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And when you are warmed up and feel flexible enough take this relaxing position and continue to work. And please gentlemen spare me the comments about what you would do with yourself when you see this. 😉 Dirty minds... 🖤 xoxo Kylie 💋

So let’s start with some basic stretching and relaxing while in office. Please don’t try this at home (office) peeps. This can be dangerous. 😄

New year and you all know Kylie has a boring office job. So to keep up in shape and flexible, I think it’s best to stretch and use the time as best as I can... 😉

... Fast forward to December 2018 and Elena @elena_rosso suggests a wonderful young woman to me. It’s Astarithy @astarithy a creative powerhouse and unbelievable gentle human. Together we talk about 2019 and where we will be and what we plan to do. One of those places we all three will come together is Berlin for German Fetish Ball 2019. I can’t wait to meet both of those muses and get another chance to work and shoot with them. This time in front of a camera and also behind. The new year will be amazing! xoxo Kylie 🖤💋

... What followed after many, many conversations was a spontaneous little improvised shoot in a hotel in Berlin where Elena @elena_rosso got in contact with latex for the first time. She really enjoyed it and I’d even say she got hooked. We had lots of fun that day and planned to definitely work together again. Next time on a grand scale and with more latex and rubber.

Over a year ago Instagram suggested me a woman to follow. I did not know her, she was not one of the many latex related accounts it normally suggested, so I was curious who that woman was. Her name was Elena @elena_rosso and the more I scrolled through her images the more I knew that woman is a gem. In the end I followed her and liked a ton of images. To my surprise she did the same and started to talk. To be continued...

Some of you might also ask themselves, where is the Latex, where is the shiny rubber? Well, rest assured lovers of shiny textures and materials. @astarithy will dive more into #latex, #catsuit, #corset maybe even #heavyrubber if you are all kind enough to ask her. Can’t wait for the 2019 shootings to begin. xoxo Kylie #wcw #wcw😍 #womancrushwednesday #womancrusheveryday

I know there are sooo many beautiful women like @astarithy out there, but Astarithy is special for me. Over the last weeks we talked and she is a very grounded, gentle and nice person. Her work is amazing and even if normal life does not allow her to be as productive as she wants to be right now, I’m super excited to see what coming in 2019. I know she has plans and boy ohh boy we are in for a ride I can assure you. So stay tuned! #wcw #wcw😍 #womancrushwednesday #womancrusheveryday

Last year around Christmas a friend of mine made me a wonderful gift. She introduced me to @astarithy. She told me I should have a look at this artist and creative mind. So I did and I’m wowed ever since. Please have a look at the profile of Astarithy and if you like what you see, please follow her and show your support. xoxo Kylie 💋 #wcw #wcw😍 #womancrushwednesday #womancrusheveryday

In 2019 Kitty Malone ( @kittymalone_official_ )and I will finally work together. Please let us know what you want to see. You are a photographer or videographer and would like to work with us, please DM Kitty and/or me for details. Thank you. xoxo Kylie 💋

When my account was closed it was Kitty ( @kittymalone_official_ ) who shared my new account with her huge following and I really appreciate that to the day. So now it’s my turn to give back. If you like latex and beautiful women wearing it, because the love the material, then Kitty Malone is a woman to follow for sure.

Instagram decided that this beautiful fully covered women ( @kittymalone_official_ ) is a threat and deleted her first account and only days later second account too. Only the Flying Spaghetti Monster knows why. So please show your love and follow that wonderful human being. Thank you. 🖤💋

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