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☠ Mary Mouser ☠  ran from cadavers in Body of Proof, ran from my doppelgänger in Frenemies, ran from freaks in Freakish… but honestly i get winded walking to the couch


he surprised me with a kiss on the cheek and a crowd of people "awwwwed"… which already happens in my head every time i get to receive a kiss from this one

for #worldgothday here's my sis, beetlejuice, and me (not looking goth at all bc it was #birthweek and i couldn't help but smile) hanging out and getting gross 🖤 lydia was too goth to come join us for a picture #gothgirlgoals

so #fbf to last weekend at @blackrabbitrose, @imbrettpierce and i saw a spectacular magic show and enjoyed epic drinks, including the smokin' hot #honeybunny - thank you to @houstonhospitality for the awesome evening! - plus we adventured our way to @novacancyla and @dirtylaundrybar 👌🏻🎉🍹next time we'll take more pics... bc there will 100% be a next time!!!

birthday adventures continue! thank you to @imbrettpierce for the AMAZING Weasley Sweater (which he 100% paid Molly to make for me) and @beautyessexla for the delicious cake pops! more partying to come this weekend, #birthweek rages on!

FIRST DRINK EVER - HAPPY 21st TO ME! [don't worry, being super responsible, have many people making sure we keep it chill] 👌🏻 {i have had 0 alcohol before in my life, i have a feeling I'll edit this caption tomorrow} 🎉🍾

so i know i already posted today but i gotta take a sec to say something about #MyGreatestSupporter(s). type 1 diabetes is NOT a one-woman show. the last 8 years have been full of highs and lows (pun intended), but i've never had to experience them alone. these people have been my hands to hold, my shoulders to cry on, and my personal nurses - so though they may not be professionals, their willingness to learn about diabetes, let me throw my fits when my sugar is low (and high too tbh), and hug me on the "why me?" days... i want to thank them on #nationalnursesday. i am so lucky and so grateful every day to know and love such fantastic humans ❤️ {@nomovementinblack, my mom, @imbrettpierce and @gabrielletomm, and all of the other amazing people in my life who support me even without a functioning pancreas- you guys are the best}

a room full of scratch and sniff banana wallpaper and a swing!? i'll just cry everyday bc i can't live in the #museumoficecream

my boy sure knows how to ask a girl to prom right, and since he absolutely killed it as Gabe in last week's ep of #imaginarymary... i'll let it slide that he got that adorable song stuck in my head forever
i am ever so proud of you, my love ❤️
if you guys missed the ep #PromCom you have to watch it asap! it's on the @abcnetwork app or catch it when it's on - as many times as it's on - all day every day if you can - bc i swear his promposal song is soooo catchy and cute (but maybe i'm biased)!
what a babe - *sigh* i'm a lucky lady 😘

#wbw to the happiest place on earth with the alice to my queen of hearts ✨ 'twas a magical day ❤️

i wear sweaters even if it's like 80° outside - also, when does my make-up ever look this tame? (my sister's car has no a/c and i am dying)

why does my hair only cooperate when im about to go to sleep? i swear i've been attempting the "casual/messy bun" for years and failing
note the perfect necklace: a gift from @imbrettpierce for xmas 2017, it's perfect and i adore it and i refuse to take it off

a few snaps from behind the scenes of this wild adventure - this was definitely a unique ride and i had the time of my life getting to be as cool and tough as Ada is
what was your favorite scene? {#dontburstmybubble #scorpion}

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