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Melissa Carpenter  If you see me less, I'm doing more.

I went home for the holidays and all it cost me was a cracked windshield, a shattered iPhone and most of my sanity 🕊

We are the weirdos, mister.

The block is hot. Alt caption: Teenage Dirtbag.

Vanity Fair

Everyone in Paris rn.

Little jailbird broke free for a night 🚨

If Rihanna thick and happy, I'm thick and happy 🌞

When you're going to visit your parents for three days.

If you've been to a festival with me you know 2 things: Justice is religion and trash all over the place gives me crippling anxiety 🙃🖤Cheers to 10 years and understanding both @hardfest @destructohard

Issa mood

The face I make when you ask if I'm "11 feet tall" 🤔

~Goes to Europe once~

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