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If you have trouble finding happiness in the simple wonders of your life, it is only because you are out of practice. It's okay if you find it hard to let the little things bring you joy, you just need to keep bringing your attention back to them, again and again. At first it will feel forced. But it is a meditation. No matter how many times you feel nothing stir, keep bringing your awareness to the flowers, the trees, to the epic SKY!!! to the soft patter of rain, to the laughter of children. And then one day, seemingly out of the blue, you will find that you are once again brought alive by the simple pleasures in life❤️

Maggie Moon is blown away by all your donations!! (And also her delicious ice cream) just a few hours left let's get this thing to 40k!! So grateful for all the #joyriderdoc love!! Kickstarter link in bio!!

Sometimes the only thing that life asks of us is that we trust it. This is VERY difficult for me at times. When hard things happen, when things are difficult, I just want to brace myself against the pain and throw a tantrum like a small child and scream "NOOOOOO!!!!" You can do that, and for sure no one will blame you, especially when what life throws at you is of the epically tragic, deep shit variety. BUT. When we do that, we miss out on the opportunity to experience all that life has to offer. We prevent ourselves from letting life break us open, and showing us what we're made of. When we barricade the doors with our own fears, we fail to realize that pain and sorrow are really just weary travelers who want to be invited in to sit by our fire. We can't recognize them as the wise sages who simply want to tell us their tale and help us to understand not just ourselves, but each other. Because when we sit with our emotions instead of resisting them, we allow them to heal. When we stop fighting them and allow them to speak, we can see that life is indeed beautiful and there is no reason to be afraid. So let the fire rage, surrender to the flames, and when the smoke clears gaze in wonder at all that life has given you that you could not see. xxb

Today you will encounter many people on your path. Some will bring you happiness, some will bring you more challenging emotions. Greet everyone of them as if they are a master teacher in your favorite subject, because they are. They are teaching you about yourself. Look for their humanity and you will find compassion in your heart. This is the key to heaven on earth❤

As I hold you, I envelop you in an embrace that spans the ages. It's me, it's my mother, her mother, my father's mama and the entire incredible lineage of all of our ancestors. Just think of all that mothering! Just think of all that love! Happy Mother's Day to all you mamas, and all the incredible women who came before you. Even if it is not the way you would have mothered, it's the reason you are here!✨ xxb❤

The power of choice! Our sweet little kiddos look at every day as an opportunity for new adventures❤ sending you the wish that today you choose to embrace your inner adventurer! If heavy fit hits the shan, try your best to find the humor and love... I promise you it is always there❤ xxb

That's right. It's not at the top. not in the moment of exultation, deliverance, redemption. It's at the bottom. in the dark rot of the barrel. at that precise instant where your mind breaks and tells you it's over. THAT'S the moment. THAT'S the glory. THAT'S the defining point where your mind shuts down and your heart speaks up. It's the battle cry, the song of the soul, the annihilation of every falsehood you've told yourself up until this point. It is the beginning of the end. The end of fear. The end of loneliness. The end of doubt. The end of believing that your weaknesses are anything but the greatest of master teachers sent to show you the way. You are ALREADY everything that you need to not only survive, but to THRIVE. TRUST IN YOU❤

Our #joyriderdoc kickstarter is back up. We are making this movie... for all of you that need to see the living example of this quote. Please give us some love❤ link in bio. xxb

It's so easy to get wrapped up in the daily drama of our own lives, to forget that sometimes the best salve for the soul is take care of someone else. I was so inspired after I saw a talk by @365give.ca that @mikecatherwood and I decided to start our own give project with Magnolia. The idea is to empower kids by being active contributors to their own community. 1 give a day for a year. This morning the three of us took breakfast sandwiches to the street community on the Venice boardwalk. One man came running up to us after and gifted Magnolia the day of the dead skull he had made, another handed her one of his little painted birds. These exchanges, so pure in intention, affected me greatly and continue to warm my heart as I write this now. To give is to not only honor another, it is to honor yourself. The beauty of such an act is that it takes care of both the giver and the receiver equally in one fluid moment of connection. To give is to receive, and to receive is to give. #givelove ps- would love anyone else inspired to do this project to share your stories with me! xxb❤

oh the sweet joy of an ice cream sandy in your birthday suit. 😋

Mornings with my muse✨🌸✨

I'm working a lot on forgiveness lately. Forgiving others, yes. But also forgiving myself. I have a lot of things that I feel guilty about, shameful even. Things that I can't let go of, things I did to myself. Things I did to others. Maybe if we all opened up about the ways in which we slam ourselves for being deeply flawed we'd all realize that we're making a big hullabaloo out of nothing. Maybe then the conversation would be more like "WHAT?! YOU TOO?!! OH! Ok. Well shit. ya wanna go grab a pizza or some donuts??" Imagine how freeing it would be to air out that crappy shitfest of a list you've carried around stapled to your insides this whole time! And then a million other people said me too me too! And then we could all realize that no one is perfect and our Instagram accounts are mostly lies and we could dance in wild rapture as we realized that EVERYONE IS TOTALLY FUCKED UP AND ITS AMAZING. Yes you! And you! It's so amazing!! Ok fine, maybe you're not ready to admit it and that's ok too. I'll just be over here dancing if anyone else who's done pretending wants to join me. mmmkay?

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