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☠ Mary Mouser ☠  ran from cadavers in Body of Proof, ran from my doppelgänger in Frenemies, ran from freaks in Freakish… but honestly i get winded walking to the couch


i wear sweaters even if it's like 80° outside - also, when does my make-up ever look this tame? (my sister's car has no a/c and i am dying)

why does my hair only cooperate when im about to go to sleep? i swear i've been attempting the "casual/messy bun" for years and failing
note the perfect necklace: a gift from @imbrettpierce for xmas 2017, it's perfect and i adore it and i refuse to take it off

a few snaps from behind the scenes of this wild adventure - this was definitely a unique ride and i had the time of my life getting to be as cool and tough as Ada is
what was your favorite scene? {#dontburstmybubble #scorpion}

if you think i look confused here, just wait till you see the episode {#dontburstmybubble - scorpion #318}
check back after the episode bc i'll post some fun behind-the-scenes pics
this one was an insane adventure to film so i can only imagine how crazy it will be to watch
#scorpion has such a fantastic cast and crew - such a pleasure to be allowed to jump into their world for this one
the only thing that could have made the experience better would be the ability to go back and do it all over again (which is saying something considering what all happens - you'll get it when you see this wackiness) - NOT TO MENTION WORKING WITH MEMBERS OF THE #BODYOFPROOF CAST & CREW AGAIN

my prince charming every day
thank you for always making me feel like a princess - even when i'm acting more like a hideous beast
you own my heart and i love you always - happy valentine's day (pt.1😘) [yes I know it's a day late - I was busy being obsessed w this boy right here, okay?]
a fave pic from one of my favorite days

we are allllll the shades of grey
i love you soooo much, and i am so grateful to call you a best friend!! you are fearless, fierce, and fabulous. you make me proud and envious of your amazingness everyday
happy 21, larin! you deserve a tiara every day!

not even my bday for a few months but i'm loving my new ford anglia - it's got a few quirky traits that make it oh so unique
great adventures occurred betwixt myself and @erinkhayes at #universalstudios today!

my skin routine: stay inside all day, think goth thoughts, wear sunscreen - even indoors, pretend the cullen's just forgot me at the gas station along the way when they moved back to forks
it still doesn't look like my face without eyeliner tho

i'm bad like it's my job
jk i run and jump on my bed after i turn off the lights every night, but my aesthetic is still hardcore af

sweetness to balance out how salty i was that they were sold out of cake
if you can't tell i'm stoked on this pink drink
#unicornhotchocolate is sick but so is my melanie martinez shirt

today is not the day for "how did this happen?" or "im so done." today is the day to stop simply making wishes but to start doing something about them (yes, i get the irony of this pic - just didn't feel like taking a stressed pic today).
today is the day to start our fight. the power is in our hands to step up, take control, and bring about the change ourselves that we want to see.
we can do it. i believe in us. we won't step back, we will keep pushing forward to be better than we were before. not sure if this translates from my brain into text but you get me, right?
it's up to us, no more lazy days of expecting others to clean up the messes we see. time to pick up a broom and some super glue and let's start making things not just good enough, but better.

this smile says "i had the best time watching @issuesofficial and @miwband last sat"
it also says "dark lips to match my soul"
this week will be an adventure... can't wait for you guys to see what I'm talking about

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