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This week, @TheMamafesto answers questions @GrokNation's feminists have received via email and social media. Topics include dating, females wearing Jewish kippot (traditionally reserved only for men), pro-life feminism, and more. Definitely an interesting read for this week's #Feminism101! (Link in bio)

On #NationalSuperHeroDay here are the super heroes of @GrokNation. I'm #Wolverine!! Imu (YouTube master and consultant and guardian angel) as #Superman, Mia (the Social Media everything) as #CaptainMarvel, Esther (Editor) as #Batgirl, Melissa (GN director of operations) as #WonderWoman, and Chad (video master and muse) as #Spiderman!

She got all the good genes but I'm not bitter lol #cousins #sisterswithoutthedrama #adultingtogether #stillfeellikewe'rekids

Absolutely as entertaining and magical as it was when I was a kid. There is nothing like a vintage cable car in #SanFrancisco.

So much fun to chat with @therealkaribyron at the CA academy of sciences tonight. Smart Smart lady.

This is the guy who makes it all happen. He's more than I ever dreamed. My guardian angel really. @immanuelshalev . And no we aren't dating. He is married.

Um.....this is me and Claude. He's an albino alligator!!! (And please hold your tongue if you think I'm a horrible vegan for posting this picture. I don't go to zoos or aquariums; i'm speaking in this building tonight. )

I was never into the whole “princess” thing- not at any stage of my life. In today’s piece on @GrokNation and for #NationalPrincessWeek, I talk about why I don’t subscribe to this cultural phenomenon, and why it’s not built into our DNA to want to be a princess. (Link in bio)

What a day in the Bay! #sanfrancisco

@kevsussman you know I always manage to find the lens just like my mom taught me to when I started acting at 11! Even when in a bathrobe for a nighttime scene and not looking so sharp!#overachiever #ijustwantagoldstar #Repost @kevsussman
Somehow only @missmayim is looking at the camera. #bigbangtheory finale taping.

Cheers to tonight's episode of @BigBangTheory_Cbs where Sheldon tries to challenge his brain in new ways which leads to a lot of hilarity...and some well-earned pouting!

#TBT I tried to kiss @RachelDoesStuff on the lips but she gave me her cheek. Oh well. Maybe next time.
#Repost @racheldoesstuff: While I was MC'ing the @sciencemarch in San Jose, speaker @missmayim gave me this kiss on the cheek and then disappeared into the night

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