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Spent my day off with this goober. We went for a little trail ride up the back paddocks and he was a total gem πŸ‘Œ He's my favorite (even if he has absolutely no idea what personal space means.)

Thanks for being a mum for my mum when she lost hers, and for looking after her all these years. Thanks for being such a beautiful human and for making everyones life brighter and happier and better. Im going to miss visiting you, and im going to miss the warmth of your hugs and the brightness of your smiles and that cheeky laugh and that wicked sense of humor. I'm sad that you're now missing from this world, but I'm glad that you're out of your bed and out of pain and I hope that you're somewhere happy and warm and with the people you've been missing all this time.
Thank you for everything. I love you.

Ps: Go the crows! β€πŸ’›πŸ’™

Yesterday I realized there's nothing harder than picking a few of your favorite photos to put on a pin up board, its like how are you supposed to choose just 12 photos for one board? Haha so I made 3! #nocreativetalent #myfavorites #loveyou #memories #bestfriends

Shenanigans with my work fam. Love you guys! Thanks for coming and sorry I drank too much. You guys are amazing!

A post-work forest walk with the mum...perfect!

So I'm not one for the whole "before and after" photo because I don't think anyone should ever look at themselves as a before or an after! We are who we are and as long as you're happy then thats all that matters. Weight definitely does not define what kind of person you are. But when I look at these two photos I can't help but feel so incredibly happy and proud when I see how all the months of hard work have actually paid off! Today I'm celebrating being a whole 20kgs lighter and a whole damn lot happier! Im celebrating being fit and healthy and being able to hike for miles without wanting to sit down or go home! I'm celebrating riding my horse again and wearing clothes i never even imagined I'd be able to fit into let alone look good in! I'm celebrating the sweat and the frustration and the willpower I never even knew I had! I know I still have a really long way to go but so far 2017 has been a pretty awesome year! Can't wait to see what the rest of it has in store for me πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ #lamepost #notsorry #happyjess

Tonight my big brother asked the beautiful woman he loves to marry him. And she said yes! Can't wait for you to officially be part of the family tash! Congrats you guys! So happy for You both ❀😘😍

The best way to end the weekend πŸ‘Œ jensen singing and Jared playing guitar ❀

When you and your best friend double date together! #j2 #swappedboyfriendstho #jaredsmine #love #theyhuggedus #thisreallyhappened #notevenkidding

Its been a good day.

This guy is kind of adorable.#ahbl8

Obligatory supernatural convention selfie!! Just waiting to have our photos taken with Jensen and Jared!! So excited!!

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