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Morocco never disappoints!😍🇲🇦 Found this little gem the other day after an amazing lunch & we had to stop inside. The host was so sweet & invited us in for some fresh mint tea🍃 This trip we decided to explore new Riads & Restaurants we had never been to or seen on social media. So glad we did, cause this beauty was everything😜🙌🏾

Exploring Geneva on a stunning spring day with @genevatourism 😍 Wishing all the amazing mothers & mother figures a very #HappyMothersDay today❤️ And a very special Happy 5th Mother's Day in Heaven to my angel & queen👸🏽Thinking of you today & always mommy!🙏🏾😘 Hug your mommies tight & tell them you love them, not just today but every chance you get🙏🏾

When first thinking of Geneva I thought UN headquarters & luxury💎But @genevatourism showed me a whole different side to this amazing city🇨🇭 What makes Geneva so magical is that it's surrounded by the Alps & Jura Mountains🏔offering some of the most breathtaking views right from the city. And in between all of that beauty are the cutest, quaintest little towns I've ever seen, like this small town of Hermance😍Being able to drive out a mere 20mins from the city center to this small town, who's population barely passes 1,000, was a pure delight! Just look at how darling these homes are🏘

After a beautiful wine tasting experience at Château du Crest with @genevatourism we found ourselves frolicking through this stunning field of flowers🌼 Just moments before it was pouring out & there seemed to be no hope of enjoying the rest of the afternoon outdoors. Then suddenly it slowed down & even with the heavy clouds still hanging over us the sun made an appearance🌞 Moments like this remind me of the storms we face daily in life, and how if we stay hopeful it'll pass & the sun will peak through shining its blessings on us. Sorry for getting so sappy, but Geneva has really had an effect on me and how I view life🙏🏾 It was the escape I desperately needed❤️🇨🇭

Huge thanks for the support on my last post🙏🏾 Currently frolicking through Geneva with @genevatourism 🇨🇭 & I didn't think I could love Switzerland anymore than I already do, but scenes like this just take my breath away😱😍✈️🇨🇭

One more time for my very favorite street in Istanbul🇹🇷😍 I've gotten so many DMs & emails not only questioning the safety in Turkey, but also warnings from concerned travelers🙏🏾 Though I take my safety very seriously I've come to understand that the world🌎 is in a very fragile state right now & safety isn't guaranteed anywhere you travel to. I'm no safer in my home base of Manhattan, NYC than I am walking the streets of Paris, Stockholm, Nice, Brussels, Egypt, Turkey or Germany🙏🏾 I'm learning to live each day with meaning & to not waste anytime missing the places I've longed to visit. Because whether I'm still standing today or 50years from now, some of our historical sites may not. From natural disasters to human made disasters every historical place I'm able to see in my lifetime is a blessing🙏🏾 Turkey has been such an amazing country to explore & I'm thankful to be here & have already learned so much🇹🇷

This little corner restaurant in Antalya's Old Town took me back to summers in Greece😍 Huge thanks to @inflowtravel for such an amazing first visit to Antalya 🇹🇷 Stay tuned as I'll be sharing moments from my trip to Antalya on @travelchannel this Saturday😉

Antalya, Turkey is now on my list of favorite cities to visit😍🇹🇷 Does it make sense that I have over 20 different favorite cities around the world🤔 How do you choose just one when they all are so unique & special? Every where I travel to there's always a particular scene, moment or local who captivates my heart, and it's hard to compare experiences when they're all so different & heart warming❤️ @inflowtravel

Having such an amazing time this week at the @inflowtravel Summit 2017!🙌🏾 Met so many amazing digital influencers it was mind blowing! Also got to see this beauty, which I've been dying to shoot for a year now & found it without even looking😃 I can't even explain what bright colors does for my soul🌈 I could stare at this lovely street all day😍 Thank you @inflowtravel for such an amazing introduction to Istanbul🙏🏾🇹🇷 #ITSistanbul #Inflowtravelsummit #ExperienceTurkey

It's been a hectic last few days as I explored Mexico City🇲🇽 with @visitmexico then flew back to NYC🌇 just to hop right on a plane for Istanbul🇹🇷 to attend this year's @inflowtravel summit✈️ I miss Mexico City dearly, and am so thankful I finally got to visit Frida Kahlo's home, which is now a museum🎨 She's one of my biggest inspirations for being unapologetically myself🤷🏾‍♀️ & her life story is a true testament to any dream being within your grasp, regardless of your limitations💪

I had the most amazing time in Mexico City🇲🇽 with @visitmexico this past week! Make sure to follow along on @travelchannel Instagram account as I take over & show you some of the highlights from my trip😜

When your pool villa gives you all the jungle vibes🐒🌴 @mandapareserve 😍 Huge thanks to @beautifulhotels for the recent features! Make sure to give them a follow for the best in travel✈️ And stay tuned as for the next few days I'll be sharing with you moments from my trip to Mexico City with @visitmexico 🇲🇽

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