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Bianca Kajlich 


Tune in to our new talk show "sick in bed" where we ponder life's great questions like how many episodes of bubble guppies can you watch before you lose your mind? and stale cereal: does it matter once it's soggy??

Time for the sexy topics. YOU GUYS THIS TOILET PAPER!! 50% of profits go to build toilets for those in need. 100% bamboo and 100% free of chlorine, inks, dyes or scents! and it's called "who gives a crap"😂 WELL I GIVE MANY CRAPS ABOUT THIS AWESOME AWESOME COMPANY👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼Go check out @whogivesacraptp. Ps they didn't send me this stuff, I just ordered it and think they're rad and we need to celebrate companies trying to do good by our planet and people ESPECIALLY in the sexy sexy world of pooping. #everybodypoops #especiallymikecatherwood #catherwooding #GoodforyourbumGreatforthe world

Be with me. Be with me in the simple moments. Be with me even as your heart quivers and your body recoils to protect itself from all the previous hurts it has endured. Sit with me as we attempt to unmask all the ways in which we are uncomfortable in our own skin. Sit with me as we discover that those insecurities are sugary lies we tell ourselves to satisfy the sickly sweet need to punish our perceived inherent unworthiness. Be with me as I am with you, letting go of our old stories and extinguishing our darkest fears in the light of everything we have always been❤️

Pretty much.

So grateful to be interviewed by @rosieacosta for her inspiring podcast "radically loved" please have a listen! Link in her bio! #Repost @rosieacosta ・・・
@misskajlich is an actress who’s starred in various television series and movies in her career. She’s widely recognized for her role as Jennifer on the CBS sitcom, Rules of Engagement, which was one of my favorite shows. Bianca is also the wife of my dear friend, @mikecatherwood
When Bianca agreed to be on this show, I was elated. This woman is so inspiring and she has so much to say. She really lives a life of authenticity, fullness, and realness.

We had incredible conversation about parenting to being in a relationship and our relationship with social media. ✨Radically Real Bianca Kajlich ✔️Seeing social media evolve from the perspective of the entertainment industry ✔️Taking responsibility in her relationship and seeing it get real
Paying attention to the thoughts she has while scrolling on Instagram ✨Radically Inspired Clarity ✔️Being in a relationship is about each of you taking the responsibility for your happiness. No one can bear the weight for your happiness. ✔️We’re so uncomfortable in our own skin that we don’t realize how we’re trying to run away from ourselves. You don’t need to look at social media every hour.

Link in BIO ✔️🤸🏽‍♂️✌🏽 #radicallyloved #commitment #relationshipgoals #inspired #love #gratitude #freedom #meditationforlife #mindfulness #makeithappen

.....what a glorious feeling I'm happy again🌧 #whatcrowds

Screaming for Ariel at the top of her lungs. And then spent the rest of the night telling anyone she saw that "it doesn't seem like Ariel is very interested in seeing me" 😂

One of the best tv families in the biz😃 (minus a few on tour of course) #Repost @rickglassman ・・・
"#UndateableLive" reunion at the boss' house.

and 2am snacks and 4am snacks and a quick before my kid wakes up 6am snack...

We need to talk more about how much fear is involved on the road to greatness. And also, what it means to BE truly great. To me, true greatness is exposing your underbelly as you take that giant leap into the unknown. Daring to bellyflop in front of everyone in pursuit of your heart's longing. I believe that we are all authentic artists, and that sometimes we hide our true creative genius because what we really fear is not the disapproval of others, but the lack of belief in ourselves. I find that when I take the time to listen to the voice in my head, I almost can't fathom how demeaning I can be to myself. Oh please, please try to turn your back on the illusory nonsense of your mind and take that leap with all your heart!
yours in the midst of a spectacularly awkward and breathtakingly mindless mother of all belly flops.

Cloud cover in LA so I snuck a pic, so cool! #eclipse #doievenneedthehashtag

I'm ok Ma. just learning to kick the shit out of things. #muaythaigirls 👊🏼@thethaiboxinginstitute

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