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Jessica Ibañez 

The way you wear that dress they gonna attack you😏🎶


Things will get better from here🙏🏼 look at that tan line😏

All that hard work😝 shit I don’t know why I deleted this picture

Looking at those papasitos

Not in a good place but things will get better❤️ times like this you realize who your real friends & family are👌🏼

Speechless 😳

lil mama gettin thick🤔

Once I hit the gym I’ll have my body looking like this again! 💯 I would go like 5 times a week and just kill it.. I’ve been taking time off eating a lot and man I see a difference especially when your on birth control you gain so much weight! But looking through old pictures like this gives me motivation to go back and kill it 10x more. Btw lately I’ve been going through it with pretty much everything but it’s life and people judging on what I post. Look, if you have something negative to say it’s better to just keep it yourself. Idk why people take the time out of their day to just go through my profile and say all kinds of shit thinking they know me just by what I post? Idk I’m against the whole bullying it’s not okay👎🏼 sorry for going off topic but I wanted to put it out there. Have a good day guys😚


Guys I got my first tattoo! Lmao and I love it thanks to @fonzo_tattoo 🔥 go check him out

your girl so bad let me get her😏

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