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☠ Mary Mouser ☠  kinda want to live in a haunted house and watch horror movies - kinda wanna live in a castle and watch disney movie marathons


i know these are the days for the obligatory “new year, new me” posts - or the “wow 2017 sucked but here’s some good things”... but i never got the opportunity to make a much more important post. happy 2 years to the love of my life. my best friend. my partner in crime, and my favorite whisperer of sweet nothings. “two years” feels both too short and too long a time to describe our relationship - i feel as if i’ve known you forever and also like we met yesterday, the butteries are still there every time you look my way. i cannot express how thankful i am for every moment, every memory. you light up my world. and i am forever grateful to know and love you. looking forward to a lifetime of adventures - side by side. (but don’t think that just bc i love you to the moon and back, that i’ll let you win at Astro Blasters) 😘 {12.18.17}

when your brother is a lowkey photographer - even though his phone is a toaster || enjoying this #cabinchristmas with my fam - lots of naps and cookies 💤🍪

last weekend’s snow day was a blast. gonna miss my #cobrakai fam like crazy after this 3 month adventure.

he makes me smile till my cheeks hurt || war eagle and whale sharks made for an exceptional weekend with you, my love 💙 || you make cheesin’ w you my favorite hobby.

it was a fun weekend @m0user.mous3r - next time maybe we won’t have to endure the series of unfortunate ubers || @xolo_mariduena @jb_mixmatch @modatl @atlhawks @celtics

today is world diabetes day - i don’t have many pictures of my daily life with #T1D so please enjoy me drinking a Diet Coke (a fave of many #T1 buddies of mine!) | i want to say thank you to the people who support me every day - tolerating my highs and lows by rushing me juice or putting up with my attitude lol 😬 this disease is all but invisible to the outsider, but the daily efforts to keep myself healthy and living are ever-present for me. that’s why i'm raising awareness with @JDRFHQ - because they're working every day to find better treatments and a cure for the #T1DYouDontSee. Check out jdrf.org/T1DLooksLikeMe to show your support this November! #WDD

today we have to lay to rest the strongest woman i’ve ever known. my heart breaks saying goodbye to such a beautiful, kind, loving, creative, funny, joyful, inspirational (and so much more) soul. my grandmother taught me so much about storytelling and letting my imagination run wild. she supported me in every endeavor and was my number one fan, something that gave me immense strength and belief in myself - as she always had in me. the world is a little less warm and magical without her in it. i love you with all my heart, grandmother. i hope you’re eating all the ice cream you can handle and square dancing your heart out!

#fbf to the #cokemuseum in Atlanta w @imbrettpierce - bc i’m missing him so terribly after less than two days 💙

halloween 2017 is in the books - tink & peter partied it up all weekend ✨💚✨ #FaithTrustandaLittleBitofCandy

spectacular boyfriend + epic cast mate + me + wall of death = can’t move today. #motionlessinwhite was insane last night! i’ve lost my voice and have bruises all over, but i got to hold @chrismotionless’s hand after crowd surfing and most of my make up ended up on other people’s shirts from head-banging too hard... so it was a success.

Meet: Samantha LaRusso🥋💖 || Wondering what I’ve been up to? I can finally share! Check out the link in my bio for the full article! || #CobraKai #YouTubeRed #YouTubeOriginals || LET’S KICK SOME KARATE BUTT, GUYS!

this post cant even capture half the adventures we’ve had already... atlanta, these terror twins aren’t done with you yet! || ps. please excuse my naked face, hopefully my expression of childlike joy upon seeing fishes is a sufficient distraction || #therockyhorrorpictureshow #georgiaaquarium #cobrakai

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