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I worked with John Heard on "Beaches" and had such a crush on him as a 12 year old...I was so sad and floored to hear of his passing. What a week of shock and loss.

friends... I won't be able to attend the TBBT panel tomorrow at Comic-Con!!! it makes me want to grab my harp and cry 😢 I really wanted to be there, but need to continue resting my voice  so I'm ready for when we start  production in august...We have the best fans in the world and i'm so sorry I can't be there to see them all, but I know that everyone will enjoy the panel!!! see you next year!!!

My life has changed a lot since my ENT doctor told me I had to rest my vocal cords for a full month. In today's vlog, #ASL interpreter Kathryn Deal helps me express the hidden lessons of this month of Mayim silence. Click the link in my bio for the full video!

Martin Landau.

You don't have to be a neuroscientist to understand that drinking water is good – both for your body and your ​brain. It's easy to stay hydrated with #SodaStream and cut out sugar. Stay hydrated
the​ healthy way with SodaStream!

#BetterBubbles #Homoschlepien #ad

people always ask to see cat #4. she was rescued 9 years ago. here is Frances Miffy Goes To The Zoo (my then-toddler named her) - aka "Frances" (like the badger from the children's books). she is the most royally annoyed cat on the planet. she almost always hides. because #3kittens. she hates them all.

If you know the valley of LA, you know how crazy the canyons get with traffic. A local fancy high school wants to build a gigantic parking structure and destroy wildlife while creating years of gridlock so that every student can drive themselves to school. Sorry, but it's 2017: carpool. Find other ways besides encouraging every 16 year old to drive themselves to school at the expense of the animals and hundreds of trees and the community and traffic needs of commuters surrounding this school. Studio City residents are up against a corporate machine trying to make this go through. On AUG 8 you can attend a public meeting to help SAVE COLDWATER CANYON. (Link in bio!!) http://bit.ly/svCldW

Thank you to @aalyyoop for this #FanArtFriday piece. This drawing is my favorite, love it!! moody dark Amy. yes.

Super refreshing to work on this video with #SodaStream and envision a world without polluting plastic bottles.  Here's to the day when this video becomes a reality and plastic bottles become a thing of the past! Our world will be better for it.  #ad

Join me in my tour of the Museum of Unnatural History to experience this dream!
Tag a friend who's a #Homoschlepien

Lol! Well, if this isn't proof enough, I don't know what is!

Thank you @Peta for this adorbs t-shirt reminder that equality for animals means equality for them ALL! #vegan #veganfashion

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