( especially on social media ), it's a peivilige to see a soul once in a while, I have personally deleted ( long ago ) all the accounts I followed that made me uncomfortable with whom I was, how I looked and in some way made me envy what they had, if they didnt provide me with joy, inspiration, laughter or anything positive they got the kick from my feed

Which I think is a thing many people would benefit from doing, especially young people looking up to these celebs with unlimited cash, sponsors and plastic surgery done to every bodypart, only posting the brightest moments of their lifes making everything look like its paradise

Life isnt paradise though, life is hard, life sucks at times, life treats you like s**t quite often but that's just the way it is and that is perfect! And why is that perfect, because that's what makes you grow as a person, experiencing hard times will only make you stronger and more badass, and every time you win any battle you might have had, raise your head and tell yourself youre freaking awesome, because you are, we all are regardless who we are


#prettylittlething #badass #goodenough #doyou #empower

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