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Miss Kitty Kat  Winner of Miss Rebel Roundup 2017. Finalist in Miss Pinup NZ 2016, writer and creator of floral accessories. Oh and married so please don't even try

Up close photo of todays accessories. I've decided I really need a wider blue belt to fill a wee gap in my accessories.

One of my last purchases from The Vintage Vault Dept was this gorgeous peachy/orange coloured vintage dress. It's the perfect weight for those colder days and I felt amazing it it.
Dress/Gloves: @amberlavintage
Shoes: Number One Shoes
Belt: @lindy_bop
Coat: #preloved from SPCA Kawerau Op Shop
Brooch: @jeanjade2016
Earrings: #vintage from @etsy
#pinupinparadise #missrebelroundup2017 #kaweraupinup #over40pinup #vintage #autumn #bayofplentyproud #beyourself #newzealandpinup

I know a few ladies are considering entering #misspinupnewzealand and may have concerns about costs. You don't need to outlay huge $ for a competition. When I won Miss Rebel Roundup in 2017 90% of my items were ones I already had in my wardrobe. I made my hat for evening wear as well as the garland for beachwear, purchased red gloves (preloved ) and nabbed the small sarong for beachwear.
It's not about having the flashest or most expensive outfit, it's about you owning each section and every outfit. It's about showing the judges who you are and being confident about it.
So go ahead, put your name forward and enter but remember to have fun with it! πŸ’›πŸ’š

Awesome day out with @nicolas.andrew.h for the SOS Edgecumbe charity ride! It's awesome to see so many people coming together to help others.
#charityride #sosedgecumbecharityride

Loads of people getting ready to take part in the SOS Edgecumbe charity ride!

Time to get real for a moment.
We all have something that we feel incredibly self concious about. Mine is my skin.
I never expected to still be getting acne at the age of 42 and it gets worse in winter. To top it off I also have a patch of exczema that appears in the cooler months, which can greatly effect my confidence. Sure, I could cover it with makeup but that often inflames it more, so I tend to leave my skin nude.
There have been times where people have said something about my acne/exczema and it's a bit of a kick in the guts. Yes I know it's there. Thanks for reminding me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
My point is this.
1. Be mindful of what you to people especially when it comes to peoples bodies/skin etc etc. You never know how much that comment could hurt (plus why point out something that they clearly already know about)
2. I struggle with this and it can knock my confidence sometimes, but I keep reminding myself how beautiful I am. My skin doesn't make me any less beautiful than anyone else and I am not alone in feeling this way. That often lifts my spirits and I end up no longer caring about my skin.
Just remember, that the one thing you see as a flaw or that you feel self concious about doesn't take away from your beauty. Be it scars, a disability or skin issues etc, they shouldn't make you loose your self worth. Just remember how beautiful you are and you'll see the gorgeous person others see too πŸ’œπŸ’›πŸ’š #youarebeautiful

It's sunnny....oh hang on it's raining. ..nope now it's sunny again. Hard to know what to wear when the weather is so up and down.
Dress: @amberlavintage
Cardi: Kmart New Zealand
Sunnies: @pagani.co.nz
Flower: Anahera Creations
Bag: @occasions_with_tracey
#pinupinparadise #missrebelroundup2017 #kaweraupinup #bayofplentyproud #over40pinup #beyourself #newzealandpinup #winterweather

The mail gods were kind today.
Thank you @amberlavintage and @kuntycouture for the goodies πŸ’œ

I've seen way too much hypocrisy on the boom of face over the last couple of days. People need to look at themselves and their actions before condemning and judging others.
#dontbeadick #lookatyourself

Part of why I do pinup is in the hope of inspiring others (that's ladies and men) to be themselves and follow their dreams.
That being said, when I see people saying I'm a "legend" and "Kawerau institution ", that really warms my Kitty Kat heart. I LOVE the town I call home and it means a great deal to me when people get behind this small town lass and show aroha and support πŸ’œπŸ’›πŸ’š
#pinupinparadise #kaweraupinup #bayofplentyproud #followyourdreams #smalltownbigheart

Feeling all kinds of pink today πŸ’“
Skirt: @lindy_bop
Bangles: #preloved
Earrings: @kuntycouture
Cardi: Sabena
T-shirt: @pagani.co.nz
Bow: $2 shop
Bag: @nzsale
#pinupinparadise #missrebelroundup2017 #kaweraupinup #bayofplentyproud #over40pinup #beyourself #newzealandpinup

Up close photo of tonights accessories. Can we just take a moment to admire the amazing beading on this vintage cardi.
Brooch: @erstwilderofficial
Ring: #vintage
Earrings: Chemist
Belt: @lindy_bop
Shoes: ebay
Flowers: Anahera Creations and other had for years

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