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☠ Mary Mouser ☠  kinda want to live in a haunted house and watch horror movies - kinda wanna live in a castle and watch disney movie marathons

🎃what i wouldn’t give to be back at the happiest place on earth today - fall weather is fun but on my days off i’m missing disney magic and the people who make it even more magical👻

this feels a pretty celestial to me 💖💎💖 || #tb to #beautyconla

#tbt to a magical day with my light in the darkness ⚡️🍦 🍭

thinking back on this summer already! my nose was sunburned and I messed up my back crowd surfing that day... but, as always, warped tour did me proud. #ventura was my first #warpedtour and this year... it was my last. forever in my heart and in my stopped-up ears, stiff neck, and lost voice 🖤 #emoneverdies

💙 in honor of a slumber party w this girl tonight... here’s really cute pics we took of us rocking our matching tees and the mugs we made each other! (don’t judge us just bc you’re jelly) ☕️ || I’ll be the Lorelai to your Sookie any day 💙

Classic Me: disappearing from social media for months and reappearing with no reasonable explanation but in hopes that you’ll all still love me 🖤 || also reminiscing on this shoot with @whatispopular - bc they totally got my vibe. Feature found at: http://populartv.com/etc/meet-mary-mouser/

it was way too freaking hot today to get many cute pics, but had to post something for my gorgeous bestie’s bday 💖💖💖 LOVE YOU TOO MUCH AND THANK YOU FOR ALWAYS ACCEPTING MY CRAZINESS 💖💖💖

watch out summer, i’m comin for ya //
{ps. thanks to this team for making me feel like not-a-troll for a day}
For: @theuntitledmagazine
Photographer: Ted Sun (@tedsun77)
Retoucher: Mads Bjerre Henriksen (www.mbhenriksen.net)
Stylist: Andrew Pedro (@andrewpedrostyles)
HMU: Courtney Hart (@courthart1)

that one time I got stung by a bee inside @craigsla and chased by paparazzi in the same night

tb to that one time i got up the nerve to ask for a selfie with a celeb

these are only a few of the many many many adventures we’ve shared this year. i’m one day late, but for this i’ll use the “i was stung by a bee at your birthday dinner cut me some slack” excuse. you are my best friend, my partner in crime, and the best boyfriend on the planet. NO. in the universe. i am so grateful for this birthday and every celebration of your life and existence in the galaxy, bc you’re the absolute coolest. so many more fun adventures are ahead of us - i love you ❤️

went 🏇🏻 for 🐰 - wish i was back there right this second. (well not THIS second bc i’m wearing sloth pjs and that’d be embarrassing, not the sloth part, just the pj part, but you get me) || 📸pc & riding buddy: @imbrettpierce

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