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Musemo Handahu  part content creator • part writer • part stylist wholly, a cool-dressing creative, hunting the majestic 🏡 halifax • canada 📍 joburg • south africa

Looking forward to getting a new passport shortly! This past year I was on a whopping 28 flights!! This is something I couldn’t have imagined for myself a few years ago! So thankful for all the opportunities, the new adventures and fresh stamps that await me in 2019! @atlanticlottery’s Poker Lotto offers the possibility of making adventures happen sooner than expected! Check out the link in my bio to learn more! #TwoWaysToWin #ALinfluencer #sponsored

// happy Monday, everyone! Have a badass week! // ph: @stephanieflorentina

The amazing thing about living your best life is that you get to be the captain of your own ship and decide what that looks like. One thing that recently made me so fulfilled is eating the ripest mangoes while experiencing a hot December in Zimbabwe just like I did as a child! Just as simple and easy going as @atlanticlottery’s Poker Lotto with a daily draw of $100,000. Check out the link in my bio to learn more! #TwoWaysToWin #ALinfluencer #sponsored

// insert gif of *chris tucker and ice cube sitting on the porch then leaning back saying dayyuuuummmmm* at my juicy thighs. Them is looking thick thick in this lewk I shot before I ran away from the cold. I'm still blissfully experiencing summer in Southern Africa and haven't worn jeans in a month! // ph: @emerald_k_

// reach for mangoes but make it fashion! 😂 ... wore this to a lunch date today, didn't plan on taking a pic but my aunt said I looked good so 🤷🏾‍♀️ //

// insert obligatory new year caption about being focused though in reality I spent a whole day blissfully naked while watching Blindspot. // ph: it me!

// cheers to a new year my loves! Thank you for riding with me and for all the love and vibes you send my way! //

// posted up on boats and shit //

// my last week has been a medley of blissfully losing track of days, getting darker, eating mangoes (duh!), dancing like a damn fool with family, crying at a beautiful love-filled wedding, and making new friends. Hope you're having a great week everyone! // ph: @alyse_hand

// at a cute lil cafe in Johannesburg last week having breakfast while catching up with one of my oldest friends @kanya_middleton //

// mood - at peace with a belly full of mangoes and lychees after landing in God's favorite country. // ph: @stephanieflorentina

// I don’t know about you but when I dream about going to collect my lottery winnings, I’m walking in wearing all green and looking like money! Did anyone else know that @atlanticlottery Lotto 6/49 jackpot starts at $5M and grows until someone wins? Learn more about the “millionaire maker” jackpot by clicking the link in my bio! #ALinfluencer #Getthat649Feeling #sponsored //

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