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#FACEBOOK #LIVE In the next 15 minutes catch it on FB/ ERICA RODRIGUEZ gonna be deleting this post so spread the word

I wasn't really wasn't able to promote my own video when it recently dropped my pages on social media were hacked and lost so becareful on what u open up by email they be looking legit af - anyhow I thank those that did repost it and shared it on all your pages I appreciate ya'll shout outs to everyone that had a contribution on this project let's keep sharing it! BTW... the gente that we're getting high #POOKIE & #SLAMMINTHATERE THAT WAS NO ACTING that #YOUTUBE #GREWUPINTHE90s #RAZALOVE #tellingitlikeitis it's a slapped for those with them phat Rydes n systems! #PINKYLOVEBABY

Lol 😂 so what I do what I want and what 👊🏼follow my snaps/missladypinks1 #pinkylovebaby currently in #DENVER #COLORADO catch up ya girl rain or shine

As you guys know I was recently hacked by someone overseas and I lost my #FACEBOOK #LIKE PAGE and my other #IG #PAGE #pinkyrozéy one but oh well it is what it is and sometimes we just gotta start from scratch wth new beginning so when my new #FB is up I'm gonna need your help on #SHARING IT but You will know which one is my real one because I will let you guys know and promote it out of this page so please get ready for it love you guys & shout out to my #PINKSIDERS #Cantbringagoodwomandown

Don't hate on the smile it's there for a reason 😉🍓🍓🍓 #sweetasstrawberrywine🍷 follow my snaps/missladypinks1 gonna be in #DENVER for a good week spread the word #thesemanhoesaintloyal

We out here on #FEDERAL #DENVER #colorado #baby you can't miss us! Follow my snaps/missladypinks1 well we were until it started raining lol

When she know her worth & value but even better when #HE knows it and acknowledges it & values her worth 💯

#boooombitches shauuu in #DENVER now catch up with ya girl #pinkyrozéy follow my snaps /missladypinks1 #pinkylovebaby #locasdontplay

Happy birthday to a beautiful soul I got to know & is also very intelligent & is lots of fun... feliz cumpleaños mujer i stole this pic from ya lol @theonlykiaramia happy bday lots of blessings! I'm coming home next week so let's celebrate & get turnt!!!! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼muahz!!!💋 BTW... gonna be in Co springs today so catch up with ya girl #maybabies

I haven't been in #Pueblo #Colorado in a good minute it feels good to be back! Before weather gets all LOCO again like yesterday come by say wut up to ya girl - Gonna be by sponsors 7/Eleven across from park in #B-TOWN #bessemerPARK on sNorthern Ave & Orman spread the word! Don't miss us!!!!!!

Dang this video #SICKAFUCK can't no one in the game reach this level of #GANGSTER give a fuck who feels differently #FR congrats to my fellow #Vallero #CYCLONERO @mrcaponee orrrra! #CATCHUPMUTHAFUCKAS #ASREALASTHEYCOME #hipower Check it out on YouTube #SGV

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