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Miss Marisa Cosplay  California. I cosplay for fun! Office work by daylight ☀️, crafting and gaming by moonnlight. 🌙 Graduate. ✨ Animal lover. 😺


What did you do for valentine's day? I worked and then went home, but I was around my friends and I was happy to be there. I'm sorry if you're going through a hard time right now. I know that this season can be filled with reminders of loneliness– but I hope that friends and your interests help alleviate that. | Photo by @freezeaction | #cosplay of #supersonico by me, @missmarisacosplay | #anime #animegirl #pinkhair #cutegirl #flowers

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY!~ Happy FRIEND'S DAY?! HAPPY F.A.D.?! What are your plans? I'm at work. ...hurraaaay! (I did have someone ask me if they could give me a gift. If you really want to, I do have a link to my wishlist in my bio) | Photo and editing by @kevin.liantono.photography | #cosplay of #supersonico by me, @missmarisacosplay | #pinkhair #valentinesdaymakeup #pink #makeup #love #anime #animegirl |

My face when eating grass. (Swipe to seeeee)
Eeenjoy. | Photos by @kwanlow_photography | character is Yuki the #wolfgirl from #wolfchildren | #catgirl #funnycosplay #cosplaygirl |

Hunting~ | #wolfgirl is Yuki from #wolfchildren | Photo by @otattemita | #cosplay made and worn by me, @missmarisacosplay | #wildgirl #blackhair #animegirl |

Going back to some #wolfgirl shots, this time from @otattemita :D I love how he's able to get so much natural light and show off the scenery in each shot. ^_^

The #cosplay I made and am wearing is from the #WolfChildren #anime move. It's a really interesting movie. I'll admit, people told me it was really sad and that I'd cry– but I was dry-eyed the whole time. There were sad parts, but that wasn't the point of the movie.
#animegirl #manga #catgirl

Iiiiii posted the "sister" photo to this on my Facebooook. Just so you knoooowww.

Lovely photo by @the.fool.of.spade :3 I really like the lighting in this one. It got super dark up on that hill! :o The #cosplay is of #JainaProudmoore from #Blizzard (@blizzard ilu). Cosplay made by me, including the staff! :D .
#cosplaygirl #curvycosplay #magic #cosplayers #armor

Edna Mode would be mad at me. I think capes are so dramatic. MORE CAPES! >:D | Cosplay by me | Photo by @the.fool.of.spade | Character from @blizzard |
#capes #drama #JainaProudmoore #Blizzard #WorldofWarcraftcosplay #cosplay

Look at that drama~~ Putting on my hood. Fun fact, for this #JainaProudmoore costume, I can't actually put my hood on by myself. The #pauldrons and #foamarmor make it so I can't reach it by myself ;P It's great to have assistants! So thanks to the guys who helped, including the photographer @the.fool.of.spade ! :D This #cosplay is from #Hearthstone and #WorldofWarcraft. BAM 2-for-1 babyyyy

I love this shot! So I knooowww I did this to do for #ValentinesDay, but I want to post this one at least now ;P Then I'll post some of the amazing photos from other people that I received previously ^_^

This photo is by @cardboard_accessories . Look at that editing :o so pretty. The #cosplay is of #SuperSonico– basically my own little cutesy design to be all #heart themed. Basically showcasing the #makeup and the #pinkhair haha.

Taking advantage of my #SuperSonico #cosplay to do some streaming tonight on #twitch 💙 twitch.tv/missmarisacosplay ...I play mostly #leaguroflegends xp

Doing a new photoshoot today! I'm #SuperSonico but #valentinesday themed! Trying to be all cute and lovely. Heh. Did I do it?
Thank you @acidparfaits for the #makeup inspiration with the #heart stencil idea!
Contacts from @pinkyparadisedotcom (not sponsored)

*grooms* | Cosplay made by me, @MissMarisaCosplay | Photo by @fizzframes | Character is Yuki from #おおかみこどもの雨と雪 | #wolfgirl #wolfcosplay #アニメ |

I was really happy I was able to create this costume so quickly for this photoshoot. And I just realized I don't have anything new to do for a photoshoot this weekend. EEKS. What to do, what to do... | Cosplay made by me, @MissMarisaCosplay | Photo by @kwanlow_photography | Character is Yuki from #おおかみこどもの雨と雪 | #wolfgirl #wolfcosplay #アニメ |

