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Miss Mandy  〰Vegan ✌🏻🥑 〰Swedish alt/fetish/fine art model 👠 〰Studying MSc in Engineering Physics during my days 🔭🔬

Way to tired for math right now 😴 ☕️ Photo by amazing @jockejonssonse

Good morning ☕️ What is your plans for today? Mine is studies 📚 Photo by @dovearea.se Wig by @evahairofficial

Dressed in alot of olive oil 😂 📸 @jockejonssonse

Hope you all had a nice weekend ☕️ If you are swedish, please remember to use your vote. This is an important election. Don’t let the racists win! #fucksd

Good morning ☕️ Photo by @dovearea.se

Yay, monday... Internet hasn’t been working this weekend ;__; No gaming for me :<

Meow 🖤

Good morning 〰️〰️ I’m still ill but the cats are doing better :) Any plans for weekend? 🖤 Awesome wig from @everydaywigscom

I’m at home with the flu or something fun like that. Both Ninja and Curry are sick ;_; Vet soon, hope they can help quick, can’t stand seeing my babies unwell ;__; And random selfie when I didn’t look like a feverish ghost.

Good morning ☕️ 📸 @dovearea.se Wig from @evahairofficial 🖤

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