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He did it guys. 🙌🏼🙏🏼🙌🏼 #Repost @joyriderdoc with @repostapp
It's OFFICIAL! 12 days, 16 hours, 18 minutes and 3070.28 miles later, Andre Kajlich has become the first solo hand-cyclist to cross The Race Across America (RAAM) finish line. It's a happy day today in Annapolis, Maryland! Woo-hoo! #RAAM2017 #RAAM #raceacrossamerica #daamraam #andrekajlich #caf

Show me the messiness of your life. Gimme the scowly stink eyes and unkempt hair. Tell me of the times and the places where you had every reason to be happy and yet you couldn't bring yourself there fully. Undress your need to pretend it's all perfect and share with me the hardest ways in which it's not. Hide nothing and I will hide nothing, and in that wide open space we will finally see that all the things we were afraid of were an illusion after all✨❤️✨

Dude. If there is ever ANYTHING in your life that you wish you could do but are daunted by, watch this freaking video and know that HUMAN BEINGS ARE EFFING INCREDIBLE and then get off yer arse and go do that thing that you think you can't. It may not happen the 1st time or the 3rd time or even the 20th but if you keep showing up, and believing, you WILL. GO. DO. @andrekajlich is on his ELEVENTH DAY of THE RACE ACROSS AMERICA with laughable amounts of sleep, handcycling across the United States a feat NEVER BEFORE ATTEMPTED BY A SOLO HANDCYCLIST. he is an ordinary guy with one extraordinary element that every single one of us already possess... a mind that he OWNS day in and day out. I am inspired, I am proud, I am moved to tears by his sheer will and determination. ❤️😭
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From RAAM HQ: There is a Flash Flood Warning in effect from TS 36 - TS 45 with possible severe winds, hail, rains. BE ALERT. (Very Rad video by Dave Pearson) #RAAM2017 #RAAM #andrekajlich #joyriderdoc #daamraam #raceacrossamerica

take that. and that. and that. and that.

Still going strong!!! I hate to admit this guys, but I seriously questioned how @andrekajlich was going to do this... and if this has taught me anything it's this: when you do the work, and you show up, and you put your faith in the NOW and not the HOW... the impossible becomes possible. I am BLOWN AWAY by my bro and it looks like I'm not the only one!! Go Andre Go! Love you so! #Repost @colinfcross with @repostapp
・ . .
André has an international fan base. This is his Danish cheering squad! #RAAM #RAAM2017 #caf #handcycle #raceacrossamerica #campagnolo #daam ##daamraam #nolegsallheart #kansas #cycling #bikerace #race #specialized #roval #nikon #nikonD750 @andrekajlich @raceacrossamerica

On the one hand I'm appreciative that he at least takes his farts outside. On the other, this view is somewhat perturbing😐

"That's why he's the best one"❤️ happy Father's Day @mikecatherwood, we love you so!

The world is still a beautiful place. There are still so many beautiful people in it. Trust. Believe. Go out and own your greatness. My brother is my hero! #Repost @colinfcross with @repostapp
Wolf Creek Pass, at 10,856 feet, feels like you are climbing to the sun. Almost to Cortez! #RAAM #RAAM2017 #caf #handcycle #raceacrossamerica #campagnolo #daam ##daamraam #nolegsallheart #colorado #cycling #bikerace #race #specialized #roval #nikon #nikonD750 #climb #sun #blackandwhite

he's completed over 750 miles in under 72 hours and with a whopping 3 hours of sleep. And today is his BIRTHDAY 🎂🎉HAPPY BIRTHDAY🎉 @andrekajlich!!! Leave birthday wishes in the comments below and they'll be read to him all day as he rides!! #NoLegsAllHeart #WillGodo #raceacrossamerica #joyriderdoc

For the next 24 hours, @respectpeacelove, @andrekajlich's childhood best friend #BuckBurkehardt and I are going to pledge $1 for every mile Andre completes. Anyone else in?!! Let's give this #joyrider some major motivation!! Day 3 and he's still going strong!!! #NoLegsAllHeart #joyriderdoc #WillGodo #HowBoutYou #raceacrossamerica COMMENT BELOW IF YOU WANT TO PLEDGE AND I'll DM YOU DETAILS!

GUYS!! @andrekajlich has been cycling for over 24 hours with just 30 MINUTES of sleep!! I could cry every time I think about him out there pounding the pavement with all his heart and soul. PLEASE CLICK on the link in my bio to see his race progress and PLEASE leave a message for him in the comments on the race tracker page. HIS TEAM WILL BE READING YOUR COMMENTS TO HIM OVER THE VAN LOUDSPEAKER AS HE RIDES!!! And I'm crying again😭😭😭#NoLegsAllHeart #joyriderdoc #WillGodo #HowBoutYou #RAAM

At this point @andrekajlich has been cycling for 7 hours. What have you been up to? #NoLegsAllHeart #DAAMRAAM #WillGoDo #BadassMofo #joyriderdoc @joyriderdoc

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