Clue time is over! It is now-- REVEAL!
Well, I hope you guessed it. I was trying to do a young version of #Yuki from #WolfChildren (or Ookami kodomo no Ame to Yuki) from 2012. It's a really beautiful #anime, and I think that the animation for it will really hold up. I of course, as with pretty much everything I watch, have some critiques– but overall, I really enjoyed it. So, with that, I figured "well, I guess I should find something else to bring to this photographer/cosplay gathering! what can I make super quick?" And, lo-and-behold, it was this! :D So. Here we are.
ALSO this wonderful photo by @otattemita features a beautiful #moon. It's the perfect day to post it :3 | #Cosplay made by me, @MissMarisaCosplay | Photo by Ota | Character from #おおかみこどもの雨と雪 | #wolfgirl #wolfcosplay #アニメ |

Here's the clue for the second costume I made this year :3 it's a #wolfgirl
The #contacts I'm wearing (not sponsored) are cool over my sort of #greeneyes to make them #blackeyes. They're #gyaru black contacts. #pinkyparadise

Feeling festive wearing my #moon gear with my #nasa shirt :) (I actually have 2 NASA shirts...) Did you see the #superbluebloodmoon ? It was gorgeous.
Also-- 6 days in with my #sideshave. It grows in quick!

Breaking up the cosplay with some of my face. It's a face. The #sideshave was a spontaneous decision. Maybe it was bouncing around in the back of my head a bit, but never a foremost thought. I was bored Friday night and decided to go for it! I used scissors, and @nadiad87 helped clean up the parts I couldn't reach.
The second and third pics are before @disposablelight swept in with an electric trimmer on Saturday to shape it up even more.
Sooooo yeah. New #hair and #shaved too. Fun times. Any hairstyle advice? Is it #edgy or #punk, or just lame? XP

One more for good measure! This wig is so frustrating. I dyed it and styled it myself, but it's all frizzy now :c | Wonderful photo by @disposablelight | #Cosplay by me, @MissMarisaCosplay | Edits by Eros Doronis | Character is #Tohrucosplay from #MKDM #anime or #manga |

Gonna go get some photos of a new (gasp!) cosplay today~
This is SORT of a clue. It's from an anime :3
I absolutely love this photo by @disposablelight . Seriously gorgeous. | #Cosplay made by me, Miss Marisa Cosplay | Edits by Eros Doronis | Character is of #Tohru from #MissKobayashisDragonMaid #Anime #AnimeGirl |

MFW I'm not at ALA and everyone else is = subdued acceptance

But I can't be mad or upset because I do have plans for the weekend, and I hope they'll be nice! | Lovely photo by @disposablelight | #Cosplay by me, Miss Marisa Cosplay | Edits by Eros Doronis | Character from #MissKobayashisDragonMaid (#Tohru) |

Oh just sitting in a glade. WYD? | Photo by @otattemita ! Check out his page for awesome cosplay...and boba...photography! | Cosplay made by me, Miss Marisa Cosplay | Editing by Eros Doronis | #JainaProudmoore is from #WorldofWarcraft, #Hearthstone, and just #BlizzardEnt in general |

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)ง < accurate facial representation | #Cosplay made by me, Miss Marisa Cosplay | Photo by @otattemita | Character: #JainaProudmoore from #Hearthstone by Blizzard |

This image is huge. It's 38.5 MB and 16905 × 10723. OOH BABY HERE WE GO.

What should I make for dinner? Mac & Cheese or Shrimp Fettuccine? | #JainaProudmoore #Cosplay by me, Miss Marisa Cosplay | Amazing photo by @otattemita | Character owned by #BlizzardEnt |

*Breathes in deeply*

BOIIII - photo and editing by John Luu! You have seen the other photos of the scenery-- those are all green hills! Not anymore. Not with the magic of *breathes in again* PHOTOSHOP.

Haha, well I love this one. Well, I love all of them. I have so many photos now * _ * | Cosplay by me, Miss Marisa Cosplay | Photo by @luuminous_photos | Character from @blizzard |

#Cosplay #Hearthstone #JainaProudmoore

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