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When your kind and compassionate child makes tears come to your eyes.
What a honor to be a mother and to watch these kids grow into the profoundly beautiful beings they are. I still have much to learn from these two. Good days and challenging ones these kids truly melt my heart, and teach me more about myself than a lot of adults have.

Selfie...Heart chakra explosion
An outtake from @instylemagazine

Finally celebrating my birthday. Yes I’m wearing a crown thank you! @lallo25 @gucci 👸🏼

New photos out in @voguemagazine with @carolinetrentini
Shot by @craigmcdeanstudio styled by @benjaminbruno_ hair @orlandopita and makeup @peterphilipsmakeup
Wearing @loewe 💗📸💗

Yes, we tried to put Fergus on a sled. He wasn’t having it and is now curled up by the fire after a fancy feast treat

Right before he fell in the bath. Poor Fergus! He loves drinking the bath water but still hasn’t learnt his lesson that one false move and 💦🌊🧜🏻‍♀️

In light of numerous allegations of sexual abuse in our industry, it's clear that industry reform is long overdue. We at the Model Alliance (@modelallianceny) have been in talks with various industry stakeholders and we're working to affect change through multiple avenues, including newly introduced legislation in NY and CA. As mentioned in yesterday’s New York Times, I'm particularly excited about @saraziff Proposal for Sexual Respect, which aims to bring companies together and ensure the success of various initiatives across the fashion, media and entertainment industries. This moment is unprecedented and I would urge everyone who wants these issues taken seriously to call on companies to make a serious commitment to meaningful change by getting behind this effort.
Thank You Sara and co for being an active voice in creating a healthier and more accountable working environment for us all to thrive in.

So much to reflect upon. Our society at large is in a crisis. We still allow discrimination to happen. If those in power allow it, then society at large deems its acceptable. Stand tall against the oppressors and hold hands in solidarity with the oppressed!
Repost @ivanmbart
Singing in #MLKDay

Another year older and wiser (perhaps)
I wrote this poem for my dear friend’s 70th birthday a couple of years ago but if you add any age it applies:

You have traveled 39 times around the sun
To think in the vastness of our lives
We are a blue circle spinning around a giant ball of light
And all the memories we hold within each rotation
Love and sorrow
We circle there and back again
But memories are still
They don't spin they way we do.
The ones we loved and lost
Are watching quietly above
Whispering as we circle
That they love us as they always did

By me:

It’s past midnight and I’m up with a sick child. As I’m dishing out ice, hugs, fever meds and late night TV to my darling daughter, I’m reminded of this little one and her twin sister Kate and how much they have overcome these past 39 years.
It’s officially my last year of my 30’s! I’m going to make it count, judging by the past week I have a lot of faith in 2018 and all the blessings I’ve already received. Happy Birthday to my twin sister Kate. I love you to the moon and back 🎈

I’m going to get vulnerable for a moment. Since last Friday I’ve been at a place called @onsiteworkshops an hour outside of Nashville. I gave up my phone and any contact to my outside world and spent the past week looking deeply inward. Life can sometimes hurt, we have all felt scared or unable to change things in our lives. Be it a pattern of behavior, lack of self worth and so on. This past week I met strangers who through the brilliance of Onsite became life long friends because of the openness and vulnerability they showed me. They in turn held my hand as I opened up and showed my vulnerability. This isn’t something I take lightly, my life and path from this moment on is a profoundly different one than before and I’m finally ok with that journey. So when you look at social media and see the idealized lives we put up here, just remember their is a human just like you, sometimes struggling to make sense of it all and remember you’re not alone at all and that their is so much power in being vulnerable.
Like this message I got this week, “you are bottled sunshine don’t let anyone put a cap on the bottle” #onsite #gratitude 🌞🌞🌞🌞

No makeup, no filter, no problems. Signing off for a week of wellness to super charge myself emotionally, spiritually and physically for this brand new year! 🙏🏻🧜🏼‍♀️🙏🏻

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