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oh the sweet joy of an ice cream sandy in your birthday suit. 😋

Mornings with my muse✨🌸✨

I'm working a lot on forgiveness lately. Forgiving others, yes. But also forgiving myself. I have a lot of things that I feel guilty about, shameful even. Things that I can't let go of, things I did to myself. Things I did to others. Maybe if we all opened up about the ways in which we slam ourselves for being deeply flawed we'd all realize that we're making a big hullabaloo out of nothing. Maybe then the conversation would be more like "WHAT?! YOU TOO?!! OH! Ok. Well shit. ya wanna go grab a pizza or some donuts??" Imagine how freeing it would be to air out that crappy shitfest of a list you've carried around stapled to your insides this whole time! And then a million other people said me too me too! And then we could all realize that no one is perfect and our Instagram accounts are mostly lies and we could dance in wild rapture as we realized that EVERYONE IS TOTALLY FUCKED UP AND ITS AMAZING. Yes you! And you! It's so amazing!! Ok fine, maybe you're not ready to admit it and that's ok too. I'll just be over here dancing if anyone else who's done pretending wants to join me. mmmkay?

Wish they all could be California girls☀️

My grateful heart knows no bounds in the light of such friendship. I wish for every woman to know the unconditional inclusion of her tribe. To feel the freedom of loving acceptance without expectation. To see her significance as celebrated by other women, and in doing so come to know and believe in her own undeniable worth. I love you @misshillary & @jill_willard

Do you remember this feeling, this assuredness of your worth? The joy of being in your own skin without questioning it, judging it, punishing it? I am in constant wonder watching her as she owns every moment of her movement. It reminds me that I too was once fearless, that I arrived here in complete accordance with my own pure truth. That I was, and still am, the light that knows the way. (And. So. Are. YOU.) ✨❤✨

Do you know what you're made of? Do you know what makes you come alive? Do you believe that you are capable of feats beyond what your thoughts tell you is possible?? I want to tell you a story of a young man who took what was broken and created and then conquered his dreams. Please join me in the making of #joyriderdoc and donate to our kickstarter! Link in bio❤

Peace and Love💖🐰💖

Why am I starting to feel like the cool mom stint is up? #mamalikesmoana

Most of us spend our entire lives building barriers against change. For many, this habit began before we were even fully conscious of it, as children, when we witnessed those around us unable to cope when life got scary. We begin to brace ourselves against the perceived pain of change, terrified that the next big shift would be our undoing. As we grew we developed a sort of exoskeleton, a hard shell of a shield, believing it would protect us. Unfortunately that armor just keeps us disconnected from life, and in doing so it prevents us from experiencing true JOY. #Joyriderdoc is the story of my brother @andrekajlich, who through the loss of his legs, awakened to life and what it means to truly live it. To ride with the change, let it break you open. To seek bigger and badder challenges to go after, to suck that god dang marrow out of every single moment. To dance with the unknown, bellowing from the depths of your being "DAMN ITS GREAT TO BE ALIVE!!!" Please head to our kickstarter page and donate to help me tell Andre's awesome story. Link in bio❤@joyriderdoc #raceacrossamerica #amputee #documentaryfilm #badass

#joyriderdoc is the story of a young man and his mistakes... and the journey toward forgiveness and love. It's about the road on which we all travel... where life presents us with her lessons and we make the choice; shut down and defend against the pain, or allow ourselves to be broken open into the light of humility and love. This is the key to our unlimited power, there is no other way to true happiness. Please help us make this movie❤ link to kickstarter in bio!

This tough ass mofo is my brother, and he wants to let you all in on a little secret... you are as tough as you allow yourself to be. Please join our kickstarter to be a part of the telling of his story! Link in bio❤

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